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Finally! Agency Co-Branded MasterCard or Visa International Debit Cards:
Agency Co-Branded Visa or MasterCards
Our online portal features fee-free to low-cost remittances
which includes money-in-minutes and multiple cash payout
locations. In order to take advantage of the SeaDeals
Remittance Gateway, seafarers and OFWs must have
international debit cards so that they may initiate money
transfers from wherever they are in the world. We issue the
cards through manning and employment agencies to workers
prior to their departure for their overseas assignments. The
name of your agency will be embossed under the name of your worker, but if ordering more than
10,000 per year, your cards may be co-branded with the name of your agency.
All cards come with SeaDeals Membership Benefits
SeaDeals is the premier international membership organization of seafarers and overseas foreign
workers. Our benefits include: international reloadable debit cards, SeaDeals E-Wallet Accounts featuring
actual bank accounts that allow bank to bank transfers, the SeaMall, the largest online outlet mall in the
world, international calling services, free email accounts, legal referral services, and the Remittance
Gateway, the worldwide online money transfer portal.
Fee-Free to Low-Cost Transfers
SeaDeals offers free to low-cost money in minutes convenient transfers, with a consistently higher rate than
retail money transfer operators. Also, as an alternative, SeaDeals Debit cards may be issued to relatives of
your workers, making transfers available free of charge, just by loading the card. Reloads may be done by
making a cash deposit in the SeaDeals E-Wallet Account. This is an actual bank account that supports the
debit card. If the workers have a bank account cards can be loaded bank to bank. If not, they can be
loaded through an authorized remittance company.
Unmatched Convenience and Value
Also, with the card, transfers can be paid to bank accounts or to over 10,000 locations in the
Philippines. SeaDeals members can now send money home without having to get cash from an
ATM, leave the ship or a work location, go to a retail store, stand in line and pay higher fees
because they are using cash.
SeaDeals saves workers hundreds of dollars over the course of each year. New members
sending from the USA get a number of free transfers. And, members not in the US can get
free-free transfers by sending through Exchange4Free!
SeaDeals E-Wallet Accounts
The SeaDeals E-Wallet Account is a must for all
OFWs. Open your SeaDeals E-Wallet Account now! It's
tied to a bank account, which allows you to: Load your
international debit card free and Send Money Worldwide
with no limits!
The SeaMall
In addition, your workers can shop at the SeaMall, which is the largest online outlet
mall in the world. This online mall was developed especially for SeaDeals
Members and we built it in cooperation with DadZee and Major Outlet Malls to
increase the shopping options are covered. Just go to
and you will see why we say, "We have everything!"
Seafarers Rights, Benefits and Associations
We link with Seafarer Associations and non-profits to provide a safety net for workers in case of injury or
other legal or medical issues.
The Heroes Fund
We set aside and donate $1 for from each new membership to the Heroes
Fund, which is set aside to fund first responders in the Philippines
whenever there is a typhoon or natural disaster. We will be working with
UNICEF for that program. Donations are collected at the first load of the
SeaDeals/Agency Marketing Partnerships
SeaDeals offers a special membership marketing relationship with Manning
and Employment Agencies whereby agencies can earn $5 per new member
per year, each year as long as the member is in good standing with an
active SeaDeals International Debit Card. The card carries an automatic
annual access fee of $29.95, of which $5 will be paid to your agency
annually when the annual access fee is paid.
The SeaDeals MasterCard or Visa Debit Cards will be issued to seafarers by the agency prior to
deployment. These cards may be issued after deployment when the worker is already on assignment. In
either case, we provide the cards to the agency, which then has the responsibility of getting them delivered
to their individual workers. We can deliver cards to your agency within 30 days.
The card order must include: (1) a completed SeaDeals Membership Application; (2) required ID
documents; and (3) payment of $5.00USD per card. SeaDeals Members applications may be
downloaded from
Order SeaDeals International Prepaid Debit Cards Now!
If you are a licensed employment or manning
agency in good standing with your government’s
labor department, you may provide SeaDeals
reloadable debit cards to your workers.
Go to to register.
Then (1) download the application from the site,
(2) add the two pieces of government issued ID of
the worker; and pay $5.00USD per new account.
We make it easy with PerCard Ordering – Send $5, get back $10!
SeaDeals PerCard Ordering System makes it easy to offer debit cards to your workers. There is no set
up fee or upfront fee of any kind. You simply order the cards you need when you need them. No need to
pay for expensive card inventory, program setup, or special licensing costs. Instead, PerCard fee is a onetime fee covering the card that you order and that fee is only $5.00 per card. And, it is a one-time cost that
is reimbursed to the agency after the worker loads the card with the first load of $40.00USD. That means
that for every $5.00USD you send, you will receive $10.00USD in 60 days, after the card is initially loaded
by the new member.
Receiving and Distributing your SeaDeals Debit Cards
Please place your order once a week on the day of your choosing and the cards will be sent to
you via courier. There will be no funds on the cards when sent and all cards must be activated
and loaded with a minimum of $40 USD within 30 days of receiving them or they will be
automatically voided. The SeaDeals Annual Access fee is deducted from the initial $40 load and
sponsoring agencies will receive your funds within 30 days after they are captured.
Loading and Reloading of SeaDeals Debit Cards
The initial loading of the SeaDeals Debit Card must be done through a bank account in the home country of
the cardholder within 30 days of activation of the card. We recommend use of the SeaDeals E-Wallet
Account whenever possible. Reload instructions is included on the card carrier and online at
Getting Started…
To get your SeaDeals Membership Program started you must do the following:
Go to and register your agency.
Once approved, estimate the number of cards you will need per month for the next 6
months and put that number in the spaces provided in the online application;
Send your payment of $5.00 per card based upon the number of cards you will need for the next
30 days only. The applications must be sent along with two government issued pieces of
identification as well as a recent document with the home address of the applicant. The application,
along with the additional ID documentation must be scanned and emailed to:
[email protected]
Your Recurring Payments
When you enroll your workers for SeaDeals Membership they are charged once a year to continue to have
access to SeaDeals membership benefits. Each year, when they pay their annual access fee through a
reload of the card, your agency will earn $5. This payment is automatically distributed by the issuing bank
to your designated account.
Give your workers the best opportunity to succeed!
When you send your workers out into the world of work
you can guarantees that they will have the best OFW
support system available anywhere! And the
Remittance Gateway offers them the best rates, service
and convenience for their transfers. SeaDeals gives them the support system they need to succeed.
Give them the best… give them SeaDeals International Debit Cards !
Barry Grimes-Hardie
Managing Partner