February - EXE VALLEY U3A

Exe Valley U3A
Newsletter 73 : February 2014
U3A Committee Members
Chairwoman : Margaret Wallwork (01884 243096)
Vice Chairwoman and Welfare Officer : Sian Tucker
Secretary : Jo Jeffrey
Treasurer : Paul Fitzmaurice
Membership Secretary : Deborah Lal (01884 254823)
Website Manager : David Hazlewood
Monthly Meeting Organiser and Publicity Officer : Helen White
Group Leaders Co-ordinator : Joan Kelly
Programme Secretary and Social Organiser : Martine Downes
The life and times of a
Queen’s Trumpeter
Peter Cripps will tell us of his experiences as a
military musician, with reference to the good and
sometimes bad times. He will also tell us of
some of the highlights of his career as a
musician up to the present day.
Annual General Meeting
At the beginning of our meeting on 19 March we shall hold our AGM. Sian Tucker and
David Hazlewood are both resigning so we shall need to elect two new committee
members as well as re-electing the other members of the present committee. Copies
of the minutes of the 2013 AGM will be given out today, as well as a copy of the
agenda for this year’s meeting, at the bottom of which you will find a nomination form.
So please get busy and make sure that we have enough people to serve on our
committee this coming year. New members are very welcome to serve on our
committee, so if you are willing please find two people to nominate you.
After the AGM we have a speaker. Her name is
Debbie Westlake. She lives in Tiverton, is married to
Chris Westlake who works at Clare House Surgery
and has two young boys who are 5 and 2 years old.
She has been Chief Officer for Age UK Mid Devon for
over 5 years. Age UK Mid Devon is a local independent and locally funded charity
which is celebrating its 25th year in the Mid Devon Community. With the help of 100
volunteers they offer 13 different services across the Mid Devon Area and last year
contributed 16,500 hours of voluntary time to help people in later life and also help
carers have an improved quality of life.
80% of their services involve going to people’s homes or picking people up and
bringing them in. Last year they helped over 4,000 people and brought more than half
a million pounds in benefits into the Mid Devon Community.
Thursday 13 March: Murder in the Culm Valley! Local
historian David Pugsley talks us through a gruesome murder
and the subsequent trial and execution in 1853. This talk
ties in with the present temporary exhibition at the museum Notorious: Crime and Scandal in Mid Devon.
Thursday 10 April: A grand idea never quite achieved. Grand Western Canal
historian Denis Dodd examines how the GWC came about. It was inspired by the
success of the Duke of Bridgwater’s Canal in Lancashire, which opened in 1761.
at the
Thursday 8 May: Trains, Planes and Childhood Memories. Railway historian Amyas
Crump will be talking about the local railways and a forgotten plane crash.
Thursday 12 June: Tiverton and the Great War 1914 -18. A talk from Mike Sampson,
local historian, author and archivist at Blundell’s School, about Tiverton during the war
to end all wars. The temporary exhibition at this time will be about Mid Devon during
World War I.
All talks start at 7.30 pm at the museum. Tickets £4.50 including light refreshments.
Essential First Aid
If sufficient people are
interested we are
willing to arrange a course of essential first aid, to help you know what to do when
faced with an emergency involving adults, children or infants. The situations covered
are unconsciousness, choking, bleeding, burns, heart attack, stroke, head injuries,
and sprains, strains and broken bones. The course lasts for 5 hours and would cost
£30 per head, though if at least 15 people were committed to attending it would cost
£20 per head. Please let Margaret Wallwork know if you are interested.
Upcoming Online Courses Spring 2014
At the end of March 2014 (enrolments required by March 29 2014), we shall be
launching a number of new online courses. These will be
interactive and participants will be encouraged or expected
to contribute to the online discussion together with the author
or tutor. The courses are:
Fairy Tales, All In The Mind, Gawain and the Plowman,
Six impossible things, An Introduction to the History of the
Design of Gardens
Course Descriptions
Fairy Tales
An eight-unit study of the topic and includes material about the history of fairy and folk
tales, together with references to writers such as the Grimm Brothers, who collected or
originated them.
All In The Mind
A long course of 17 units. It draws heavily on up to date video presentations on a wide
range of material to do with the study of the mind and includes much neuroscience as
well as such issues as sentience.
Gawain and the Plowman
A look, in modern and in middle English, at two great poems contemporary to, and
often overshadowed by, Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. We will relate Gawain and the
Green Knight and Piers Plowman to the people and politics of that time, laying down
the basis for the Wars of the Roses. 6 units.
Six Impossible Things
The 8-week course covers Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem, Turing's Halting
Theorem, Transfinite Numbers, Codes and Cracking Enigma, Lorenz and Colossus,
and Prime Numbers. The course aim is to present these topics in an accessible way
with the minimum of technical detail.
An Introduction to the History of the Design of Gardens
This 8-unit course looks at the visual aspects of gardens through recorded history, and
discusses the reasons behind the designs. It is an introduction to the story of the
design of gardens, which will lead the student to further study of the relationship of the
owner, the designer and the viewer of gardens.
For more information, please visit http://onlinecourses.u3a.org.uk
Publishing your own books
24 April 2014 10.30am - 4.30pm
Venue :
NUJ, Headland House, 308/312 Gray's Inn Road, London WC1X 8DP
Speakers : Francis Beckett, Katy Scholes and Alan Slingsby
The Trust has arranged this seminar because there are many U3A members who have
written books and want to acquire the skills and knowledge to produce them, to edit
them, to make them available either in print and/or electronically and then to go out
and sell them. All of these aspects will be covered. The cost will be £35 including lunch
and refreshments. Please ask Margaret Wallwork for further information. Places are
limited so please apply quickly.
Introduction to Debating
at NUJ, Headland House, 308/312 Gray’s Inn Road, London WC1X 8DP
on 9 April 2014, 9.30 am - 4.00 pm
This study day has been organised for U3As by the English-Speaking
Union in collaboration with the Third Age Trust. It will be of interest to U3As which are
keen to start a debating group. The aim of the day will be to send members home with
enough knowledge and confidence to do so. There will be no charge to attend. Please
ask Margaret Wallwork for further information.
Forthcoming events
Adult Learners Week – 14 - 20 June
Find out what's going on in your local area by contacting your outreach co-ordinator –
World Poetry Day – 21 March
South East Forum Summer School at Chichester 24 - 27 June 2014
The subjects are: Great Houses and Gardens of West Sussex; Life Drawing: Women,
Art and Society; Psychology; Jazz; Singing; The History of the Wool Industry; The Joy
of Mathematics; Creative Writing; Play Reading; Medieval and Georgian Chichester;
Memory; The First World War.
The costs are: full board ensuite £320; full board standard £290; non-residential with
evening meal £200, without £150. Booking forms available online at
http://u3asites.ore.uk/southeastu3aforum/ or by telephoning Helen Turner on 01622
817264 or Gillian Pitt on 01293 528943.
Broadway, Big Band, Big Noise
An evening on Broadway
with the Big Noise Chorus
and the Devon Youth Jazz Orchestra
at the Great Hall, Exeter University
on Saturday 29 March at 7.30pm - doors open 5.30pm.
Tickets £16 and £11 from www.bignoisechorus.co.uk
This year the two charities to benefit from this concert, sponsored by the Exeter Lions
Club, are the Hearing Dogs Trust and the Lord Mayor of Exeter’s charity, Ataxia, which
deals with a rare set of neurological disorders.
Quiz Evening
Friday 11 April 2014
7.00 pm
St George’s Hall, Tiverton
Our Welfare Officer, Sian Tucker, is responsible for keeping in
touch with members who become ill or are taken into hospital. If you
become aware of any such cases please contact her on 257067.
Would you please also tell Sian if you know of a member who has a
special birthday or anniversary to celebrate.
CDs and DVDs
Please don’t forget our monthly B&B stall for books, CDs and
DVDs, which you can buy at 50 pence per item. Please bring your
unwanted books, CDs and DVDs and we hope that you will find
something you want to buy.
Using the newsletter as a noticeboard
We are happy for you to use the newsletter as a way of contacting other members e.g.
if you want to find out whether there are other people who share an interest you have
and for which, at the moment, there is no interest group. Please contact Margaret
Wallwork. Her email address is on your list of phone numbers.
News from the interest groups
The Group Leaders listed below will be very pleased
to give more details about their groups.
Approachable Poetry
David Fogg
We will be discussing a wonderful range of Carol Ann
Duffy’s work on Thursday 27 February, then on Tuesday 11
March we turn to John Tripp, a powerful writer about 20th
Century life, and on Thursday 27 March we focus on the work of the enigmatic Emily
Dickinson plus a few poems by Jenny Joseph, a popular English poet. All these
meetings are at 2.00 pm.
Arts Appreciation
David Fogg
On 20 February Kay Morris will be sharing her enthusiasm for the life and
work of Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, then on 6 March we continue our fascinating study course, when we will be looking at ‘The Rebirth of Classical
Dynamism’ as well as ‘Realism to Impressionism.’
Both these meetings take place at 10.15 am for 10.30 am, and are
repeated at 2.00 pm, all at the group leader’s house.
On 20 March we welcome back Jonathan Edmunds who will be talking about ‘Venice
in the Nineteenth Century’ through the eyes of artists from other countries. Please
note that this meeting takes place at 2.00 pm only, and will be held in the upstairs
Mayoralty Room in Tiverton Town Hall.
No meetings at the moment.
Sue Dark
Beginners’ Bridge
Doreen Burton
The Beginners Bridge group, with Paul Fitzmaurice, started at the
beginning of 2012 and continues to meet for lessons, fortnightly on
Tuesday evenings. All the members of the group are very appreciative
of the work and time given by Paul.
We also meet for practice sessions, usually on alternate Tuesdays, and these are
thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. All meetings take place in various members’ homes.
York and Sarabella Dawson
We meet every Thursday in members’ homes and continue to learn and above all have
an enjoyable evening.
Dave Dark
We had a full house again, and a good time was had by all. The next meeting
will be on Wednesday 5 March at the Group Leader’s house.
Jean Tennant
The new venue of the British Legion Memorial Room proved very
successful, with 14 of us having great fun trying to make paper florettes
behave themselves. A very good afternoon. Our next meeting will be on
Monday 10 March at 2pm at the British Legion Memorial Room when we
will be making Japanese lady book marks. All materials will be provided – but don’t
forget to bring a mug for your afternoon cuppa.
Creative Writing (In your own words)
Gordon Ball
The writers had a very successful meeting on 13 February with all
current members present, plus an extra listener. The writings were a
mixture of invention and reminiscence, sometimes disguised with the
members being challenged to detect fact from fiction. As usual, the
suggested subjects were followed, or adapted, to suit the writers’ wishes.
Our next meeting is arranged for Thursday 13 March, with the starting time being now
fixed at 2.45 pm. The proposed subjects are ‘Light’ or ‘Green Shoots,’ which are
ambiguous enough to test the ingenuity of all. The host will be Ivor Watts, and please
contact him on 01884 242964 if you are not expected and would like to come, or are
expected and cannot.
Brian West
We are going to continue meeting on the second and fourth Monday
afternoon in the month. The next crib afternoons are as follows: 24
February – Margaret Cadogan’s, 10 March – Peter and Sue Anderson’s.
If any member is interested in an afternoon of friendly crib, whether as a beginner or
experienced player, please contact Brian West.
Diana Manning Benn
There was the usual lively and interesting conversation with plenty of
food for thought but we nearly had to swim to get to Annie’s home for it!
Our next topic for discussion will be ‘Who would you invite to dinner and
why?’ and we shall meet on Friday 14 March at 10.15 am at Helen
White’s home. Please let her know if you will/will not be able to attend. We would
welcome some fresh members and any possible new Leader.
Drawing and Sketching
Sue Dark
The two groups are getting underway and we are all thoroughly enjoying
John’s input and the challenges he is setting us. The next meetings will be:
Group 1 on 13 March and Group 2 on 27 March
Folk Dancing
Frances Hilson
We meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month in Halberton
Village Hall from 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm and of course any new members
are welcome to join us. Our next meetings are on 26 February and 12
and 26 March. Phone Frances if you need more information.
French Conversation
Annie Saunter
The French group had a convivial lunch at Frou Frou restaurant –
good fun, but not really very French in the food line. We overcame
this with determination. Our Wednesday meeting was at Uffculme as
usual, and everyone should be congratulated on their homework –
great efforts – Avril swearing that no dictionary was used, others needing the use of
that tome, and we will all remember what moving house is, now and forever.
Hopefully we will be meeting at Philippa’s house on Friday 28 February, if we have
not been swept away by flooding.
The group meets on the second Wednesday at Uffculme, and on the fourth Friday at
various members’ houses, at 10.15 for 10.30 am, the meeting usually lasting about
two hours or more.
Joan Kelly, Jo Jeffrey and Carol Powney
We enjoyed a good lunch at The Tiverton Hotel on 20 January. It was
good to catch up again after the Christmas break.
Several members of our group met last Monday to talk over and decide
our programme for the coming year. Our first visit will be on Monday 17
March so please see Joan and Carol today for details and to sign up.
We are looking forward hopefully to a good summer. We certainly deserve it after the
wet winter months.
Knit 2, Chat 2 together
Marian Murrell
Our Group enjoyed a late Christmas Lunch at the Tiverton Hotel on 6
February. In the afternoon we had our usual Knit 2, Chat 2 together
meeting in the Bar and a very cheerful time was had by all. We did,
however, receive a few amused looks from passers by at the sight of a group of
ladies knitting!
Thank you to Marian for organising it all and for hosting the group in her home month
after month, not forgetting the lovely homemade delicacies she makes for tea.
The next meeting will be on Thursday 6 March at 2.00 pm at Marian's house.
Jenny Park
Local History
Maggie Rice and Philippa Langdon
Our February visit was held at Sampford Peverell Village Hall with a
meeting shared with members of the Seniors Club. Contact had been
made with the Local History Group who had agreed to show a video
made by their members on the history of the village. So 24 members
of our group and 15 members from the Senior Club enjoyed a very interesting
afternoon, gaining information on the work of the Local History Group and all their
achievements over 10 years, and their recording of many aspects of life in the village.
The dynamic group have researched and recorded the history which has been
published in books and leaflets.
Our next meeting on Thursday 13 March is the visit to the Walronds, which will
include lunch. There’s a time change – meet at the Walronds for 12.30 pm.
Local Theatre
Joan Kelly
Tomorrow, the 20 February, a number of us are going to see the
Tiverton Junior Operatic Club perform The Pirates of Penzance.
Unfortunately there are no more tickets available for this. However,
tickets are now available to see the Tiverton Amateur Dramatic
Society perform Stepping Out on Thursday 10 April, at the New Hall, Tiverton at 7.30
pm. Tickets are £8.00. Please see Joan today if you would like tickets. If you have
already put your name down for tickets please pay Joan today.
Lunch Group
Jane Estall-Cole
So many people wanted to go to the Exe Valley Restaurant at Petroc
College that we had to have two visits and they were certainly
worthwhile. The menu was varied and the food chosen was of a high
standard, tasty, well cooked and served in a modern style.
The next venue is near Exeter Airport! (We can car share if required.)
On Wednesday 26 March we shall visit Marco’s New York Italian Restaurant, Clyst
Honiton. It is situated next to the Hampton by Hilton Hotel by Exeter Airport. There
will be a fixed menu to choose from with 2 courses for £12.50 – either starter and
main course or main course and pudding, which ever permutation you wish. Should 3
courses be required all puddings will be charged at £5.50. I hope that at the monthly
meeting there will be sample menus for the Lunch Menu Special, to give you an idea
of what will be on offer on the day.
Please, if you have any ideas for further venues or if you can organize a lunch
yourself – any help is welcome – contact Jane.
Mah Jong
Bunty Coffin and Margaret Jenkins
We meet on the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month from 2pm to 5pm at
Barrie and Lynne’s house. The next meetings are on 21 February
and 7 and 21 March. On most Fridays we have three or four tables
playing with people of mixed abilities. Would all players who ARE
NOT able to attend any of the Friday meetings please ring Barrie/Lynne so that they
are able to set up the correct number of tables. We look forward to seeing you all and
meeting new players. For any further information, please ring Bunty or Margaret.
Maths for Fun
Liam Edwards
This new group meets on the first Tuesday of the month.
We will decide the format and content of our meetings at our next
meeting, 10 - 12am on Tuesday 4 March at the Group Leader’s
Whatever your ability, if you wish to join this new group, please telephone Liam.
Chris Nadin
Fifteen of us met this month at the Rose and Crown at Calverleigh. This
time the fire had not been stoked so high so we didn’t have to retreat from
it! Sheelagh set us some excellent questions on a wide variety of subjects.
Next month’s meeting, at 7 pm on Monday 3 March, will again be at the
Rose and Crown and Bob Burden has volunteered to be our quizmaster.
Please let Chris know whether or not you are coming.
Keith Dawson
We started 2014 with a ramble on a most pleasant day between spells of
pretty dire weather. We had a gentle ascent of Culmstock Beacon to admire
the views before a steepish descent down to the river meadows, and then
back to the village – this clockwise route was preferred to the alternative
anti-clockwise option. 14 of us then lunched at the Culm Valley Inn in the
back room, undisturbed by the resident dogs – I lost count how many there are!
Like last February I will be away for the rambling Thursday (and not available for
other Thursdays) and so no walk is at present planned – feel free to volunteer!
Ro Darlington
In 1616, as summer dwindles in the North Atlantic, the men on an
English whaling ship prepare to return home. All except the quiet,
headstrong Thomas Cave who has bet the rest of the crew that he can
survive alone on a deserted Arctic island. This is the beginning of The
Solitude of Thomas Cave by Georgina Harding. As Cave faces months of darkness
and an inhospitable climate he is haunted by memories of another life and a lost wife
and child. He begins to reflect on man’s relationship with God and the wilderness.
Harding captures beautifully the eerie isolation, the stark beauty of the island and
Cave’s survival routine, nor does she flinch in her descriptions of the cruelty the
whalers inflicted upon the whales and seals. This made for uncomfortable reading.
Cave is eventually rescued from the island when the whaler returns for the summer
season, but he finds that he is never the same again when he returns to England after
his six months of solitude. The group found this an interesting, intriguing novel,
admired Harding’s prose but did think the ending was contrived.
We next meet on Monday 24 February, 2pm at Alison’s home to discuss The Tiger’s
Wife by Téa Obreht.
Scrabble 1
Pam Hilton
When six of us met at Pam’s house one set of players played so
fast they played twice as many games as the other, but we all
enjoyed our afternoon and were well fortified by some scrumptious
biscuits. On 24 February we shall meet at Liz West’s house and on
10 March at Sue Dark’s house. Phone the Group Leader for 24 March venue.
Scrabble 2
Margaret Wallwork
The February meeting had to be cancelled. The meeting on Monday 17
March will be at the Group Leader’s house. Please let her know whether
or not you are coming.
Singing for Fun
Ali Robertson
The group has grown quite a bit recently and it is no longer
possible to use Ali’s home as a venue, so in future we will meet in
Room 1 at Old Heathcoat School Community Centre between 7pm
and 9pm on the 4th Wednesday of each month. On the agenda for
February we have Abba, My Fair Lady, Sound of Music, an attempt at ‘barbershop’
and who knows what else?!
Social Bridge
Margaret Fitzmaurice
We enjoy a sociable game of bridge every other Tuesday in the houses of
members of the group. If you would like to join us do phone and come
along. The next two dates are Tuesdays 4 and 18 March.
Table Tennis
Helen Booth
All of our sessions have been well attended recently with 19 players at
our last one and a definite improvement in many people’s games. We
meet on the 1st, 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month at 10 am at Tiverton
Town Football Club.
Peter and Vicki Stuckey
It was back to the OHSCC this month after several very sociable
months for members. Brian and Liz selected six wines from the German
supermarkets, Aldi and Lidl, and did a lot of research on the companies
and their wines. Some of them were surprisingly good, made even
better by their ridiculously low prices!!
Our next meeting is on Wednesday 12 March, starting at 7pm at OHSCC, when York
and Sarabella are going to lead us in sampling different wines from the Savoie region
of France. We look forward to seeing you there.
We are delighted to welcome the following new members:
Duncan and Vera Beck John and Judy Bye Christine Cook
Valerie and Tony Copeland Shirley Cousins Julie De’Ath-Lancaster
Liam and Marianne Edwards Joan Frankton Gillian Leslie
Carol McIlwrath Heather Meredith Sue Newberry
A reminder to all Group Leaders
Please get your reports to me as soon as possible
and not later than 12 noon on Friday 14 March.
For those who meet on 14 March
reports must be in by midnight on Friday 14 March.
Thank you.
Diary for February - March 2014
Thursday 20 February
10.15 am and 2.00 pm
Arts Appreciation
7.00 pm Bridge
7.30 pm Local Theatre
Friday 21 February
2.00 pm Mah Jong
Monday 24 February
10.00 am Table Tennis
2.00 pm Cribbage
2.00 pm Reading
2.00 pm Scrabble 1
Tuesday 25 February
7.00 pm Beginners’ Bridge
Wednesday 26 February
2.30 pm Folk Dancing
7.00 pm Singing for Fun
Thursday 27 February
10.15 am Drawing and Sketching (2)
2.00 pm Approachable Poetry
7.00 pm Bridge
Friday 28 February
10.00 am Group Leaders’ Meeting
10.15 am French Conversation
Monday 3 March
10.00 am Table Tennis
7.00 pm Quiz
Tuesday 4 March
10.00 am Maths for Fun
7.00 pm Social Bridge
Wednesday 5 March
2.00 pm Canasta
Thursday 6 March
10.15 am and 2.00 pm
Arts Appreciation
2.00 pm Knit 2, Chat 2 Together
7.00 pm Bridge
Group Leader’s House
Contact Group Leader
New Hall, Tiverton
Barrie and Lynne's House
Tiverton Town Football Club
Margaret Cadogan’s House
Alison’s House
Liz West’s House
Contact Group Leader
Halberton Village Hall
Old Heathcoat School Community Centre
John Bye’s House
Group Leader’s House
Contact Group Leader
Old Heathcoat School Community Centre
Philippa Langdon’s House
Tiverton Town Football Club
Rose and Crown, Calverleigh
Group Leader’s House
Contact Group Leader
Group Leader’s House
Group Leader’s House
Group Leader’s House
Contact Group Leader
Friday 7 March
10.00 am Committee Meeting
2.00 pm Mah Jong
Monday 10 March
10.00 am Table Tennis
2.00 pm Craft
2.00 pm Cribbage
2.00 pm Scrabble 1
Tuesday 11 March
2.00 pm Approachable Poetry
7.00 pm Beginners’ Bridge
Wednesday 12 March
10.15 am French Conversation
2.30 pm Folk Dancing
7.00 pm Wine
Thursday 13 March
10.15 am Drawing and Sketching (1)
12.30 pm Local History
2.45 pm Creative Writing
7.00 pm Bridge
Friday 14 March
10.15 am Discussion
12.00 noon Newsletter Deadline
Monday 17 March
2.00 pm Scrabble 2
Tuesday 18 March
7.00 pm Social Bridge
Wednesday 19 March
2.00 pm Monthly Meeting
Thursday 20 March
2.00 pm Arts Appreciation
7.00 pm Bridge
Friday 21 March
2.00 pm Mah Jong
Monday 24 March
10.00 am Table Tennis
2.00 pm Cribbage
2.00 pm Reading
2.00 pm Scrabble 1
Old Heathcoat School Community Centre
Barrie and Lynne's House
Tiverton Town Football Club
British Legion Club, Angel Hill
Peter and Sue Anderson’s House
Sue Dark’s House
Group Leader’s House
Contact Group Leader
Group Leader’s House
Halberton Village Hall
Old Heathcoat School Community Centre
John Bye’s House
The Walronds, Cullompton
Ivor Watts’ House
Contact Group Leader
Helen White’s House
Group reports to Margaret Wallwork
Contact Group Leader
Group Leader’s House
Contact Group Leader
Tiverton Rugby Club
Mayoralty Room, Tiverton Town Hall
Contact Group Leader
Barrie and Lynne's House
Tiverton Town Football Club
Contact Group Leader
Contact Group Leader
Contact Group Leader
Tuesday 25 March
7.00 pm Beginners’ Bridge
Wednesday 26 March
12 noon Lunch Group
2.30 pm Folk Dancing
7.00 pm Singing for Fun
Thursday 27 March
9.30 am Rambling
10.15 am Drawing and Sketching (2)
2.00 pm Approachable Poetry
7.00 pm Bridge
Friday 28 March
10.15 am French Conversation
Contact Group Leader
Marco’s New York Italian Restaurant,
Clyst Honiton
Halberton Village Hall
Old Heathcoat School Community Centre
Homebase Car Park
John Bye’s House
Group Leader’s House
Contact Group Leader
Contact Group Leader