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In the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ,
In the Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ,
Now and Forever more, Amen.
Gentlemen of the Press, it gives me great pleasure to meet with you this
afternoon. The purpose of this meeting is to formally invite you to our 2014
Mega Event, “BAYA ABUJA 2014” and to solicit your usual cooperation to
take the message of this Divine Event by way of publicity through your
respective medium to the world.
Permit me to intimate you on who we are. Brotherhood All Youth
Assembly (BAYA) is the convocation of all the Youth organs of the
Brotherhood of the Cross and Star (BCS). The BCS is the abode of God
where righteousness dwells and is the home of all the creations of the
Almighty God (The Kingdom of God on Earth). Membership of the
Brotherhood All Youth Assembly accounts for about 60% of the
Brotherhood of the Cross and Star numerical strength and runs into
millions all over the world. BCS is a universal Religious body that has roots
in all the continents of the world and administered by the Spiritual Head
and Leader of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, His Holiness Olumba
Olumba Obu, The King of Kings and Lord of Lords. It is worthy of note that
He is also the Chairman and Head of Administration Worldwide.
You will all agree with me that the Youth in any human institution are the
young men and women who are more vibrant, educated and energetic
portion of the human resources of that organization. This explains why the
Leader of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, His Holiness Olumba Olumba
Obu established BAYA as the vehicle for the propagation of the News of the
Kingdom through Evangelical tool such as seminars, conferences, courtesy
calls, Religious exchange programmes, trainings etc. There has been serious
moral decay in the world today and the Youths have been the principal
target group. One imagines what the world is turning into with the
Technological advancement now employed negatively. Societal ills such as
fraud, rape, robbery, murder, assassination etc is the order of the day.
These trends must be corrected by the same group that is promoting them
and that is why the Brotherhood All Youth Assembly (BAYA) has a positive
role to play! WE as a religious organisation has a more fundamental role to
play by bringing the Youths back to the part of rectitude so that we may not
be ashamed of our youths in future. The surest means of correcting these
societal ills is by using sound gospels and practical Christianity to change
their moral values as they learn, work and worship. It is written “Let no
man despise thy youth but be thou an example of the believers in word, in
conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity” (1 Timothy 4:12 KJV).
Gentlemen of the Press, last year September 22nd, the Leader and Founder
of the BCS, His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu graciously visited the Rivers
State capital, Port Harcourt under the auspices of BAYA at the Civic Centre
and pronounced Peace in the then troubled city renaming her as the “Port
of Peace” and within days, the State witnessed the needed Peace! He is the
author of Peace and has directed that BAYA MUST champion this
movement by holding the 2014 BAYA Conference in Abuja, the Federal
Capital Territory of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. If His Holiness Olumba
Olumba Obu has brought peace to Rivers State, He can also do it in the
Federal Capital Territory Abuja. The event which will hold at the
International Conference Centre will take place between the 19th to the 21st
of September, 2014 and will be graced by Our Father, His Holiness Olumba
Olumba Obu with fully packaged programme that will be unveiled in the
course of this press briefing. This will give you ample opportunity to meet
face to face with Our Leader and to see the beauty of His Holiness in all
The theme of this Conference is “One God, One Nation”. We all have to
believe in the veritable fact that all the human family come from the same
Father, who is the God of all creations. This is why this conference has
adopted this theme so as to enlighten all and sundry on the need to live
peaceably and co-habit in love as one family under the Supreme Godhead.
Let me use this opportunity to thank the President and Commander-inChief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, His Excellency, Dr Goodluck Ebele
Jonathan, GCFR in his resolve to elevate the status of the Youths in the
country through Government’s youth friendly programmes such as Youwin,
Sure-P and others targeted to reduce the unemployment rate in the
country. A lot still needs to be done and we pray sincerely that God should
direct the Government at the various levels to actualize the dreams of this
To our Brothers and Sisters, let us see ourselves as one big family and
imbibe the spirit of love, temperance, unity, peace and respect to one
another. We MUST eschew those things that will bring disunity and war.
Never, should we be used as instruments of war, electoral thugs,
assassination and other form of violence. This is possible if we obey the
word of God “Let all soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no
power but of God; the powers that be are ordained of God” (Rom. 13:1 KJV).
We must embrace peace for it is only in an atmosphere of peace that
meaningful development can thrive. I can assure our youths that if we
become truly repentant, Our God is ready to forgive us our sins and restore
us all to our lost glory.
Gentlemen of the Press, let me once again thank you for responding to our
invitation and believe that you will give the BAYA Abuja 2014 Conference
the needed publicity it deserves.
Thank you Father.
Senior Apostle Tom Inyang-Akpan
Universal President (BAYA).