OECAB_Meeting Minutes 2014-02-26

Ontario Engineering Competition Compétition d'Ingénierie de l'Ontario www.oec-­‐cio.ca ONTARIO ENGINEERING COMPETITION ADVISORY BOARD Notice of Meeting February 26th, 2014 TO: Board Executive and Appointees Sponsor Representatives Kevin Shipley, Chair Samantha Hess® + Steph Roth, Presenting Sponsor (Hatch) Dan Roth, Treasurer David St. Martin, Junior Team Design (OPG)® Vacant, Secretary Bhupinder Randhawa, Innovative Design (Bereskin & Parr LLP) Jason Chang, Board Appointee Baijul Shukla, Engineering Communications (OSPE) Vacant, Board Appointee Steve Hodder, Senior Team Design (Hydro One)* TBD, Consulting Engineering
Student Representatives TBD, Debates Justin Rizzi, OEC 2014 Chair TBD, Special Awards Sponsor (SAS) Zohair Khan, OEC 2015 Faculty Advisor ® Farah El-­‐Moghrabi, OEC 2015 Co – Chair Ismail Aljanabi, OEC 2015 Co – Chair Michael Kovacs, ESSCO President Stephanie Carswell, ESSCO Representative Melanie Blainey, ESSCO Representative Subashan Maheswaramoorthy, ESSCO Representative Taylor Standring, CFES Representative DATE: Wednesday, February 26 2014 TIME: 12:00 -­‐ 1:00pm TYPE: Teleconference Meeting AGENDA: 1.
Board Membership Applications (Member-­‐at-­‐Large, Secretary) OEC 2016 Bid Status OEC 2014 Follow Up OEC 2015 Update MEETING: 1. Board Membership Applications (Member-­‐at-­‐Large, Secretary) One application has been sent in for member at large -­‐ Heard from some people with their interested. -­‐ Potentially someone from Ryerson is interested -­‐ OSPE sending out request for board positions will updated the response date to March 21 -­‐ Andy Chen was interested a year or so ago Action Item (Kevin): Provide Justin with board position descriptions. Action Item (Justin): To send out application for board positions to Andy Chen. Ontario Engineering Competition Compétition d'Ingénierie de l'Ontario www.oec-­‐cio.ca 2. OEC 2016 Bid Status Don’t have a Bid from any schools at the moment -­‐ Mike K. Follow Up o Interest from Laurentian and Windsor, working on getting support from their Deans o Mike will be following up with the schools o Board is here to help. 3. OEC 2014 Follow Up -­‐ All external bodies are paid back -­‐ Members of team are needed to be paid back -­‐ All sponsorship funds that were promised are in, except a wire transfer from one company -­‐ McMaster and Toronto haven’t paid (Cheques were sent back, so they are coming soon) -­‐ Prize money and Plaques will be sent out after -­‐ Trophies need to get passed to Ryerson. -­‐ Budget (~approx. Surplus $ 4000.00 (Will be used for Judges and Sponsorship Thank You’s)) Action Item (Justin): Send out sponsors and Judge thank you’s. It’s a good idea, to send a final report to sponsors wrapping up the competition. -­‐ Could the final OEC 2014 report be posted on the website? (No Concerns from Board) *Note to OEC 2015 -­‐ Judges thank yous don’t have to be done after the competition they have been done in the past during the weekend in the judge’s hotel rooms. 4. OEC 2015 Update -­‐ Logo was sent out via e-­‐mail o Logo meets the OECAB guidelines o Think about the colours that you will be printing on and putting the logo on. -­‐ Sponsorship package o Working on the sponsorship package o Have you used the Sponsorship General Framework document? (Yes) o Send a draft/finalized sponsorship package (Brochure) to board for comments. -­‐ Programming Competition – If this is something we are going to move forward with, link up with CEC to run a test run. -­‐ OEC 2015 will be attending CEC 2014, in London. o Link up with Taylor S. offline to link up with CEC and to CEC 2015. -­‐ Potential Theme – still working on Action Item (OEC 2015) -­‐ Work on Milestone Document and Draft Budget to be presented at next meeting. Ontario Engineering Competition Compétition d'Ingénierie de l'Ontario www.oec-­‐cio.ca 5. New Business -­‐ From latest ESSCO meeting o Students are concerned that the OECAB is not advising the OEC organizing committee’s as effectively as they should be. Specifically around the competition problem statements -­‐ Discussion o The OECAB can only advise on as much as the present organizing committee is willing to provide the board in a timely manner. o OECAB working on implementing milestone documents and budget requirements to help this process along the 2 years.