OAC Spring 2015 - Idaho State University

Outdoor Adventure Center Trips
Equipment Rentals
Outdoor Adventure Center activities are for Idaho State University
students and faculty/staff. We extend a hearty and warm welcome
to the local community to use our outdoor resource center, attend
our evening programs, workshops and events as room permits.
Located in the Outdoor Adventure Center, we carry equipment for
skiing, snowshoeing, camping, backpacking, rafting and many other outdoor activities. We will provide you with information regarding equipment usage and maintenance. Whether you are planning a
long trip or a one-day adventure, we will help outfit your equipment needs. For more information about our rates and available
equipment, please see our complete pricelist at www.isu.edu/
About Our Trips . . .
The OAC provides resources; including staffing, vehicles and
equipment to help facilitate cooperative adventure trips. The cooperative adventure philosophy provides leadership and trip structure,
while preserving many benefits such as interpersonal cooperation, Portneuf Yurt System
freedom of choice, self-reliance among participants, and participant If you're not familiar with a yurt, it is a beautiful, dome shaped
decision making.
structure with a plastic skylight for watching the stars at night. Inside the yurt are bunk beds, a wood stove and a Coleman lantern
In a cooperative adventure, the trip leader is responsible for overall and stove. We have five of these cozy and warm structures located
trip planning and safety. Participants, however, should share in the in the Portneuf Range just outside of Pocatello. They're for everyresponsibilities of the trip, including the planning, organization,
one: families with children can reach the easier yurts and backfood purchasing, packing and preparation, risk management for
country skiers will find delightful powder skiing at the yurt located
themselves as well as the overall group, washing, loading and un- high on the Portneuf Range Crest. The system is managed as a nonloading of vehicles, etc.
profit entity and has been featured in Outside Magazine. Reserve
your yurt at the OAC.
Trip leaders, as well as other knowledgeable participants, help educate fellow participants. This education and participation in the
Camp Taylor Cabins
activity help participants become their own risk managers by alCabins are available for rent, October through April, at the OAC.
lowing them to make a more educated decision on their own beThey are accessible by, snowmobiles, skis and snowshoes. The
half. As the group gains more knowledge and skill, they can be
involved more in the decision making process. The trip leader has cabins are great for large groups and have from 3 to 15 beds per
cabin. Contact the OAC for availability and prices.
the final call on decisions that relate to the welfare of the group.
Cooperative adventure allows for participant participation, while
still giving final decision making to the leader(s).
Challenge Course
The Alpine Tower is a 50' ft tall structure that provides unique
Cooperative adventure trips have a separate price structure for
challenges and team-oriented experiences for groups of 8 to 24.
ISU students, faculty/staff and ISU affiliates. ISU student fees Facilitators can work with groups to address many things, such as:
support the OAC and this allows the program to offer affordable team building, group cohesion, trust, support, communication,
trips to students and CW HOG participants. Faculty/staff and
judgment, decision making, personal confidence, physical agility
ISU affiliates are charged 55% of the expense of the cooperative and coordination. The challenge course includes a giant swing by
adventure to participate. Deposits are required at time of sign up choice. This element allows participants to be hauled up to thirty
feet by a team and once released, swing at a 60' arc. The Alpine
to reserve a spot. All trip fees and deposits are nonrefundaTower is ideal for university, school, church, athletic, military and
corporate groups. The OAC staff will work with your group to develop programming that is best suited to fit the goals and expectaPre-trips . . .
tions of the group. Contact the OAC to set up your group.
The great majority of overnight trips will have a pre-trip meeting. Much of the trip's planning takes place at this meeting. In the
spirit of cooperative adventure you need to be there to help participate in the planning tasks. The success or failure of a cooperative
adventure trip rest in the hands of the participants. Any remaining To help you better choose one of our trips we rate the trips on a
subjective scale of difficulty.
trips fees need to be paid at the pre-trip.
Activity Rating Scales
Participate at your own risk!
Please understand that when you participate in activities in the wild
outdoors, you are risking your physical being. No one on the trip
can assure your safety. Participate at your own risk. Participants
must sign an acknowledgment of risk and liability release form.
Remember... Trips can be dangerous. No one can assure your
safety. Participate at your own risk!
No previous experience necessary; low to moderate physical activity.
Previous experience in the area recommended; moderate to strenuous physical activity.
Previous experience required; strenuous to very demanding physical activity.
The Cooperative Wilderness Handicapped Outdoor Group (CW
HOG), a regional self-help group, was established in 1981 to provide recreational opportunities for people of all abilities. The pro- Trips with an adaptive rating are designed for participants with
gram is a department of Idaho State University located in the Out- disabilities and able-bodied volunteers. If you would like to volundoor Adventure Center of the Student Union. A complete listing of teer, check out CW HOG in the OAC.
Open Kayak
Reed Gym pool is open to anyone interested in spending some time
in a kayak whether you are already a kayaker or would like to try
kayaking out. Open Kayak will be held Thursdays, from January
15 to March 19 from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm. Kayaks, paddles, spray
skirts and advice from OAC staff are provided. Open Kayak is free
to students with a valid Bengal Card or ISU Campus Recreation
facility pass. Community members can purchase a semester pass
for $30 and faculty/staff cost is $25 if they do not have a Campus
Recreation facility pass. A punch card for 7 sessions is $25. Punch
cards can be used by for admittance for anyone while semester
passes are not transferable. Children 12 and under are free when
accompanied by a student with a Bengal card or paying adult.
ISU Night Skiing and Boarding
Friday Nights at Pebble Creek
Ski or board Friday nights from January 16 through March 6
Pebble Creek is offering a special discount for night skiing to ISU
students. Lift tickets are discounted to $8 and ski or snowboard
rentals are just $8. Night skiing starts at 4:00 pm and ends at 9:30
pm. In order to receive these discounts you must show your valid
Bengal Card at the Pebble Creek ticket window and at the Pebble
Creek Rental Center. See you on the slopes!
Avalanche Awareness Workshop
January 10
Have you been skiing backcountry terrain; perhaps you ride a powder sled and enjoy high marking; maybe you’ve been lucky enough
Open Climb
to find an avalanche transceiver in your Christmas stocking; or you
Starts April 9
just want to brush up on your avalanche skills. Spend a day learnThis regular climbing session on Thursday evenings at 5:00 pm
ing the basics of avalanche awareness and companion rescue. Folwill begin April 9 and is open to those who have previous climbing lowing a lecture on the avalanche (know before you go) triangle,
experience and are comfortable with rock climbing. Top ropes are we will take you to the field for a companion rescue session. Beaset up by the OAC staff at the Ross Park climbing area. We provide cons, shovels and probes will be provided.
the ropes and equipment to ISU students with valid Bengal card
Activity Rating: I
free of charge. Community members can purchase a season pass
Group Size: 10
for $30 and faculty/staff cost is $20. Community or faculty/staff
ISU Student: $30
can also purchase a day pass for $2. Children 12 and under are free ISU Affiliate: $40
when accompanied by a paying adult.
Meet at the OAC at 8:30 am
Last sign-up date: January 10
Alpine Tower Challenge Course Activity
April 25, 1:00 pm-4:00 pm
Come out and have ride on the Giant Swing or have a go at one
of the Towers many challenging climbs. Bring the kids out to
play on our new lawn. FUN for the whole FAMILY. If you are
under 18 you must have a parent or legal guardian sign a release
Activity rating: Level I & adaptive
Cost: $6
Location: Corner of Barton Road & Alvin Ricken Drive
Open Horseback Riding at Sweet Talk Ranch
January 27, February 24, March 17, 31, April 14, 28
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Catamount Yurt Cross Country Ski & Snowshoe
January 24-25
Spend the night at one of the areas yurts. We will travel over moderate terrain by cross country skis or snowshoes, ending at the yurt
where we will spend the night. Beginner Friendly!
Activity rating: I
Group size: 6
ISU Student $15 Nonrefundable
ISU Affiliate $15 Nonrefundable
Pre-trip: January 21, 5:00 pm at OAC
Last sign-up date: January 21
We ride in a covered (non-heated) arena at Sweet Talk Ranch.
Horses, tack, and helmets are provided. Beginners with little or
no experience are welcome along with participants who are seasoned riders. Riders must be at least 8 years old to participate.
Long pants and sturdy shoes are required. You must sign up by
2 pm the day prior by calling Sweet Talk Ranch at 208-6042302. Transportation to Sweet Talk Ranch is not provided.
Ride from 5-7 pm
Activity Rating: I & Adaptive
Group Size: 12 max, 6 min.
Student & HOGs: $10
ISU Affiliate: $13
Horseback Riding Scholarships available for riders with a
disability. Contact the C.W.HOG for information about the
West Yellowstone Cross-Country Ski and Soak
Inman Yurt Cross Country Ski & Snowshoe
January 31-February 1
Don your skis and ski along the Madison River in Yellowstone
National Park or the groomed trails of the Rendezvous Ski Center
in West Yellowstone. The group will spend the night at a local motel with a hot tub. Dinner will be at a local restaurant in West Yellowstone. Costs include transportation and motel.
Beginners Welcome!
Activity rating: I
Group size: 10
ISU Student: $60
ISU Affiliate: $70
Nonrefundable deposit: $50
Pre-trip: January 28, 5:00 pm at OAC
Last sign-up date: January 28
February 28-March 1
Spend an evening “Yurt Style” at the Inman Yurt. The route to the
yurt follows a snowbound road for the first 3 miles. The last half
mile is up a narrow hiking trail through heavy timber. The total
distance to the yurt is 3.5 miles with a vertical rise of 1000 feet.
Once at the yurt we will settle in for the evening. The next morning
we will take a short tour of the area before heading back down the
trail. Cost includes yurt rental, and transportation. Everyone will be
responsible for their own personal gear and food.
Activity rating: I - II
Group size: 6
ISU Student $15 Nonrefundable
ISU Affiliate $15 Nonrefundable
Pre-trip: February 25, 5:00 pm at OAC
Last sign-up date: February 25
Mesa Falls Cross Country Ski
Craters of the Moon Cross Country Ski
February 7
Put on your skis and come glide with us through Craters of the
Moon National Preserve. Enjoy the crystalline lava rock structures
frozen in time as we ski along the trails. Need cross-country skis?
Our Rental Center has them for a reasonable cost.
Beginner Friendly!
Activity rating: I
Group size: 10
ISU Students: $15 Nonrefundable
ISU Affiliate: $15 Nonrefundable
Pre-Trip Meeting: February 4 at the OAC 5:00 pm
Last sign up date: February 4
Jackson Creek Backcountry Yurt
February 14 - 16
Jackson Creek Yurt is located high on the Portneuf range near Pebble Creek Ski Area and offers access to some of our favorite backcountry terrain in the region. Getting to the yurt involves traveling
through potential avalanche terrain. The group will use the ski lift
at Pebble Creek to gain access to the top of the mountain and travel
across a high ridge to the yurt. You must purchase a single ride lift
pass or have a Pebble Creek season pass to ride the lift. We will
spend two nights and three days over the holiday weekend skiing,
boarding and hanging out at the yurt. This is an opportunity to have
the OAC staff show you the location of the yurt.
Activity rating: II-III
Group size: 6
ISU Student: $20 Nonrefundable
ISU Affiliates: $20 Nonrefundable
Pre-trip: February 11, 5:30 pm at OAC
Last sign-up date: February 11
March 7
Upper and Lower Mesa Falls are beautiful majestic waterfalls that
shower water from the Henry’s Fork. The tour is an out and back,
so participants can turn around at any point on the trail. The trail is
skier packed. The complete tour is 10 miles round trip to Upper
Mesa Falls. Beginner friendly, but highly advisable that participants have beginning skills.
Activity rating: I-II
Group size: 8
ISU Student: $20 Nonrefundable
ISU Affiliate: $20 Nonrefundable
Pre-trip: March 4, 5:30 pm at OAC
Last sign-up date: March 4
Bonneville Backcountry Yurt
Yellowstone Bike Tour
March 13-15
What’s better than backcountry skiing or snowboarding? How
about backcountry skiing or snowboarding and staying at a yurt
overnight? The yurt is on the east side of Mt. Bonneville. Getting
to the yurt involves traveling through potential avalanche terrain.
We’ll take the Pebble ski-lift up Friday afternoon; and ski and/or
snowboard down to the yurt; stay two nights; allowing for a full
day of backcountry riding and skiing. Prior skiing or snowboarding
experience is required. Ski-lift pass is not included in cost.
Activity rating: II-III
Group size: 6
ISU Student $20 Nonrefundable
ISU Affiliate $20 Nonrefundable
Pre-trip: March 11, 5:00 pm at OAC
Last sign-up date: March 11
April 11 - 12
Get your helmets, your bike (rental bikes on site) and get your
gears engaged for a bike tour in Yellowstone National Park before
the roads are open to motor vehicles. We’ll cycle through the park
on Saturday and Sunday. If the snow conditions allow we can take
in a morning ski on Sunday. We will be road biking from the west
entrance along the scenic Madison River. The relatively flat, but
often windy ride is an out and back, so you can turn around at any
point to head back to the hotel hot pool.
Activity Rating: I
Group Size: 10
ISU Student: $60
ISU Affiliate: $70
Non-refundable deposit: $50
Pre-trip: April 8, 5:30 pm at OAC
Last sign-up date: April 8
Moab Spring Break Trip
March 21 - 27
Spend spring break in the desert of Moab, UT. biking, climbing
and hiking. The biking and climbing portion of the trip is designed
for participants with previous experience. If you do not have experience in these areas you are welcome to come along and camp,
hike and enjoy all that Moab has to offer in the desert environment.
Moab has great shopping, restaurants and activities to participate
in. The cost of transportation and camping is included in the trip
fee. Participants will be responsible for the cost of their own food.
Activity rating: II
Group size: 10
ISU Student: $125
ISU Affiliate: $125
Nonrefundable deposit: $50
Pre-trip: March 18, 5:30 pm at OAC
Last sign-up date: March 18
Castle Rocks Climbing
April 25
Castle Rocks State Park has traditional and sport climbing on single and multi-pitch routes. All abilities are welcome! After climbing all day, we’ll stop by Durfee Hot Springs on the way back.
Don’t have shoes? You can rent them from our Rental Center for a
reasonable cost.
Activity Rating: I-II
Group Size: 8
ISU Students: $20 Nonrefundable
ISU Affiliate: $25 Nonrefundable
Pre-trip meeting: April 22, 5:00 pm at OAC
Last sign up date: April 22
Bengal Claw Indoor Climbing Competition
April 25
The Bengal Claw is a USA Climbing, Sport Climbing Series event
Wilderness First Responder Course
held in Reed Gym.
All abilities and ages are welcome to participate. The climbing
March 20-29
The Outdoor Adventure Center will offer an 80-hour Wilderness
starts at 10:00 am. If you’re not a climber, come anyway to watch
First Responder course through the Wilderness Medicine Institute some of the best climbers in the Northwest. Check out
of NOLS. Those who may consider this course include backcoun- www.usaclimbing.org or call the OAC office for more information.
try travelers on extended outings, guides, camp nurses, residents of $35 entry fee
rural communities, and workers or researchers at remote sites. Students receive training in the most current medical treatment strate- Whitewater Rafting the Owyhee River
gies for common medical problems, traumatic injuries, and probMay 18 –24
lems arising from environmental exposure
The Lower Owyhee from the Rome boat launch to Birch Creek
The cost of the course will be $550 for students and $650 for non
takeout is a rare wilderness experience that few get to encounter.
ISU students. This course can be taken for 3 ISU academic credits The Owyhee Canyon offers, spectacular cliffs, white water rapids,
(PE 4441).
and camping. At this time of year water levels are usually low and
inflatable kayaks can be used to navigate down the river corridor. If
Spring Break Backpacking in Coyote Gulch
water levels permit we will use rafts to travel down the river. If
water levels are too low we will use inflatable kayaks to navigate
March 21-28
This trip is pending and still in development: permits, dates, and
down the river corridor. The cost of food is not covered in the trip
costs are not yet finalized. Coyote Gulch in southern Utah contains fee. Cost includes transportation, permits, boat rental, and wag
waterfalls, two arches, and a natural bridge. We will follow the
stream for more than 20 mi over three or four days through riparian Activity rating: I-II
Group size: 6
desert. The cost will include transportation, permits, and group
ISU Students: $180
Activity rating: II
ISU Affiliate: $220
Group size: 6–8
Non – refundable deposit: $100
Cost estimate: $100-150
Pre-trip: May 6, 5:30 pm at OAC
Non-refundable deposit: $100
Last sign-up date: May 13
Rafting and Kayaking the Salmon River
Pocatello Adaptive Snow Sports (PASS)
June 15-21
This is a remote section of the Salmon River that provides one of
Idaho’s most famous whitewater trips. It will be early season so
there are likely to have high flows creating large rapids. Some rafting experience would be helpful but is not mandatory. If you plan
on kayaking you must have solid kayaking skills. Class III+ rapids
can be expected with intermittent scenic stretches. The group will
camp out on the river as they make their way downstream on this
multi-day adventure. Permit Pending
Activity rating: I-II
Group size: 20
ISU Students: $290
ISU Affiliate: $340
Non – refundable deposit: $100
Pre-trip: June 4, 5:30 pm at OAC
Last sign-up date: June 4
January 15 - February 19
PASS is a branch of CW HOG which provides alpine ski instruction and recreational skiing opportunities for people with disabilities. Instruction is offered by instructors and volunteers, trained in
nationally approved adaptive techniques, for beginning through
advanced skiers, as well as racers. Instruction is available to any
interested person with a disability regardless of previous skiing
experience. Each lesson includes up to two hours of one-on-one
instruction, lift ticket and adaptive equipment. Classes are held on
six consecutive Thursdays beginning January 16th. Skiers leave
from the OAC for the afternoon session at noon and return at 5:00
Cost:$125 for six lessons or $25 per lesson
HOG Night Schedule
Space is limited on some activities. Please call the HOG office
in advance to reserve your spot.
January 14: Dinner
January 28: Hot Chocolate at Mink Creek yurt
February 11: Valentine’s dance
February 25: Lava $11 includes transport and hot pool
March 11: St. Patrick’s Day Pizza Party at Goodies
March 18: Outer Limits
April 8: Horseback Riding
April 22: Earth Day activity
May 6: Outback Mini golf and picnic
Pocatello Adaptive Snow Sports (PASS)
Instructor Training
January 9, 6:00 - 8:00 pm
January 10, 9:00 – 3:00 pm
This clinic is offered as training for volunteer instructors interested
in helping with PASS. Skills taught will include use of adaptive
equipment and adaptive teaching techniques. Pebble Creek lift
passes will be included for this training. To receive ISU credit,
register for PEAC 108. You do not have to be an ISU student to be
a PASS instructor. For more info, give Bob a call at the CW HOG
office, 282-3912.
All Abilities Yurt Trip
February 7 - 8
The Mink Creek yurt is located about 25 yards from the parking lot
which will simplify access. Come and enjoy the yurt experience
with all of the luxuries of car camping plus a wood burning stove.
The Mink Creek Nordic Center has around 10 miles of groomed
trails for XC skiing and snowshoeing.
Activity rating: Adaptive - I
Group size:10
ISU Student/HOG: $10 Nonrefundable
ISU Affiliate: $14 Nonrefundable
Pre-trip: February 3, 6:00 pm at OAC
All Abilities Pomerelle Ski Trip
March 7
This trip is for current and former participants of the Pocatello
Adaptive Ski School (PASS). It will be at the end of the PASS program to provide an opportunity to experience a different ski area.
Pomerelle is a great mountain for adaptive skiing with beginner to
moderate terrain for skiers looking to challenge themselves with
the skills they have been working on in the weeks prior to this trip.
Price includes cost of transportation.
Activity rating: Adaptive & I
Group size:10
ISU Students: $50
ISU Affiliate: $50
House Boat Touring on Lake Powell
March 23-28
Come spend your Spring break with us! This is a beautiful area.
We will be renting a house boat and taking a drift boat along with
us so that we can see some of the more remote canyons that this
area has to offer. Lake Powell offers beautiful sandstone views as
well as a chance to get some rays on your face and unwind from a
long semester.
Activity Rating: Level I & Adaptive
Group size: 10
ISU Students/HOG’s $265
ISU Affiliates $270
Non-refundable deposit: $150
Pre-trip: March 17, 6:00p.m. at OAC
Last Sign-up Date: March 17