Faculty Recruitment - Division of Humanities and Fine Arts

Faculty Recruitment -- Humanities and Fine Arts Division
The Division of Humanities and Fine Arts is committed to excellence and diversity in faculty recruitment.
Once the Dean has given the department approval to begin a search for a faculty position, submit
Academic Recruitment Packet: Part 1 – Recruitment Plan for Academic Vacancies to Maeve
Devoy in the Dean’s Office (it is now a downloadable form at the Academic Personnel webpage,
https://ap.ucsb.edu/forms.and.information/). Attach a copy of the proposed advertisement,
following the guidelines for academic advertisements found at RB VII-7. After the Dean has signed
the form, the packet will be sent to the Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO), or you can attach a
post-it to the form asking that you be contacted after the Dean has signed so you can pick it up and
walk it to OEO.
When the ad has been approved by both the Dean and OEO, OEO will send the packet back to the
department. The department can now place the ad in journals, on websites, etc. and enters
recruitment, advertisement and applicant requirement details in UC Recruit (see the Academic
Personnel website for more information about how to use UC Recruit and what it does,
https://recruit.ap.ucsb.edu/). Set application deadlines as early as possible keeping in mind the
schedule of professional meetings in the field.
Advertisement costs should be charged to department accounts. Reimbursement for advertising
costs, up to $1000, can be requested at the same time the department requests reimbursement for
recruitment travel expenses (see below).
Keep in mind to collect the advertising documentation which will be required in the event that a
non-US citizen is appointed as the department will need to process paperwork for the appointee’s
work visa(s).
After the close date, the department forwards a preliminary interview list to the Dean for review. All
of the applications will be reviewed to ensure quality and diversity. Changes in the interview list
might take place after consultations with the Dean's office. Please work with Maeve Devoy in the
Dean’s office .
At the time when the department is ready to make a deselection and forward a preliminary or final
interview list of candidates, please submit a brief memo summarizing the qualifications of each of
the finalists. Again please work with Maeve Devoy.
Once the Dean has approved the final list, the department completes Academic Recruitment
Packet: Part 2 – Request to Interview (Senate Faculty & Permanent Academic Positions Only). It
should be sent to OEO along with:
o Vitae of the finalists
OEO will create an EO Recommendation and forward the recruitment packet to the Dean for final
signature approval (or you can ask them to contact you so you can walk it over to the Dean’s office
to expedite the process).
Once interview approval has been granted, contact the finalists and schedule interviews. All
candidates should meet with the Dean or Associate Dean. Candidates for full professor, endowed
chairs or high level appointments should also meet with the EVC (check with that office directly).
The College will reimburse departments for faculty recruitment costs up to a total of $5000 per
search, including $1000 for advertising, and reasonable transportation and lodging expenses for up
to three candidate visits. After all candidate travel is complete, departments can request
reimbursement for the three trips of their choice, along with up to $1000 for advertising per search,
using the Recruitment Advertising and Travel Reimbursement Request form, which can be
found here: http://www.ltsc.ucsb.edu/faculty-staff/forms
Please submit advertising and travel reimbursement requests to Melissa Calvin, x2328, MC 2080.
When the department is ready to request the appointment of a final candidate, the Chair should
discuss the proposed rank, step, salary level, and start-up expenses with the Dean. Chairs must
consult with the Dean before s/he may outline the offer to the candidate. Chairs should also speak
with the Dean about any appointment case prior to its submission if the start date is not expected to
be July 1 of the year in which the offers made. After consultation with the Dean, the department
then prepares an appointment case as follows (a checklist of documents required can be found at
RB I-15). Please consult with Claudia Kashin in the Dean’s office if you have questions:
Upload to Case Processing Application (at Academic Personnel webpage):
- Department letter of recommendation, with faculty vote
- Biography form for Academic Personnel
- CV
- Letters from external reviewers
- Coded list of reviewers, with selection information and brief description
- Copy of the solicitation letter or acknowledgement sent to external reviewers
If the selected candidate is a non-U.S. citizen without a Green Card, a Prevailing Wage request
must be cleared by the Department of Labor. Information about labor certification can be found on
the UCSB Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) website at
It is recommended that you speak directly with Billy Ko, OISS Immigration Counselor.
Send hard copy to OEO:
- Academic Recruitment Packet, Part 3 – Equal Opportunity Hiring Proposal
Send hard copy to Dean’s Office via Claudia Kashin:
- Start-up request (HFA specific information attached)
- Publications; all or a select group
- Teaching evaluations (if available)
While the appointment case is going through the administrative review process, the department
chair can write to the finalist, using the sample wording from RB I-14-III, "Letter to Prospective
Ladder Appointees.”
After the appointment is approved, a formal offer letter, signed by the Chancellor or EVC
(depending on the level of the appointment), will be sent to the candidate by the Office of
Academic Personnel.
The start-up commitment will not be included in the formal offer letter. The complete start-up
commitment details and amounts will be communicated to the department chair by the Dean or
Dean’s office after the appointment has been approved. It is then up to the department to share the
start-up information with the candidate.
Useful Websites:
Red Binder (RB), https://ap.ucsb.edu/policies.and.procedures/red.binder/index.cfm
Academic Personnel Manual (APM), http://www.ucop.edu/academic-personnel/
Office of Equal Opportunity & Sexual Harassment/Title IX Compliance,
Revised May 2014