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Quarantine Act 1908 Section 13(2AA)
02 6272 4578
02 6272 1798
Permit to Import Quarantine Material
Permit: IP14007321
Valid From:
Valid To: 9 May 2016
9 May 2014
Dr Richard Allman
Genetic Technologies Corporation Pty Ltd
60-66 Hanover Street
Fitzroy VIC 3065
Attn: Mrs Janet Fletcher
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All countries
You are authorised to import the following material under the listed conditions
Note: This permit covers DAFF quarantine requirement only.
All imports may be subject to quarantine inspection on arrival to determine compliance with the listed permit conditions and freedom from
contamination. Imports not in compliance or not appropriately identified or packaged and labelled in accordance with the import conditions they
represent may be subject to seizure, treatment, re-export or destruction at the importer’s expense.
Additionally, all foods imported into Australia must comply with the provisions of the Imported Food Control Act 1992, and may be inspected and/or
analysed against the requirements of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.
All imports containing or derived from Genetically Modified material must comply with the Gene Technology Act 2000.
It is the importer’s responsibility to identify, and to ensure it has complied with, all requirements of any other regulatory organisations and advisory
bodies prior to and after importation including The Australian Customs and Border Protection Service, The Department of Health and Ageing,
Therapeutic Goods Administration, Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority, Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water,
Population and Communities, Food Standards Australia New Zealand and any state agencies such as Departments of Agriculture and Health and
Environmental Protection authorities. Importers should note that this list is not exhaustive.
This permit is granted for the purposes of the Quarantine Act 1908 and Quarantine Proclamation 1998 of the Commonwealth of Australia. The laws
of Australian States and Territories may also impose restrictions on the import of animals, plants and other goods into those States and Territories.
This import permit does not prevent the application of those State and Territory laws. The importer should seek its own advice on any restrictions
that may apply in any State or Territory into which it is proposed to import the animals, plants or other goods to which this permit relates.
Import conditions are subject to change at the discretion of the Director of Quarantine. This permit may be revoked without notice.
Notification of the import must be provided to DAFF for all imported goods other than goods imported as accompanied baggage or goods imported
via the mail and not prescribed under the Customs Act 1901. Notification must be consistent with Quarantine Regulations 2000 (examples include a
Quarantine Entry or a Quarantine declaration).
Commodity Name
Condition Number(s)
End Use
Diagnostic and Research
Kits - not testing for
microorganisms, viruses
or prions - use outside
lab (as listed in PC0600)
PC0017 AND PC1214 AND
All countries
Condition Text
Biological Imports Program (BIP) - Administrative conditions
1. This import permit (or number) and all required documentation must accompany each
consignment and must be valid at the time the cargo is landed.
2. In order to facilitate clearance of mail shipments, the import permit (or number) and all
This permit is granted subject to the condition that fees determined under Section 86E are paid
Delegate of Director of Quarantine
Printed Name
Tran Tang
9 May 2014
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Condition Text
documentation should be securely attached to the outside of the package and marked ‘Attention
3. The importer must meet all costs associated with the import of this product.
4. The importer (or agent) must lodge a quarantine entry for each consignment.
5. Documents must be provided with each consignment which:
a) identify the consignment e.g. entry number: and
b) identify all goods being imported as part of this consignment e.g. invoice or waybill or
importers manifest; and
c) describe the goods being imported (where not clear) Example 1: Product XRab = Purified
protein derived from rabbits. Example 2: Product AX = Synthetic antibiotic. Example 3: Comte =
Note: It is the importer’s responsibility to provide any additional information which is requested
in order to demonstrate that the import permit covers all goods being imported.
6. Consignments that do not meet the import conditions will remain under the Department’s control
pending export or destruction at the importers expense.
7. For further information please contact:
Regional - Clearance assistance:
Canberra - Biological Import Program - Administrative assistance: [email protected]
Canberra - Biological Import Program – Technical assistance: [email protected]
OrageneDNA (catalogue numbers: OG-100, OG-250, OG-500, OG-575, CS-1, CS-2)
OrageneDx (catalogue numbers: OCD-500, OGD-510, OGD-575)
Oragene Discover (catalogue numbers: OGR-250, OGR-500, OGR-575)
Oragene RNA (catalogue number: RE-100)
Oragene ONE (catalogue number: ON-500)
ORAcollect (catalogue numbers: OC-100, OCR-100)
OMNIgene DISCOVER (catalogue numbers: OM-501, OM-505)
This permit allows for the import of both used and unused kits of the above types.
Diagnostic kits for use outside of a laboratory
Documentation requirements
1. Each consignment must be clearly identified and linked to the relevant item(s) on the Import
Permit. Identifying documentation must be available to the quarantine officer at the time of
clearance. This documentation may include:
a) an accompanying invoice or airway bill; or
b) the physical labelling of the goods; or
Delegate of Director of Quarantine
Printed Name Tran Tang
Date 9 May 2014
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Condition Text
c) an overseas supplier's declaration describing the goods.
2. If the product description on the Import Permit varies from the identifying documentation
provided for clearance, the importer is responsible for providing evidence to the quarantine officer
that the Import Permit covers the products in the consignment.
Post entry and end use conditions
3. This Import Permit allows for the importation of goods for in vitro purposes only.
End of Condition Text
Delegate of Director of Quarantine
Printed Name Tran Tang
Date 9 May 2014