Circular No 13
@ November 2014
Striking off a company under sections 411, 412 and 413 of the
Companies Act 2014
Under section 411 of the Companies Act, the Registrar has the power to strike off the name
of any company in respect of which no annual return has been filed for the previous 3
calendar years.
Under section 412 of the Companies Act, the Registrar has a discretionary power to strike off
defunct companies from the Register.
The procedure is instigated by the Registrar if he believes that the company is not carrying
on business or in operation. A company which is in liquidation may also be struck off under
this section if it appears that the liquidation has lapsed, that no liquidator is acting, that the
affairs of the company are fully wound up, but the returns required to be made by the
liquidator have not been made for six months.
Under section 413 of the Companies Act, the striking-off procedure may be applied for by
the Company itself. The application must be made in writing by the Company’s directors on
behalf of the Company or by a majority of them, and must state that the Company has no
assets or liabilities.
The Striking Off procedure may provide an alternative to a Voluntary Liquidation,
particularly when the Company has no assets or liabilities. However, unlike the Liquidation
procedure, striking off a Company is at the Registrar's discretion and therefore no assurances
can be given as to when the procedure of striking a Company off the Register will be
It should be noted that the action could be halted if any objection is received from a creditor
or shareholders.
Although a company may be dissolved under this section, the liability of every director,
managing officer and member or shareholder will continue and may be enforced even after
the Company has been struck off. The court may also wind up a company whose name has
been struck off the register.
Filing A Request for a Voluntary Striking Off (Section 413 of the Act)
The letter requesting the striking off of a Company must contain the following: 1.
Name of the Company
Incorporation Number of the Company
Date of Incorporation of the Company
The Directors of the Company must request the Registrar to exercise his discretion
under section 413 of the Companies Act to strike off the Company from the Register.
The Directors of the Company must state that the Company is free from charges or
mortgages and/or liabilities and has no assets in Gibraltar or abroad (any assets the
Company may have owned will become bona vacantia upon Striking Off).
The application must be dated and signed by the Directors of the Company or the
majority of them.
In deciding whether or not to exercise his discretion, the Registrar reserves the right
to request further information, evidence or confirmation from all or any of the
officers of the Company that the Company has no assets or liabilities.
Filing Fee
A statutory filing fee of £30.00 sterling is payable for filing a request to Strike off the
Payment Method – UK clearing cheques should be crossed and made payable to Companies
House (Gibraltar) Limited
First Notice
The request for striking off is entered on to the Database and the Computer will then print
the First Notice, which states that: "upon the expiration of four months from the date of this notice the name of the under mentioned
company will, unless cause be shown to the contrary, be struck off the Register of Companies and
the Company will be dissolved subject to the provisions of Section 412 (or 413) of the Companies
A copy of the First Notice is produced for each individual company manager with a
summary listing all the companies which the particular manager has requested for striking
It is at this stage that any objections to a particular company being struck off should be made.
Company managers should check the First Notice thoroughly to ensure that all the
Companies pending striking off are in fact to be struck off. All objections, in writing, should
be filed with the Registry before the expiry of the four months from the date of the First
Striking Off Pending
Once the application to strike off a company has been processed, anyone searching the
Computer in the Search Room will note that the Company Name is flagged with "Striking
Off 412 (or 413) Pending." This gives notice that the Company will be struck off at a future
Striking Off
After the expiry of the statutory three months, the Companies House IT system will
automatically strike off a Company unless the Registrar has received any objections.
Final Notice
A Final Notice will then be issued stating that : "pursuant to the provisions of Section 412 (or 413) of the Companies Act, on the date of this notice,
the names of the under mentioned companies have been struck from the Register of Companies and
that the said companies are hereby dissolved."
Every Company Manager who has requested a Company to be Struck Off will receive a copy
of this Notice dissolving the Company. The Notice is contained in the Seventh Supplement
to the Gibraltar Gazette.
Once the Final Notice has been issued, a Company may be re-instated by applying to the
Registrar of the Supreme Court.
After the Company has been Struck Off, anyone searching the Computer in the Search
Room will note that the Company Name is flagged with "Struck Off 412/413".
Publication of Notices
All notices which the Registrar is required to publish under sections 412 or 413 appear in the
Seventh Supplement to the Gibraltar Gazette and on our website: www.companieshouse.gi,
in the section—‘Notice Board’.
An extract of the Seventh Supplement shall be forwarded by the Registrar to all professionals
who have caused details of a company to appear in the said supplement. The original and
complete Seventh Supplement will be kept at the Attorney General's Chambers and a copy
of the Complete Seventh Supplement will be available for inspection at Companies House,
1st Floor, The Arcade, 30-38 Main Street, Gibraltar for anyone who may wish to do so.
Individual Notices may also be purchased at Companies House.
Price: £5.00 per Notice.
Section 411
Under section 411, the Registrar has the power to strike from the register of companies any
company that has not filed annual returns in the previous three calendar years without the
requirement to give a first notice of striking off.
The name of any company to be struck off under section 411 will be published in:1. The 7th Supplement to the Gibraltar Gazette; and
2. Companies House Web site www.companieshouse.gi “Notice Board” section; and
3. It may also be viewed at The Registry, 1st Floor, The Arcade, 30-38 Main Street,
Reinstatement of Struck Off companies under Section 414
Pursuant to section 414 of the Companies Act, the Registrar has a discretionary power to
restore a company to the Register of Companies within 10 years of the company being struck
A form of Application to re-instate may be obtained from Companies House or downloaded
from our web site www.companieshouse.gi “Forms” “Companies” section, “Miscellaneous”
The application must be accompanied by an affidavit stating the applicant’s interest in the
matter and the facts on which the application is based; and, in respect of a company licensed
under the Financial Services (Banking) Act, 1992 or the Financial Services (Markets in
Financial Instruments) Act, 2006 or in accordance with another Community requirement,
evidence of the consent of the competent authority under the relevant legislation to the
restoration of the company to the register.
Should the Registrar not exercise his discretion to reinstate a company under section 414, or
be unable to do so because more than 10 years have elapsed since the company was dissolved,
an application may be made to court to restore the company to the register.
Guidance only
This Circular is intended for general guidance only. Companies House (Gibraltar) Limited
does not assume legal responsibility for the accuracy of any particular statement. In the case
of a specific problem, we recommend that you seek professional advice.
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