2014 OTA/OAM EXHIBIT CONTRACT - the Ohio Trucking Association

Exhibitor’s Company Name:
Phone: (
Name of Person(s) attending exhibit space (2 people included in cost. Additional people - $225):
(Name – included in exhibit fee – full convention registration)
(Name – included in exhibit fee – full convention registration)
(Name – $225 additional fee – full convention registration)
(Name – $225 additional fee – full convention registration)
(Name – $225 additional fee – full convention registration)
(Name – $225 additional fee – full convention registration)
Exhibit Costs
On or Before Sept. 25, 2014
1. Booth* …………………………………………………………………. $595.00
a. Need electricity?
Total Number of Booths:
After Sept. 25, 2014
No (NOTE: There is NO outside exhibit space available for this event.)
Number of Additional People:
Total Exhibit Space Fee: $
*TABLETOP to include 6’ skirted table, small identification sign for placement purpose only and chairs.
Please note: Tabletop space will be assigned by staff. Please be sure to indicate if you will need electricity or not in the space
above. If you need any additional equipment other than what is listed above, we will put you in touch with the hotel staff.
All exhibitors are automatically included in the entire convention events – including all meals, educational sessions and
banquet. Two people are included with your exhibit fee. Additional people working your exhibit are invited to attend at the
reduced full convention rate of $225.
Help us help you! Each exhibitor company will receive 1 set of member company mailing labels to allow you to
advertise your exhibit and the convention. Mailing labels must be used to advertise the 2014 OTA/OAM Annual
Convention, and may not be copied.
Exhibitor leases said space for the sole purpose of exhibiting the following item or information:
(Be sure to fill this out completely to help with space assignments.)
Exhibitors should email a jpeg of their logo, as well as a paragraph
which best describes their business for our exhibitor catalog. Email to [email protected]
Enclosed is my check for $
(Make check payable to the association you belong to please)
Charge my fee to the following credit card:
Card Number:
Exp. Date____________ Security Code:
Name on Card:
Amount to be charged: $
Again this year, we are encouraging our exhibitors to
offer a convention discount, or special price for
convention attendees only for your product or service.
Give us your description and we’ll advertise it for you!
Indicate below if this is something you’d like to do and
we’ll be in touch with you to get the details!
Yes! I will be offering a special convention price for
a product or service. The description of my offer is
Please return to: Ohio Trucking Association or Ohio Association of Movers
21 E State St., Suite 900, Columbus OH 43215
Phone: 614-221-5375
Email: [email protected]
Make your check payable to the association you belong to: Ohio Trucking Association or Ohio Association of Movers
OTA/OAM Exhibit
Oglebay Resort & Conference Center
Wheeling West Virginia
October 19, 2014 – October 21, 2014
Ohio Trucking Association / Ohio Association of Movers hereinafter called Management:
The undersigned, hereinafter called Exhibitor, does hereby make application for exhibit space in the above show,
and agrees to the following terms and conditions:
1. Exhibitor agrees to pay Management as rental the sum designated herein.
2. Exhibitor accepts as part of this contract, and agrees to comply with the Exhibit Guidelines, which are
specifically made a part of this contract; the Rules and Regulations established by Oglebay Resort & Conference
Center, (hereinafter called Oglebay) ; and any additional Rules and Regulations or modifications of Rules and
Regulations which reasonably may be necessary to establish for the general good of the exhibition.
3. Subletting of space: Space must be occupied by the company contracting the space.
4. Management shall not be liable for the fulfillment of this contract if non-fulfillment is due to causes of war,
operation of law, labor disputes, riots and civil commotions or threats thereof, or other causes beyond
Management’s control. However, in case of such inability of Management to fulfill this contract, Exhibitor shall
receive a refund of any amounts paid on exhibit space, less reasonable deductions for overhead expense incurred.
5. In case of any breach of the conditions of this agreement by Exhibitor, then all rights of Exhibitor hereunder shall
cease and terminate without notice. To cover preliminary expenses such as commissions, advertising, office and
operating expenses and general overhead, which is difficult to determine, Management shall be entitled to retain
all payments received as agreed damages, and it also shall have the right to use the space contracted for in any
manner it shall see fit in order to minimize its damages and to seek redress for al other lawful damages.
6. No changes in, or additions to, this contract shall be valid unless approved in writing by Management.
7. It is understood that this agreement shall not be binding on Management until accepted and signed by
Management. (Exhibitor will please sign contract and return to the Association office. A countersigned copy
will be returned to Exhibitor.)
8. Management shall not be liable for damage or theft to Exhibitor’s property. It is the sole responsibility of the
Exhibitor to arrange for shipping, loading or unloading of your equipment and property.
9. Exhibitor is responsible for all company representatives and agrees to register all participants in advance. All
exhibitors must be pre-registered. Each exhibit may have two representatives attend, which is included in the
cost of the exhibit. Additional company personnel are permitted at the exhibit and convention with a $225 per
person fee to cover their convention registration. Additional personnel MUST be pre-registered.
10. Cancellation: If Exhibitor must cancel its space for good and sufficient reasons, and written notice of such
cancellation is delivered to Management:
a. On or before 20 days prior to opening day of Exhibit, eighty percent (80%) of said rental costs will be
b. After 20 days, and before 15 days prior to opening day of Exhibit, seventy percent (70%) of said rental
costs will be refunded.
c. After 15 days prior to opening day of Exhibit, Management shall retain, or be entitled to collect, fifty percent
(50%) of said rental cost.
d. The parties hereto acknowledge the aforementioned rental retainage in the event of cancellation,
represents a reasonable endeavor by the parties to estimate a fair compensation for the foreseeable
losses that might result to Management for such cancellation.
11. All exhibitors are required to be set up prior to the opening of the exhibit on Monday morning, October
20, 2014 and must not remove their exhibit until after the final luncheon on Tuesday, October 21.
12. Exhibitors are to plan on having their booth space manned during all open hours of the exhibit. You will
receive an exhibit schedule prior to the event.
13. Please email your company logo in jpeg format, along with a paragraph best describing your business or product
to Dianna Lilly at [email protected] for inclusion in the Exhibit Brochure.
14. If you will be offering a ‘convention special’ please forward that information to us as soon as possible so we
may advertise it for you. Remember…..convention specials are to be for convention attendees only!
REMEMBER……space will be assigned on a first-come, first served basis.