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Technical Data Sheet
SCADE System R15.2
SCADE System is a product line within the
SCADE product family that empowers users with
a systems design environment for use on systems
with high dependability requirements, providing
full support of industrial systems engineering
processes, such as ARP 4754A, ISO 26262, and
EN 50126.
This product features functional and
architectural system modeling and verification in
a SysML-based environment. SCADE System
provides a strong foundation to deploy ModelBased Systems Engineering (MBSE) processes and
best practices.
System Design
SCADE System Advanced Modeler features the
following capabilities:
Full Support of Systems Engineering Processes
• Functional and architecture decomposition
• Simple and intuitive definition of system
architectures through the concept of reusable/
unique blocks
SCADE System has been
specifically developed for
system engineers; the
underlying SysML™ technology
is hidden making modeling
more user-friendly and intuitive
than standard SysML tools or
plain databases.
By using SCADE System in conjunction with
SCADE Suite®, SCADE Display® and SCADE
LifeCycle®, system and software engineers can
work within the same framework. Developers
can quickly synchronize between the system
model and the software subsystem components,
ensuring consistency and efficiency, for instance
for the management of I/O definitions.
Read more about SCADE System:
“System Design”
“System Design Configuration”
“System Design Verification”
“SCADE Tools Integration”
“Standard-Based Solution”
• Component reuse managed with block replicas
and ability to allocate items independently on
each component replica
• Comprehensive visualization of component
hierarchy within project tree
• Allocation of functions to components made
locally to the functions or the components, or
through drag&drop in allocation tables
• Annotations mechanism to add custom
properties on model objects
Data Management and Automated Production of
Interface Control Documents (ICDs)
• Definition of data dictionaries
• Data propagation across block hierarchy
• Data propagation path visualization
• Data propagation consistency checks
Technical Data Sheet
SCADE System R15.2
• Tables of model objects (Input/Output ports,
connectors, data, allocations) with
customizable columns aimed at quickly and
efficiently managing long lists of data
• Custom query columns (OCL, TCL, Java)
• Import/export of table through copy/paste to/
from Microsoft® Excel®
System Design Configuration
SCADE System Configurator allows methods and
tools engineers to configure SCADE System
Advanced Editor to specific needs of a group of
users. Domain-specific configuration relates to
the use of industry standards like IMA and
AUTOSAR, or to company or project standards.
Model–Based Design Solution
• More user-friendly than plain databases
• Support of all standard drawing features such
as alignment, line styles, fonts, etc.
• Styles management for better visual
identification of components in diagrams
• Navigation capabilities within model content
and definitions with Find and Browse
Support of Collaborative Work
• Extraction of system parts for third parties,
ensuring IP protection of the system model
• Management of read-only model libraries
• Multi-file persistence with customizable
granularity for packages and blocks allowing
multi-user collaboration and fine grain
Configuration Management
• Read/write access to SCADE System models
through an OCL, TCL, or Java model API
• Capability to develop specific import/export
through the model API
SCADE System Configurator features the
following capabilities:
• Definition of domain-specific objects derived
from SCADE System design elements
• Definition of domain-specific objects,
properties, and inter-objects constraints
• Customization of domain-specific modeler
with dedicated user interface palettes,
property pages, and rules
• Automatic generation of configuration plugins for deployment of domain-specific
Technical Data Sheet
SCADE System R15.2
System Design Verification
SCADE Tools Integration
Model Consistency Checking
• Automatic verification of modeling rules
applicable to entire model or model parts
• Set of predefined rules for common usage
• Addition of custom rules through the API (in
OCL, TCL, Java)
• Report generation in RTF or HTML with direct
hyperlinks on model elements to locate
Design & Simulation
Software Design
System Architecture Design &
Verification, Multi-physics
System Simulation
Software Design
& Software
Lifecycle Management
Prototyping, Design,
Verification, Qualified
Code Generation
Prototyping, Design,
Verification, Qualified
Code Generation
Test Creation, Management & Execution,
Requirements & Configuration Management,
Metrics & Dashboards,
Synchronization with Software Components
SCADE System allows for the refinement of
software components in the SCADE Suite modelbased software development environment:
Model Diff/Merge
• Analysis of differences between system model
• Filters for the display of model differences
• Merge capabilities to copy changes selectively
or in bulk, or to ignore changes selectively
• User control on matching strategy applicable
to Diff analysis
• Tree view of differences allowing for easy
understanding of removals, insertions, and
changes on SCADE System model objects
• Evolution of system design and software
components in parallel and resynchronization
upon request at chosen project milestones
• Bi-directional synchronization between system
structural models and software behavioral
• Consistent and efficient management of I/Os
and data definitions and changes
• No duplication of efforts in synchronizing
interfaces defined at system level and refined
at software level
For information on the SCADE Suite product line, see
the SCADE Suite technical data sheet.
System Life Cycle Management
SCADE System integration with SCADE LifeCycle
provides the following capabilities:
• Comprehensive report about merge actions
and differences before and after merge
• Automatic documentation generation with
SCADE LifeCycle Reporter shared with SCADE
Suite and SCADE Display
• Requirements management and traceability to
system requirements with SCADE LifeCycle
Requirements Management Gateway1 shared
with SCADE Suite and SCADE Display
For information on the SCADE LifeCycle product line,
see the SCADE LifeCycle technical data sheet.
1. Powered by Reqtify® product, a registered trademark of Dassault Systèmes or its subsidiaries in the USA and/or other countries.
Technical Data Sheet
SCADE System R15.2
Standard-Based Solution
SCADE System Product Solutions
SCADE System1 modeling relies on a subset of
the SysML standard and compliance with the
OMG XMI storage format.
SCADE System Advanced Modeler:
• SCADE System Editor
• SCADE System Diff/Merge
• SCADE System Checker
• SCADE System API
• SCADE System Synchronizer with SCADE Suite
• SCADE System user documentation and online help
Minimal/Required System Configuration
OS Platforms
Microsoft® Windows XP Professional SP3 (32-bit) or
Windows 7 SP1 (64-bit)
CPU processor
1,5 GHz or faster
1 GB minimum (2 GB recommended)
Disk Space
1 GB minimum
CD-ROM drive for installation
Network adapter and TCP/IP installed and configured
for license management
16-bit color, 1280x1024 screen resolution
SCADE System Configurator
• Graphical edition of configurations
• Configuration plug-in generation
SCADE LifeCycle Integration:
• SCADE LifeCycle Reporter
• SCADE LifeCycle Requirements Management Gateway
SCADE System is available either as a free standalone
application or as part of SCADE model-based
development and verification environment.
SCADE System
Available features
Free Edition
Block replicas for component reuse
SysML compliant models
IBD diagrams
BDD diagrams
Allocation tables
Data management
Model API
Annotations-based extensibility
Model libraries
Per package or block files storage
Customizable design rules checker
Model diff and merge
Export of sub-systems
I/O synchronization with SCADE Suite
Configurator (domain-specific customization)
1. Development done in partnership with CEA LIST within the LISTEREL Critical Software Laboratory.
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