EMAS Awards 2014 - European Commission

Effective eco-innovations
supporting improvements in
environmental performance
7 April 2014, Hannover
eMAS Awards 2014
EMAS meetings and
EMAS Awards ceremony
Side events:
16th European Forum on Eco-innovation
ETV Stakeholder Forum and ETV handing-out
of statements of Verification
Monday 7 and Tuesday 8 April 2014
Hannover, Germany
In 2014 the EMAS Awards ceremony took place during the Hannover Messe,
in parallel to the 16th European Forum on Eco-innovation and the ETV Stakeholder
foreword by Janez Potočnik
The Jury
The 29 Nominees
EMAS Awards 2014
Dear EMAS community,
It is a real pleasure to see the levels of creativity, excellence and
engagement shown by the entries for the EMAS Awards 2014. This
year, the Awards focus on the important issue of eco-innovation. In
this booklet you will find many inspiring examples of EMAS-registered
organisations that have been particularly innovative in finding ways to
reduce their environmental impact. Whether by changing the way they
provide a service or by making their supply chains more sustainable,
these organisations have come up with novel and inspiring ‘greening’
strategies. But greening does not only bring environmental benefits; it
also makes increasing business sense. Many of the examples you see
here embody the much-needed transition towards a resource-efficient
economy, in which entrepreneurs gain more value added from each
tonne of material, each joule of energy, each cubic metre of water
and each hectare of land. An important aspect of this is the creation
of a circular economy, in which materials are pumped back into the
economy again and again instead of being buried or burned.
The European Commission is actively facilitating and supporting
this transition process through its Roadmap to Resource Efficiency,
and considers EMAS instrumental to achieving this aim. By rewarding
environmental and eco-innovative front runners and encouraging
eco-innovation, EMAS contributes to steady economic growth, creating
‘green’ business opportunities across the whole economy. Eco-innovation
does not only help to create and provide new products, techniques
and services; it also facilitates the realisation of both environmental
and financial goals. All EMAS Award winners and nominees deserve
praise for being the pioneers of systematic and innovative environmental management approaches. By implementing the premium
environmental management tool EMAS, these organisations are
already role models for others across the world – and we are very
pleased to be able to recognise this outstanding environmental
contribution with the EMAS Awards.
Janez Potočnik
European Commissioner for the Environment
EMAS Awards 2014
“The organisations that participated in the nominations for the 2014 EMAS Awards
represent a very clear expression of the growing understanding that sustainability is at
the core of visionary and innovative business practices, permeating relationships and
engagement with stakeholders and the broader community. It is inspiring that such
eco-innovative leaders are to be found widely – in small as well as large organisations,
in the public and private sectors, and in all countries in Europe. A variety of solutions
are proposed by participating organisations, addressing the consumption of water,
energy and materials as well as waste minimisation. Their approaches go beyond
the organisation itself, considering sustainability implications over the entire product
lifecycle and throughout the supply chain, and adapting to the critical environmental
concerns of the contexts in which they operate. This, coupled with significant attention
to communication and transparency in line with EMAS principles, has provided the
basis for the outstanding achievements of all participants.
While we congratulate those organisations that are recognised with the 2014 EMAS
Awards, we also celebrate the accomplishments of all those who participated in this
year’s nominations, and call for their excellent practices and initiatives to be followed,
replicated and disseminated more widely.”
Jury Chair
Elisa Tonda
heads the Business and Industry Unit of the United Nations
Environment Programme (UNEP) – Division of Technology
Industry and Economics. She previously held the post of
Regional Officer of the UNEP Regional Office for Latin
America and the Caribbean in Panama City. Elisa has also
worked at UNIDO (the United Nations Industrial Development
Organization) and in the private sector providing advice on
environmental issues.
EMAS Awards 2014
Jury Members
Ignacio Calleja works in the Energy and Environment Unit of
Tecnalia Research & Innovation. He is president of the European
Network of Environmental Research Organisations and chairman
of the Industrial Research Advisory Group, and of ‘Sustainable
Process Industry Through Resource and Energy Efficiency’.
Katharina Krell is co-founder and manager of Greenovate!
Europe, a Europe-wide expert group dedicated to bridging the
gap between research and the market for green innovations.
She also owns a private company which markets innovative
waste management solutions.
David Shenton is Senior Environment Manager for Lafarge
Tarmac Cement & Lime UK. He implemented the first water footprint assessment and the first energy management certification
in the UK cement and construction sector. Lafarge Tarmac won
an EMAS Award in 2012.
Klaus Rennings is vice head of the Centre for European Economic
Research’s department for Environmental and Resource Economics,
Environmental Management. He has headed numerous national
and international research projects dealing with eco-innovation
policies, indicators and strategies for sustainable business.
Andrea Ricci is vice president of the Institute of Studies for the
Integration of Systems, an independent research and consultancy
centre. He has led major EU research projects in the fields of
sustainability policy analysis and impact assessment, technology
assessment and scenario building.
Caroline Wadsworth works as an independent clean tech
consultant and was Head of Consulting/Environment for Isle
Utilities, a clean tech and innovation consultancy. She is also
participating in the development of the EU Environmental
Technology Verification programme.
Gianluca Salvatori is the president and CEO of Progetto
Manifattura, a ‘green innovation hub’ which provides office space,
production facilities and networking opportunities for young
professionals and new companies in the environmental
technologies and services sector.
EMAS Awards 2014
Private sector organisations
Private – Micro
Private – Micro
Private – Micro
Fondazione per l’Agricoltura F.lli Navarra
uses its demonstration orchard to carry out research into ecofriendly agricultural methods. The foundation is participating
in the AGER INNOVAPERO project to address key breeding
issues in pears. This project evaluates the effectiveness of
anti-insect nets in pear pest control, an environmentally
friendly technique that could bring about a reduction in the
application of sprays in orchards.
is an environmental quality, safety and energy consultancy
which supports companies in Austria and neighbouring
countries with the implementation and maintenance
of environmental and energy management systems.
KANZIAN itself operates according to the philosophy
of continuous environmental improvement, offsetting
its CO2 emissions, using only renewable energy and purchasing
environmentally friendly products.
Modell Hohenlohe e.V.
has been active in the field of corporate responsibility
in relation to environmental and climate protection since 1991,
when it was established as a non-profit organisation.
The organisation places an emphasis on facilitating the
exchange of experiences among its members via round tables
on energy and resource efficiency, work groups, and trainings
and events focusing on environmental issues, including
environmental management systems (EMS).
eMAS Awards 2014
THe 29 NoMINeeS
has developed a unique eco-innovation. They produce
barbecue briquettes made from Greek olive pits.
This eU-patented product is a renewable source of energy,
free of chemical additives, and non-Co2-emitting.
These briquettes are not only the first green product of
their kind, but are also produced in an innovative and
environmentally-friendly manner from waste fuel.
Druckerei Lokay e.K.
established in 1932, was one of the first carbon-neutral
printing firms. over the past 20 years it has dispensed with
alcohol and switched to eco-inks and green energy, as well
as developing the first comprehensive eco-friendly paper
collection in europe, with 45 different varieties. Lokay also
runs a company bicycle scheme. The company shares its green
specialist knowledge with other printers in order to promote
eco-friendly practices throughout the industry.
HR Björkmans Entrémattor AB
a proud green pioneer in the floor mat rental and laundry
market, has developed an innovative mat washing system.
The use of this closed system, with low washing temperatures,
special detergents and a water reuse rate of up to 98%, has
resulted in sizeable energy and water savings, in addition to
significant reductions in the volume of used and contaminated
water entering the municipal waste water treatment cycle.
Private – Micro
Private – Small
Private – Small
EMAS Awards 2014
Private – Small
Private – Small
United Kingdom
Private – Small
Lee Strand Co-operative Creamery
a liquid milk processor, demonstrates that excellence
in environmental performance can be achieved through
the optimisation of existing processes. It emphasises
the key role played by its employees in identifying and
implementing innovative measures. Lee Strand further
contributes to environmental protection by training its milk
suppliers in agricultural environmental programmes.
Park Lane Press Ltd
a commercial printing company specialising in bespoke
marketing materials, maintains a strong focus on quality while
taking action to minimise its carbon footprint.
The company operates the only waterless printing press in the
UK; other sustainability measures include water reclamation
and rainwater harvesting, heat transfer systems, climate
control systems, improved factory insulation and zonal lighting.
Your Mover Logistics
a traditional removal and assembly company, has recently
introduced a new range of services entitled ‘Nearly New Office
Facilities’ (NNOF), which enables clients to take a sustainable
approach to their office furniture needs. NNOF is a forerunner
in the field of ‘urban mining’ and the circular economy:
it transforms existing furniture into new office equipment,
resulting in significant reductions in waste (up to 70%) and
in CO2 emissions.
eMAS Awards 2014
THe 29 NoMINeeS
Gloria Palace Amadores Thalasso & Hotel
is situated in the south of Gran Canaria and belongs to
a hotel chain of the same name. The hotel is committed to
the continued expansion of its renewable energy facilities,
even operating its own photovoltaic plant and installing a
biomass boiler for wood waste, thereby considerably reducing
its greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs.
Sächsische Bildungsgesellschaft für
Umweltschutz und Chemieberufe Dresden mbH
Private – Medium
Private – Medium
uses eMAS as its point of reference to familiarise future
skilled workers in the chemical and waste disposal industries
with the concept of corporate sustainability. SBG’s innovative
vocational teaching approach encourages students to transfer
and reproduce eMAS skills and values, in addition to providing
them with the tools to develop their own ideas for improving
environmental performance.
Accord Housing Group
is a large registered social landlord (rSL) committed
to reducing the emissions associated with existing and
newly developed housing stocks. The Group’s ambitious
photovoltaic retrofit programme will produce 4,205,000
Kw/h of electricity per year. In 2011, it also took the strategic
decision to establish a LoCaL Homes factory, internalising
the production of low-carbon housing.
Private – Large
United Kingdom
EMAS Awards 2014
Private – Large
Private – Large
Private – Large
Audi Hungaria Motor Kft
which manufactures a range of car body parts, was the first
EMAS-registered organisation in Hungary. The company
took a strategic decision in 2010 to incorporate biodiversityrelated issues into its EMAS operations. Its actions in
this field include nature conservation initiatives on company
premises, awareness raising among employees and in
the local community, and financing a 100-year scientific
research project on carbon dioxide-absorbing oak forests.
CEMEX Polska Sp. z o.o.
a leading provider of construction materials, achieved a
10 % reduction in CO2 emissions at its cement plant through
the use of biomass fuels and raw waste materials that contain
significant quantities of non-carbonate lime, in addition to
applying innovative technologies to enhance the energy
efficiency of the clinker production process.
himolla Polstermöbel GmbH
one of Europe’s leading producers of upholstered furniture, has
gained German ‘Blue Angel’ eco-label certification for its entire
product range. In recent years, the company has achieved
particular improvements in the area of energy management,
employing an energy manager, installing a photovoltaic system
and participating in the Energy Efficiency Network initiated
by the Federal Ministry for the Environment.
EMAS Awards 2014
OEZ s.r.o.
the Czech market leader in the electro-technical sector,
is one of the top companies in this field in Central Europe.
The principle ‘ecology + economy = eco-design’ governs OEZ’s
approach to environmentally friendly production and products.
The company has adopted an environmental product policy
to reduce the material and energy demands of its production
processes. OEZ uses recyclable materials in its products
wherever possible.
Stora Enso Barcelona
produces coated recycled board for the consumer packaging
sector using a variety of recovered papers from a number of
different countries. To deepen its commitment to recycling,
the company has developed an eco-innovative method to
recover all of the materials used in beverage cartons: its
Barcelona mill is the first in the world to run an industrial-scale
pyrolysis system for recycling polyethylene and aluminium.
assembles and tests semiconductors. The company’s latest
eco-innovation measures have primarily focused on optimising
energy efficiency: all of its heating requirements are met
through heat recovery from its compression cooling system,
and it has converted to LED lighting. These measures have
saved a total of 7,640 tCO2e annually. The company also
operates water microfiltration and recycling plants on site,
achieving a recycling ratio of 74%.
Private – Large
Czech Republic
Private – Large
Private – Large
eMAS Awards 2014
Private – Large
Private – Large
Private – Large
THe 29 NoMINeeS
UniCredit S.p.A.
is committed to promoting the transition towards a sustainable
economic model through its lending and procurement
practices. The introduction of ‘firmaMia’, a new service
enabling customers to sign all documents in electronic
format, has enabled UniCredit to systematically embed
environmentally friendly technologies in its core processes.
UPM-Kymmene Oyj
has reinvented its business model to become ‘the Biofore
company’, combining the innovation of the biotechnology
industry with the heritage of the forest industry.
This strategy is leading to practical innovations that result
in increased resource and energy efficiency, for instance
the building of material recycling and recovery facilities
and the construction of the world’s first biorefinery producing
wood-based biofuels.
voestalpine VAE GmbH
were the first companies to apply a holistic life cycle approach
to engineering, and specifically to producing turnouts
(switches) for railway systems. Through intensive research
and development work, VAe has optimised its use of materials
and logistics, as well as the recycling of turnouts.
other initiatives include the adoption of a Co2-neutral energy
policy and insistence on adherence to global HSe standards
by the companies’ affiliates.
eMAS Awards 2014
THe 29 NoMINeeS
Public sector organisations
Abfallwirtschaft Lahn-Dill
is the public body responsible for waste management in the
German district of Lahn-dill (Hessen). AwLd, which introduced
an environmental management system as early as 1999,
produces electricity from both landfill gas and the waste heat
generated by the operation of its machinery. AwLd’s site waste
management centre in Aßlar has been energy self-sufficient
since the beginning of 2014; any additional energy generated
flows into the public grid.
Aeropuerto de Menorca
one of the airports managed by state corporation Aena
Aeropuertos SA, has significantly reduced its total water and
electricity consumption by re-using waste water treated in a
membrane bioreactor plant, and by installing an innovative
automatic climate and lighting control system.
Tiroler Flughafenbetriebsgesellschaft m.b.H.
runs Innsbruck Airport, which is committed to raising the bar
for corporate sustainability. Among other projects, Innsbruck
was the first european airport to replace its entire apron
lighting system with Leds. This initiative reduced energy
consumption and carbon emissions by more than 50 %, as
well as eliminating light pollution in the environment almost
Public – Small
Public – Small
Public – Small
EMAS Awards 2014
Public – Large
United Kingdom
Public – Large
Public – Large
Environment Agency
is committed to environmental protection; this commitment
extends to its own operations. The EA reduces its environmental
impact through innovative mechanisms such as the Carbon
Reduction Fund, which invests in new low-carbon ideas put
forward by Agency staff. This has resulted in innovations such
as the development of a fish monitoring device that uses
methanol fuel cells.
Magistratsabteilung 48 – Stadt Wien
municipal department 48 of the City of Vienna, is one
of Europe’s largest waste disposal organisations. MA 48 gives
the environment top priority by implementing measures such
as waste management and energy saving trainings provided
both to its own staff and in kindergartens and schools.
One of its sub-divisions is located in a ‘passive house’ and
the department also practises green procurement.
Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji
Okręgu Częstochowskiego S.A.
is a public water supply and sewerage joint stock company.
PWiK has implemented a number of measures to reduce
losses in the water distribution network, the most innovative
of which is pressure management. The company was the first
in Poland to use hydraulic pressure regulators and conducted
research in this context which will enable the development
of reference materials for the entire region.
eMAS Awards 2014
THe 29 NoMINeeS
is the German federal scientific agency for the environment.
The first zero-energy public building in Germany, ‘Haus 2019’,
was built for use by the UBA in 2013. It fulfils the eU legal
requirements on energy efficiency for public buildings six years
in advance, and will hopefully encourage others to follow.
Regional Authority of the Moravian-Silesian
is a flourishing public administrative institution currently
striving to become an environmentally-friendly, costefficient operation that sets a positive example for other
public agencies. Its initiatives include the introduction of an
innovative targeted subsidy programme to achieve the highest
possible reduction in dust emissions at the lowest possible
Public – Large
Public – Large
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