Dr. Richard Peterson - Orange Charter School

Orange Charter School
Board Member Resume
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Charter School and shared with the Orange Charter School Community.
Name: Richard A. Peterson II, DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVP
Address: 6909 Carol Lane, Hillsborough, NC 27278
Phone: (919)732-5259
Email: [email protected]; [email protected]
Birthplace: Southbridge, MA (MA to OH to NC)
Member of OCS Since: 2008
Employer: GlaxoSmithKline
Job Title: Director, Molecular and Ultrastructural Pathology and Head,
Investigative Pathology Laboratory
Spouse: Liane Peterson
Children: Skyler Peterson (5th Grade) and Sydney Peterson (3rd Grade)
Offices Held: OCS BOD member: 2009-present; OCS BOD Chair, 2013present; OCS BOD Vice-Chair: 2010-13; Chair, Educational Program
Committee: 2008-11; Chair, Personnel Committee: 2010-13; Chair, OCS
Principal Search Committee: 2011; Member, Teacher Evaluation Rubric
Committee (ad-hoc): 2013-14; Member, Building Committee (ad-hoc, for
North Building): 2009-2010; Coach, OCS North Carolina Science Olympiad
Division B Team: 2012-14.
Interests and Hobbies: Trail running, mountain biking, kayaking,
gardening, cooking, reading, fossils, science and science education.
What would be your top priorities as an OCS Board Director?
Support Mr. Corcoran in his efforts to retain/grow/empower/acknowledge
our wonderful faculty and staff, maintain OCS high academic standards,
seamlessly incorporate STEAM/PBL approaches into the OCS curriculum,
continue to strengthen music and arts in OCS' curriculum (i.e., Strings,
Band, WOCS, art program, plays, etc.), optimize the OCS Academically
and Intellectually Gifted (AIG) and EC Programs so they provide maximal
value and opportunity to our AIG and EC students, and further increase
the number and expand the diversity of after-school and summer camp
opportunities for our students (clubs, local event participation, OCS afterschool program, sports, etc.). Work to maximize growth of the OCS student
body as is feasible; support continuous investment in technology upgrades
as needed; help to maximize OCS fundraising activities including providing
strong support of the successful efforts by PATH; expand the after school
club/activity offerings; institute a successful sports program at OCS
(Basketball, Volleyball, Cross-Country, Soccer, etc.);and work to maximize
volunteer participation at OCS (all levels from daily needs to committee
participation and governance).
Please tell us about your qualifications:
I have been a OCS BOD member since 2009, Vice-Chair of the BOD for
three years, and Chair of the BOD for the last year. I have been very active
in OCS BOD committees where I have been the Chair of the Educational
Program Committee from 2008 to 2011 and the Chair of the Personnel
Committee for three years (2010-13). I have also had the opportunity to be
the Chair of the OCS Principal Search Committee in 2011, as well as a
member of the OCS Building Committee (ad-hoc) in 2009-2010 and the
Teacher Evaluation Rubric Committee (ad-hoc) in 2013-14. I co-authored
the original OCS Educational Program Statement in 2009 (i.e., OCS did not
have a statement that described our educational program and philosophy
until this was written), as well as being the author of the original OCS
Academically and Intellectually Gifted (AIG) Policy (i.e., used to populate
the DPI on-line AIG plan application for OCS which was approved in 2012
and subsequently extended for three years in 2013), the OCS Policy on
Non-Discrimination in the Curriculum and Classroom, and the OCS Policy
on After School Clubs. I have been coach of the OCS North Carolina
Science Olympiad Division B Team for the 2012-13 (with assistant coach/
parent Mr. Bryan Hampton) and 2013-14 (with 7th/8th Grade science
teacher Mr. Andrew Gatt) school years (where OCS finished fourth out of
14 teams at the Durham Tournament at Duke University in March 2014
and received a trophy and numerous individual student medals), as well as
facilitating the OCS After-school Science Club during the 2010-11 and
2011-12 school years with my wife Liane. At GlaxoSmithKline, the second
largest pharmaceutical company in the world, I lead a highly engaged and
productive investigative pathology group in the Safety Assessment
Department, as well as being a safety representative on several
multidisciplinary drug development teams, and a pathologist. I have also
had experience in organizing large local (i.e., RTP) and international
scientific meetings, teaching veterinary and graduate students and
pathology residents, grant writing (NIH grants in graduate school), and
writing (>25 peer-reviewed scientific publications including two book
chapters). My wife and/or I have also been very active in volunteering
throughout our time at OCS [i.e., Spring Fling, EOG proctoring, OCS table
at Hillsborough's Last Fridays, Book Fair, new family meet-and-greet
picnics, Open House, concerts, Tiger Boosters/PATH, class parent, class
trip chaperone, teacher assistance in the classroom, presenting to students
in the classroom (e.g., Biology of Disease to 8th Grade Science students,
owl pellet dissection with 1st Grade students for the last three years), etc.].
Why should you be elected?
Over the last six years in my roles on the OCS BOD and/or committees,
I have been very active in most aspects of the school and have gained
an extraordinary level of experience in charter school governance and an
unique overview of OCS and our school community. With my professional
and academic experiences I bring a lot to the table and I would like to
continue my work in the BOD Director role. I am level-headed, organized,
forward-looking, and a consensus-builder in groups (committees, boards,
teams, etc.). I am very willing to compromise while standing firm in my core
beliefs. I also relish the opportunity to work with the principal, committee
members, parents/guardians, and the other BOD members to realize our
top priorities for OCS. OCS is a great school, but we have the potential
to get even better academically and in extracurricular activities, while still
maintaining a small school feel/small class size, providing extra support
for our EC and AIG students, and maximizing interactions with the greater
community. Thank you for your consideration.
Please check ALL that apply to you:
__X__ I would like to be placed on the ballot for the election to serve on the
Board of Directors for a 3 year term.
__X__ I would like to be placed in the pool of applicants for appointment to
the open 2 year Director's term
The ballot for the two open 3 yr term Directors will occur first. If you check
both of the above options, your name will be entered into the pool of
applicants for appointment only if you are not elected to a full 3 year term.