Tips and Issues

Tips and Issues
Availability, Flight
Restricted to active employees who have attained one
month of continuous service. Travel on OAL not
available until six months of continuous service
International flight requirement. If mask doesn’t come
up, airline will collect information at the airport.
Updated – WS domestic flights also request APIS
information, if pax does not have a passport, may enter
dummy information to complete ticketing process as
information not captured.
at least +9 seats available
at least +4 seats available
Duplicate Names Error Message
Employee Number
Itinerary Reference not Provided
upon Payment
OAL Carriage Information –
baggage, check-in, dress code,
#7 – 14May2014
oversold, at least -1
Note: This is ballpark, dependent on booking class and
airline’s GDS.
Selecting All Airlines may show different results than
selecting a specific airline on Flight Schedule Query
Sabre issue with child listings. As children -16 years of
age, MUST travel with an adult, if both children
traveling with same adult, create two listings with an
adult’s name and cancel/refund any unused ticket(s).
May travel unaccompanied by employee if allowed by
individual airline. Updated - You will be able to ticket
unaccompanied DTC, even if not allowed by an airline,
therefore, very important to reference page for each
airline posted in Pass Travel Information on Intranet to
ascertain whether DTC may travel unaccompanied to
ensure you are not contravening agreement with OAL.
Contraventions may result in suspension of pass
privileges and/or payment for a revenue ticket for
ineligible DTC passenger.
Complete six digit number required for registration and
– E-ticket # available through Travel History on
navigation bar.
- All airlines do not issue e-tickets. Check ID Agreements
or airline page on Intranet for more information.
Some airlines will not ticket infants. Further
information is available on the OAL ID Agreement link on
Process has failed and no listing has been made. May be
due to payment method, e.g. debit cards not valid form
of payment, or not enough funds on prep-pay credit
Check for information via website
PNR Reference
Paper vs E-Ticket reference on
Flight Schedule Display
Password Doesn’t Work or
PNR Error Message
Registration Password
Segment Selection
#7 – 14May2014
PNR reference available through Travel History on
navigation bar.
Must be cancelled prior to refunding e-ticket.
Go back to Flight Schedule Query and select specific
airline as opposed to All Airlines to complete ticketing
By credit card only at time of e-ticket creation. Note,
some airlines will not accept credit card issued in a
different name from pax.
If you cannot access an unused PNR, it has either been
cancelled previously or pursed from the airline’s
reservation system and is no longer available. The eticket may be accessed directly via Travel History for
- Will be sent to 5T email address
- If error problem with registration password sent by
myIDTravel, try copying and pasting password into
password field
- Updated – passwords must comply with following
- Must be at least 8 characters long
- Must contain at least one uppercase and one
lowercase letter
- Must contain at least one digit
- Must contain at least one special character, i.e. #, ?,
- Must not contain obvious data, i.e. employee
number, names, countries, weekdays, etc.
- Must be not contain simplified string , i.e. 12345,
- Must be case sensitive
- May not be reused for next 20 password changes.
- One-way travel is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Important to
note if itinerary is partially flown, refunds are not given
for myIDTravel fee, refunds of partially flown itineraries
may take long to process and some airlines will NOT
refund segments flown out of sequence.
- Updated – there are OAL, i.e. Aeromexico, which will
NOT refund partially used tickets.
- You may have more success putting in individual
airlines when requesting timetables as tool brings up all
flights including those operated by OAL which are not
- Updated – useful tool to see which airlines operate
flights, then return to Flight Schedule Query to select
specific airline to complete ticketing process.
Ticket Changes
Ticket Refund
Ticket Validity
URL Error Message at Payment
User Field to Sign-in
- Via myIDTravel only. Must have e-ticket number.
- Updated – E-ticket number may be found in Travel
- Via myIDTravel only, up to 365 days, e-ticket number
- Updated – e-ticket may be found in Travel History.
90 days with or without active listing.
Try clearing browser history
Employee’s complete employee number.
Changes since last update shown in red.
#7 – 14May2014