S C H E D U L E Attaching to and forming part of the FIRE

 S C H E D U L E Attaching to and forming part of the FIRE STATISTICAL CESSION REINSURANCE TREATY YEAR : 2014 1. BUSINESS SCOPE : All property business ( Fire and Allied Perils, Industrial / Commercial / Property All Risk ) including Business Interruption as written in the Reinsured’s Fire Department and Earthquake Risks. 2. EXCLUSIONS : 1. Standard General Exclusions : a. Reinsurance Treaty ( Proportional and Non Proportional ) Business. b.
Retrocession Business. c.
Inward Facultative Business. d.
Pool Business. e.
Excess of Loss / First Loss / Layered and PML Basis Insurance and Reinsurance Business. f.
Extra Contractual Obligations Exclusion Endorsement. g.
All Type of Business not expressly mentioned under the Business & Scope. 2.
Others Exclusions : a.
Nuclear Energy Risks Exclusion Clause 1994 – NMA 1975 (a). b.
War and Civil War Exclusion Clause NMA 464. c.
Seepage and Pollution Risks ‐ NMA 1685. d.
Policy period more than 18 months. e.
Riots, Strikes, Malicious Damage greater than 4.1AAA less terrorism and sabotage (as per NMA 2921 ). f.
Electronic Date Recognition Endorsement A; NMA 2800 11/12/1997. g.
Transmission & Distribution Lines Exclusion Clause. h.
IT Hazard Clarification Clause NMA 2912 – 12/11/01. i.
Cyber Exclusion Clause – NMA 2915. j.
Pasar Traditional Risk – Code 2935. Page 1 of 3
3. 4. TERRITORIAL SCOPE : The Republic of Indonesia. LIMIT : 2.50% of Total Sum Insured but not exceeding Rp. 500.000.000,00 or US$. 50,000.00 (or equivalent to US$ limit hereon in any other currencies) any one risks or policy. 5. CESSION REPORT REINSURED 6. BY : Copy of every single policy plus polices recapitulation shall be submitted as soon as possible not later than 30 days after the end of each respective month. or In a form of monthly Borderaux, by mean of electronic method e.g email, softcopy not later than 30 days after the end of each respective month. PREMIUM AND CLAIM LIST SUBMITTED BY REINSURER  Submission  Confirmation  Payment : Monthly in original currencies on an underwriting year basis. : Within 21 days after the end of each month : Within 15 days after receipt from reinsurer : Within 15 days after confirmation received from reinsured. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. REINSURANCE COMMISSION PRELIMINARY LOSS ADVICE : Every Single Claim. AND DEFINITE LOSS ADVICE CASH LOSS FOR 100% : N I L TREATY STATISTICAL CESSIONS COMMENCEMENT : Risks attaching on or after 1st March, 2014. TERMINATION : 3 (Three) calendar months notice of cancellation to expire on 31st December of any year. “It is understood that Provisional Notice of Cancellation (PNOC) is automatically tendered on 30 September of any year, first cancellation being 31 December 2014 by Reinsured and reinsurer hereon. No Formal documentation will be issued by either party”. : 30% on Original Gross Premium Basis. Page 2 of 3
Cession in respect of Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption and Tsunami Endorsement code 4.2 is subject to the following conditions: a.1. As per AAUI Earthquake standard policy S.K. AAUI No. 005/AAUI/2003 dated 9th January 2003. a.2. Premium rate subject to PT Asuransi MAIPARK Indonesia. Currency Fluctuation Clause (Proportional). In witness whereof this Schedule has been signed in duplicate on behalf of and by the authority of each contracting parties. Signed in Jakarta, this … days of ……………… 201 For and on behalf of Reinsured: PT ASURANSI KREDIT INDONESIA (ASKRINDO) and in Jakarta, this of Februari, 2014 for and on behalf of Reinsurer : PT. REASURANSI INTERNASIONAL INDONESIA as Administrator BPPDAN Page 3 of 3