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Smart Grids Week |Graz 2014
19th to 23rd May 2014
Energie Steiermark and congress|graz
Graz / Austria
An Event of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology,
the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund and Energie Steiermark
Smart Grids Week |Graz 2014
Preface BMVIT
Research and technological development make a decisive contribution to securing our energy future. As Minister of Technology
I am concerned with two fundamental approaches – firstly, that
innovative technological solutions are developed and secondly and
just as importantly, that these new technologies find their way
into applications and onto the market. This is the only way in which
we can bring about the energy turnaround and only in this way will
we be able to exhaust the entire potential of new technologies and
make them into the driver of added value and jobs in our country.
For this reason my department supports innovative companies and
research organizations in the development of pilot and demonstration projects.
It gives me particular pleasure that the Austrian Smart Grids model
regions have, in the meantime, become clearly visible internationally
and that some of them have even become a central element of the
European SET-Plan initiative. This puts Austrian companies and
researchers in an excellent position for international partnerships
and co-operations.
I sincerely wish all the participants at this year’s Smart Grids Week
that this event will be a significant exhibition of innovative Austrian
technologies. And I am delighted that this time the people and
companies for whom the new technologies have been developed and
who will use them will be at the centre of the discussions. In this way
social innovations can emerge from technological solutions.
Doris Bures
Federal Minister for Transport,
Innovation and Technology
Preface Energie Steiermark
The world of the power companies is changing. Customers are
becoming producers. Providers are becoming service providers. This
also means re-thinking core competences, especially as far as grids
are concerned.
Energie Steiermark has already followed this course of action.
Innovative energy and mobility services as well as energy-efficient
products complement the classical business areas of electricity, gas
and heat. The company is an “Official Partner of a Green World” with
the aim of helping to achieve safe and sustainable life.
The increasingly complex interaction between decentralised power
generation and the customer places extremely high and new demands
on efficient smart grids – and on our committed employees.
As host of “Smart Grids Week I Graz 2014” Energie Steiermark places
customer benefits in the foreground – and wishes you a successful
In line with the changed market-driven conditions research projects
take account of the topics of the future – renewable energy,
environmental and energy-efficient technologies, mobility and of
course smart cities.
Knowledge and experience from these activities flow into product
development and thus guarantee sustainable innovation. For us, as a
Styrian service provider, the topic of “Smart Grids” is the basis of the
energy turnaround we want to bring about and also the entry into a
new infrastructure era.
Smart Grids Week
Graz 2014
Christian Purrer
Speaker of the Management Board
Energie Steiermark
The workshops at Smart Grids Week I Graz 2014 are free of charge.
For further workshops, information and online registration please visit:
DAY 1 – Monday, May 19th, 2014
ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus Kick-Off
09:00-17:00 Energie Steiermark, Leonhardgürtel 10, 8010 Graz, Austria
The first day of the ERA-Net event is primarily directed towards smart grids programme owners, programme
managers, as well as policy makers and national key experts. During the day we will exchange experience and
knowledge on national Smart Grids Roadmaps, action plans as well as current research and implementation
strategies. In the afternoon the first ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus Steering Board meeting will take place.
Chair: Michael Hübner, Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology, Austria
Organisation and registration: Erika Ganglberger,
Austrian Society for Environment and Technology (ÖGUT), Austria
Phone: +43 1 315 63 93-25, Email: [email protected]
“The EU INCREASE Project - Providing Solutions for Distributed RES Generation from
Technical Issues to Test Case Demonstrations“
09:00-12:30 Energie Steiermark, Leonhardgürtel 10, 8010 Graz, Austria
The European project INCREASE (FP7) aims to look for a solution to connect distributed renewable energy
sources in an optimal way to the distribution grid. Control strategies will be developed and the possible
provision of ancillary services will be examined. The results from this research will be tested, first in a
simulation platform, then in laboratory environments and even in the real distribution grids in Austria,
Slovenia and the Netherlands.
This workshop will discuss the major possible problems in LV networks and technical and economic solutions
to be investigated in the INCREASE project. In particular, this workshop will aim to engage a range of stakeholders in order to obtain practical feedback. The international experience on distributed renewable energy
sources shared by the workshop participants will broaden the understanding of the issues.
Chair: Gregor Taljan, Stromnetz Steiermark, Austria / Andreas Türk, Joanneum Research, Austria
Phone: +43 316 90555-52717, Further information: [email protected]
Participation only by confirmation, registration deadline May 5th, 2014.
Limited number of participants.
Research Area: Hybrid Energy Networks and Systems
13:00-17:00 Energie Steiermark, Leonhardgürtel 10, 8010 Graz, Austria
The smart grid concept is applicable not only to electricity, but also to natural gas and district heating networks.
Nevertheless, the technical and economic potential of such hybrid networks have not been studied systematically. Within the working group “Hybrid Networks and Synergies with Municipal Infrastructures“, initiated by the
Austrian Ministry for Transportation, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT), concrete implementation options have
been identified, potential estimated and obstacles to implementation and research needs have been identified.
In this workshop - as part of the strategy process Smart Grids 2.0 - the preliminary results from this working
group and possible future R & D priorities are presented and discussed with relevant stakeholders.
In German only!
Chair: Robert Hinterberger, NEW ENERGY Capital Invest GmbH, Austria
Phone: +43 1 33 23 560-3060, Email: [email protected]
Information and registration: [email protected]
Participation only by confirmation, registration deadline May 9th, 2014. Limited number of participants.
Smart Grids Week
Graz 2014
Smart Grids Week |Graz 2014
Day 2 – Tuesday, May 20th, 2014
ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus “Non-Conference”- Matchmaking and Open Space
09:00 - 17:00
Energie Steiermark, Leonhardgürtel 10, 8010 Graz, Austria
At the focus of the “Non-Conference Days” is the informal exchange of experience and ideas by experts and
companies from the fields of smart grids and smart energy. In order to facilitate the formation of the transnational
consortia for the planned ERA-Net Joint Call at the end of the year, the second day of the Era-Net event provides
the opportunity to proponents of smart grids projects from industry, infrastructure operators and research institutions from various European countries to exchange their expertise and experience. New players in the world of smart
grids such as providers of new services are addressed in particular. Bilateral meetings will be arranged in advance as
“Matchmaking Sessions”. Moreover there will be an Open Space for the exchange of opinions and ideas to design
joint research tenders and any associated activities.
Chair: Jan Segerstam, Empower IM Oy, Finland and Michael Hübner, Austrian Ministry for Transportation,
Innovation and Technology, Austria
Organisation: Erika Ganglberger, Austrian Society for Environment and Technology (ÖGUT), Austria
Phone: +43 1 315 63 93-25, Email: [email protected]
Information and registration:
Joint EcoGrid EU / IEA DSM Task 17 Workshop on Demand Side Management
Potentials, Implementations and Experiences
10:00 - 17:30
JOANNEUM RESEARCH, Leonhardstraße 59, 8010 Graz, Austria
Attend the workshop to learn more about the latest activities in the field of active demand response (DR) and demand
side management (DSM). The IEA DSM Task 17: “Integration of Demand Side Management, Distributed Generation,
Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Storages” and the European project “EcoGrid EU” jointly organise this workshop
to foster the exchange between experts and stakeholders. The contributions are structured into four blocks which will
cover “DMS Potentials of Buildings”, “DSM for Distribution Networks”, “DSM and Market Operation”, “DSM and Electric
Vehicles” and a panel discussion with the presenters..
Chair: Benoît Bletterie & Matthias Stifter, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria
Phone: +43 0 50 550-6355, Information: [email protected]
Evening Event of Energie Steiermark
Energie Steiermark, E-Office/10th floor (Leonhardgürtel 10, 8010 Graz, Austria)
Dr. Jörg Wallner “Living Environment 2025”
Jörg Wallner is Director of Innovation Management & Consulting at the 2b AHEAD think tank set up by the trend researcher Sven Gabor
Janszky. Jörg Wallner knows which technologies will be of crucial importance in the future, which new business models are trend-setting
for various industries, where attacks threaten established business models and when companies should use opportunities to enter into
new business sectors and to develop new business models. But above all he is THE expert as far as the decisive question HOW is
concerned. How can companies initiate innovations? How can they distance themselves from their (new) competitors and expand their
own strengths? How can they achieve the necessary speed and develop a steady culture of innovation?
Bernhard Wolff “Thinking helps! – Desire for Ideas”
Moderator and keynote speaker Bernhard Wolff is an expert on new ideas, creativity and communication. He imparts a toolbox of the
most successful area thinking techniques: the participants experience the amazing effect of pictures in their heads, invent new products
and services by creative association, solve problems through changes in perspective, question assumptions, think outside the box,
generate ideas and cast a look at the future. Humorously and in cabaret mode keynote speaker Bernhard Wolff makes the audience
aware to what extent their thoughts and actions are shaped by perception and behavioural patterns. Whoever can laugh at their own
habits can also break them!
followed by social networking
The tickets for the evening event are limited and shall be allocated according to the order in which registrations are received.
We kindly ask for your early registration:
Smart Grids Week
Graz 2014
Day 3 – Wednesday, May 21st, 2014 – CONFERENCE
Venue: congress|graz, Sparkassenplatz 3, 8010 Graz, Austria
Chair: Hubert Fechner,
University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien, Austria
Welcome and Opening
Michael Paula, Head of Division Energy and Environment
Technologies, Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation
and Technology, Austria
Theresia Vogel, Managing Director,
Climate and Energy Fund, Austria
Christian Purrer, Speaker of the Management Board,
Energie Steiermark, Austria
Siegfried Schrittwieser Deputy Governor,
Provincial Government of Styria, Austria
09:45 The Energy Transition, a Styrian View
Wolfgang Jilek, Energy Commissioner,
Province of Styria, Austria
Keynote: The Future of Smart Grid Communications
Kenneth C. Budka, Chief Technology Officer – Strategic
Industries, Alcatel-Lucent, USA
10:40 Energy Management Based on an Infrastructure of
Confidence – From Protection Profiles to Innovative
Business Models in the Energy Sector
Thomas Weisshaupt, Senior Manager Business Development,
Smart Energy Ecosystem, Gemalto M2M GmbH, Germany
11:10 Coffee Break
Smart Grids – Worldwide / Recent European Developments
Per-Olof Granström, Secretary General, EDSO for Smart Grids
Smart Regulations – Current Developments in European
Energy Regulation
Martin Graf, Head and Werner Friedl, Energie-Control Austria
12:25 Strategy Process Smart Grids 2.0 in Austria and
Next Steps
Embedding in National and European Strategies
Michael Hübner, Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and
Technology, Austria
Important Players and their Expectations of the
Implementation Process
Michael Wedler, B.A.U.M. Consult, Germany
Lunch Break
Innovation within the Smart Grids Process
Introduction and chair: Andreas Lugmaier,
Chairman of the Technology Platform Smart Grids Austria
Strategy Process Smart Grids 2.0
Contribution of the Austrian Energy Sector, Industry and
Research: The Technology Roadmap Smart Grids 2020 and
the Strategic Research Agenda 2035
Angela Berger and Helfried Brunner,
Technology Platform Smart Grids Austria
Short Presentations of Selected Posters
Smart Energy
Marketplace of Innovations / Poster Session
Introduction: Helfried Brunner, AIT Austrian Institute of
Technology GmbH and Hubert Fechner, University of Applied
Sciences Technikum Wien, Austria
Marketplace of Innovations:
Smart Energy Austria Goes Europe
Chair: Ernst Sittinger, Member of the Chief Editorial Staff,
Kleine Zeitung GmbH & Co KG, Austria
Model-Regions, innovative projects and enterprises are
presented / interviews and talks with exhibitors and poster
presenters, as well as with Michael Paula, Head of Division
Energy and Environment Technologies, Federal Ministry
for Transport, Innovation and Technology and Olaf Kieser,
Chairman of the Board, Energie Steiermark, Austria about
“The Innovation Potential of Smart Grids“.
19:00 Evening Reception
by invitation of the Governor of Styria,
Franz Voves
Assembly Hall of the Old University Graz,
Hofgasse 14, 8010 Graz, Austria
Poster Exhibition
Project leaders of R&D or demonstration projects on the subject
“Smart Grids” are cordially invited to present their results
and publications in the form of scientific posters at the
Smart Grids Week I Graz 2014.
The “BMVIT - Smart Grids Award 2014” will be awarded on the
basis of the posters exhibited.
Further information and registration:
Smart Grids Week
Graz 2014
Smart Grids Week |Graz 2014
Day 4 – Thursday, May 22nd, 2014 – CONFERENCE
Venue: congress|graz, Sparkassenplatz 3, 8010 Graz, Austria
Smart Grids: Clients and Markets
Franz Strempfl, Managing Director,
Stromnetz Steiermark GmbH, Austria
Chair: Klaus Bernhardt,
Technology Platform Smart Grids Austria
Robert Tesch, Head of Division Smart Grids,
Siemens AG Austria
The Role of Smart Grids for Cross Energy Management in
the Renewable Energy Scenario (2050)
Christof Wittwer, Department Intelligent Energy Systems,
Fraunhofer ISE, Germany
Martin Wagner, Head of Department Business and Project
Development, Verbund AG, Austria
How to Realise the Energy Transition at a Cellular Level
Albrecht Reuter, Chairman of the Board, Smart Grids Platform
Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Chair: Ursula Tauschek,
Technology Platform Smart Grids Austria
The Project Energy Bunker and its Role in the Climate
Protection Concept “Renewable Wilhelmsburg”
Jan Gerbitz, IBA Hamburg GmbH, Germany
Is it Possible to Domesticate the Smart Grid? –
Electrotechnical Standardisation - a Survey for Actors
Richard Valenta, OEK Austrian Electrotechnical Committee in
the OVE Austrian Electrotechnical Association, Austria
10:30 Coffee Break
10:45 Smart Grids as Part of Integral Energy Services
Hannes Zeichen, Managing Director,
Energie Steiermark Kunden GmbH, Austria
E-mobility as an Important Component of Smart Mobility
Heimo Aichmaier, Managing Director,
Austrian Mobile Power, Austria
Brief Introduction to the New Swiss Smart Grid
Competence Centre “FURIES - Future Swiss Electrical
Professor Mario Paolone, Distributed Electrical Systems
Laboratory, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne,
Initiatives for Secure Smart Grids in Europe
Thomas Bleier, Head of Research Program ICT Security,
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, Austria
12:00 Smart Metering – “Who will be the Users of the Smart
Energy System; Are Privacy Concerns a Barrier to Further
Introduction and chair: Andrea Kollmann,
Technology Platform Smart Grids Austria
Dominik Engel, Josef Ressel Center for User-Centric Smart Grid
Privacy, Security and Control, Salzburg University of Applied
Sciences, Austria
Smart Grids Week
Graz 2014
13:00 Lunch Break
Short Presentations of Master Theses
on the Topic of the Smart Grids Market
The Use of Hybrid Smart Grids for Clients – Example:
Smart City Graz
Mathias Schaffer, Technical Officer for Energy Research &
Innovation Management, Energie Steiermark, Austria
15:00 Smart Grids for Smart Cities – Example: Wien Aspern
Wolfgang Wais, Wiener Netze GmbH and
Gerald Forthuber, Siemens AG Austria
Austrian Climate and Energy Fund:
Short Project Presentations
Smart Grids to Reduce Backup Capacities
Wolfgang Prüggler, Energy Economics Group (EEG),
Technical University Vienna, Austria
Smart Energy Services
Roland Hierzinger, Austrian Energy Agency
Fees and Pricing
Simon Moser, Energy Institute at the Johannes Kepler
University Linz, Austria
Excursion to SFL technologies GmbH in Stallhofen:
Introduction to the “SFL Energrid System”
17:00 SFL Energrid – A Model for the Energy-Future of
Production Sites
Mario J. Müller, Authorized Officer, CIO,
SFL technologies GmbH, Austria
followed by guided tours through the
SFL-Productions- and FIBAG-Research Facilities
18:30 Test-Runs with “ELI – Energy Transport and Use for Local Supply”
from 21:30 Return to congress/graz with shuttle buses
Day 5 – Friday, May 23rd, 2014 – CONFERENCE
Venue: congress|graz, Sparkassenplatz 3, 8010 Graz, Austria
Electricity Grids Become Smart – Experiences from
Realised Projects
Chair: Helfried Brunner,
Technology Platform Smart Grids Austria
09:00 Research Results in the Electricity Grid Sector
MorePV2Grid: Findings on the Way to Realisation
Andreas Abart, Netz Oberösterreich GmbH and
Benoit Bletterie, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH,
Grid Saving Opportunities and Experience in Real Q(U)Implementation in PV Inverters in Vorarlberg
Christian Elbs, Vorarlberger Energienetze GmbH, Austria
Management of Renewable Energy Sources in LV and MV
Networks, the EU-Project INCREASE
Reinhard Padinger, JOANNEUM RESEARCH
Forschungsgesellschaft mbH, Austria
Experience from the IRENE Project
(Egrid Applications and Consulting)
Robert Köberle, Head of Network Planning,
Allgäuer Überlandwerk GmbH, Germany
Coordination of the Reactive Power at the Interface of
the HV and MV Grid during Scenarios of Increasingly
Dispersed Generation
Albana Ilo and Professor Wolfgang Gawlik,
Institute for Energy Systems und Electric Drives,
Technical University Vienna, Austria
Controllable Local Area Network Transformers
Till Sybel, Managing Director, A-Eberle GmbH, Germany and
Andreas Abart, Netz Oberösterreich GmbH, Austria
Future Energy Systems Need More Information from
the Network - How to Integrate Sensor Technology Cost
Efficiently in Existing Local Area Network Stations
Günter Eisenkölbl, 3M Austria GmbH, Austria
Experiences with Large Battery Storage (1 MW)
at the Swiss Distribution Grid
Alexandre Oudalov, Principal Scientist,
ABB Corporate Research, Switzerland
The intelligent Secondary Substation
Andreas Dungl, Sales Energy Automation Systems,
Siemens AG Austria
“BMVIT-Smart Grids Awards 2014”
Summary and Outlook
Michael Hübner, Federal Ministry for Transport,
Innovation and Technology, Austria
Elvira Lutter, Programme Management,
Climate and Energy Fund, Austria
The hybrid VPP Concept: Demand Response under
Consideration of Network-Restrictions
Gregor Taljan, Project-Coordinator, Stromnetz Steiermark and
Christoph Gutschi, cyberGRID GmbH, Austria
Coffee Break
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Smart Grids Week
Graz 2014
Smart Grids Week |Graz 2014
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