Notice for Odd Sem Schedule 2014-15

No.03/COE/ Odd Exam.2014
Date: 19/09/2014
The Principal/Director of all Colleges / Institutes affiliated to WBUT/In-house Departments of
RE: Notification and Important Dates For Odd Semester Examinations, 2014-15.
The University will follow the following schedule :
1. The dates for filling up of application forms of Odd Semester
Examination (forms are to be filled up on line) for 1st,3rd, 5th & 7th
semesters, regular and backlog, for all UG & PG courses (except
new registration).
24 Sept-5th Nov.2014
Verification of the submitted forms by the College authorities.
(Print out of the verified application forms must be taken by the
College authorities within 11th Nov, 2014.)
6th Nov-11th Nov,2014
The dates of submission of the approved list of students certified by 12th Nov-17th Nov,2014
the Head of the Colleges/Institutes along with requisite Exam fees
to be paid semester wise by Demand Draft to WBUT (cash will not
to be accepted).
2 Admit Cards are to be downloaded by the students from the
21st November 2014,
University website The printed copy of the
Admit Card must be verified and authenticated by the appropriate
authority and a recent passport size photograph of the candidate
pasted in the marked area.
3.Practical Examinations & Viva Voce (For all UG & PG courses)
to be conducted by respective colleges in the presence of external
24th November to 29th
November, 2014
4. Odd Semester Theory Examinations for all UG and PG courses.
N.B. Dates of odd semester theory examinations may be
rescheduled, if necessary
3rd December to 24th
December 2014.
5. Internal marks will have to be submitted on line.
25th November to 12th
December, 2014.
Hard copy of the internal marks will also have to be provided by
the Colleges / Institutes to the University ( All UG and PG
programs) .
Hard copy submission
15th to 19th December,
Sd/Dr. Indranil Mukherjee
Controller of Examinations(Actg.)