NGO Breakfast - Are you well prepared for the changes to come?

Wednesday, 26 November 2014
NGO Breakfast
8.30 am to 10.20 am, including breakfast
Are you well prepared for the changes
to come?
PwC Geneva
Avenue Giuseppe-Motta 50
1202 Geneva
The event is free of charge.
The number of participants is limited. Participants will be accepted in the order
registrations are received.
Wednesday, 26 November 2014, PwC Geneva
You can register via the internet:, or by sending an email to
Sonia Dhouib: [email protected]
Please register by 19 November 2014 at the latest.
Tel. +41 58 792 98 11
[email protected]
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Sonia Dhouib
Avenue Giuseppe-Motta 50
P.O. Box 2895
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PricewaterhouseCoopers SA
Sonia Dhouib
Avenue Giuseppe-Motta 50
P.O. Box 2895
1211 Geneva 2
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10.05am Questions & discussion
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26 November.
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With the introduction of FATCA and the tightening of the US rules and controls
performed by the IRS in general, many US persons (partners, donors, members,
“customers”) will ask their foreign counterparts to provide them with a W8. In this
context we shall briefly outline at a high level the purpose of a W8, some of the
notable changes on the form as well as the relevant sections and what to consider
notably treaty protection and broadly when FATCA is applicable or not.
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Monica Cohen-Dumani, Tax & Legal Partner, PwC
W-8 form compliance
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NGO Breakfast
Philippe Tzaud
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The NGO sector remains unregulated in many countries. To foster public confidence,
promote ethical conduct and assist donors in making sound funding decisions,
numerous NGOs have developed codes of good governance or joined forces with
like-minded NGOs to create common frameworks of accountability. Such frameworks
extend beyond financial reporting and include issues such as human rights and
governance. We will share examples of good governance practices that aim to enhance
the enabling environment for NGOs and increase aid effectiveness.
P.P. PricewaterhouseCoopers AG, 8050 Zürich
We look forward to meeting you over breakfast!
Wednesday, 26 November 2014, PwC Geneva
Gill Sivyer, Partner, Global Leader International Development, PwC;
Jasmin Danzeisen, Senior Consultant International Development, PwC
Please register by 19 November 2014, at the latest.
9.20am NGO’s joining forces to develop a common accountability framework
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in this topic. Please send me the documentation of the event.
Trust, transparency and accountability are of growing importance in the NGO sector.
The competition for donor funds and the increasing expectations from donors require
NGOs to demonstrate the value they bring. In return for the funds, donors are
requesting assurance reports in accordance with different audit standards. We will
give examples of the current practices in this area and provide thoughts around
effective ways to meet donor expectations.
David Mason, Assurance Partner, PwC; Louis Massicotte, Assurance Manager, PwC
The challenge for managers is to follow developments, anticipate changes and
not miss out on opportunities.
Gill Sivyer
Global Leader International Development
Donor reporting
Gill Sivyer, Partner, Global Leader International Development, PwC
The not-for-profit sector is operating in an increasingly complex and more highly
regulated world. Governments, donors and taxpayers expect international
organisations − including the United Nations − and civil society to be much more
accountable and transparent in the way they operate and spend and account for
their funds. Senior teams at multilateral and bilateral organisations and NGOs
are increasingly expanding their range of managerial skills to meet these new
PwC is actively involved in the Geneva NGO community, and is particularly familiar
with the current preoccupations and hot topics. The NGO Breakfast is a great
opportunity to meet with PwC experts and other practitioners encountering similar
issues. If you would like to attend please register, as the number of participants will
be limited.
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PwC’s NGO Breakfast