OAC-90F - OptoTech

High Performance Vacuum Coating System
for Optical Coatings
Smart Solutions for Professionals
The OptoTech OAC-90F evaporation
coater is used for high performance
optical coatings on optical components. The OAC coating system is
characterized by the product quality
for which OptoTech is known, ease of
use, and exceptional reliability in the
daily production operation.
Vacuum Coating System for High Quality Coatings on Optical Components
Diameter vacuum chamber 900 mm
Ion or Plasma source
Up to 3 eb-guns
Direct optical broadband monitoring
Process control unit powered by MacroTech
Quartz Crystal Head
(1 or 6)
Optical Monitor
Coating Processes:
Plasma Source
In the field of precision optics, OptoTech offers a wide range of
coating processes over the full spectral range from UV, VIS to IR.
Typical applications are: Anti-reflective coatings, edge filters,
band pass filters, beam splitters, high reflective mirrors and many
For further details please contact our coating specialists or send
your specifications as request for process support.
Electron-Beam Evaporator No. 1
Thermal Evaporator
Electron-Beam Evaporator No. 2
 Competitive vacuum coating system for high end coating applications
 Reliable and robust production machine – made for 24/7
 Easy-to-operate
 Powerful control unit and control software
 High quality components
 Cryo- or Diffusion or Turbo-pump
 Up to 3 electron-beam evaporation sources for simultaneous operation
 Thermal evaporation source
 Ion source or powerful plasma source (option)
 IR-heating system
 Thin film deposition control with quartz crystal method
 Optical monitoring: direct, broadband (option)
 Flexible production tool available in various configurations
Additional accessories available
Wide range of coating consumables and coating materials available
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