Peter Allis Round 2 2015 - Dorset Ladies County Golf Association

Held on Sunday 19th October at Broadstone Golf Club
We were very lucky that the day was quite pleasant apart from the wind. It was warm
and sunny which is very good for mid-October.
The course as usual was in very good condition and we would like to thank
Broadstone GC for allowing us to use the course.
A few injuries cut the field from 14 down to 10 and on the whole I think the girls
enjoyed the competition.
I would like to thank all the parents for ball spotting especially on the 7th hole which
caught a few girls out
There was a variety of scores but Alex Cornell and Lilli Horn playing together had 35
points which considering how windy it was in places was an excellent score.
The winner was Alex on count back with Lilli second and Lauren Purchase third on
count back from Laura Webb
Alex Cornell
35 points ocb
Lilli Horn
35 points
Lauren Purchase
32 points ocb
Laura Webb
32 points
Georgina Wrixon
31 points
Jen Randall
30 points
Megan Thompson
29 points
Chloe Haesler
25 points
Scarlett Williams
23 points
Hermione Christey-Clover
20 points