Industrial Secure Routers Networking Gateways

Secure Routers
SPHINX Industrial Secure Routers Networking & Gateways
Industial Device Guide
Industrial Secure Routers Networking & Gateways
SPHINX provides many solutions to control, connect, monitor and manage devices
in the field over a variety of interfaces and industrial protocols.
SPHINX Industrial Secure Routers
Embedded PCs with Router functionality
Industrial PC Driven IPC & Fanless Industrial Firewall
Lanner ISG-M02TX
Make Industrial Networks More Secure
Designed for industrial applications, the Graphical User
Interface (GUI) is simple and straightforward. Protects
industrial network from STUXNET and other virus attack
behaviour. Provides deep packet inspection and network
security for industrial protocols.
The lifespan of this IPC has been extended by removing
the most easily damaged component, the fan.
Supports Industrial Protocols
This product supports industrial protocols (MOBUS, OPC,
etc.), PLC (AB, GE, SIEMENS, Schneider, OMRON, etc.),
DCS (Yokogawa, ABB, Honeywell, etc.), Database (PHD,
PI, SQL Server, etc.), industrial protocols, and deep
packet inspection.
Wide voltage input range
This product supports a wider range of voltage inputs,
allows for easier onsite implementation by lessening the
need for an external power supply.
Lanner LEC-2126
Environmentally friendly network platform
Built entirely with RoHS compliant parts and production
processes, the LEC-2126 provides a low power platform
for IP Video, GigE camera applications and network
communications, reducing electricity costs and saving
space for the end user. An embedded ultra-low voltage
ATOM 1.66GHz CPU delivers power-efficient processing
while the Intel ICH8M system logic provides PCI-E bus
network bandwidth. The LEC-2126 includes six integrated
Ethernet ports, so that it can be easily deployed in
front-line security applications where reliability and
availability are of key concern.
Fanless platform reduces power consumption
The LEC-2126 can be deployed virtually anywhere.
Its space-saving design offers flexibility and cost savings
while maintaining the high throughput and availability
required for network security, GigE Vision Control and IP
video applications.
SPHINX Industrial Secure Routers
Secure Routers
VPN-Router, Protocol Converter & Industrial Firewall
NetModule NB1600 Wireline
NetModule NB1600
The NB1600 Wireline is the best choice for LAN-LAN
Communication and acts as device server, industrial
firewall, VPN-router, protocol converter, I/O-module or
simple IPC.
For small and medium projects this product can be used
on the central site as a VPN server.
The NB1600 industrial firewall separates the local network
& others from the factory LAN and allows the connection
of a system to a central server using only one VPN connection. Using TCP port 80 for the VPN allows data to pass
most firewalls in a factory or customer site.
When configured as VPN Server it will support up to 10
OpenVPN simultaneous connections. All configurations and
keys can be generated using the powerful web interface.
In its role as device server it can convert both the serial
as well as the USB interface to IP to enable remote access
to the interface. Any PC which has IP connection to the
NetModule router can use the remote USB or RS-232
device as if it is directly connected. This allows the use of
the original driver.
The digital I/O can be configured and programmed by any
locally attached device or from remote computer. Applications can be informed based on the state change of the
input ports.
Using the SDK users can program the NB1600 using a
simple script to implement all kinds of applications.
Pre-processing can be done directly on the router, which
can save an additional IPC.
Other features and services include DHCP server, DNS
proxy, Dynamic DNS Agent, SNMP agent, Telnet server,
server, Web server and e-mail and SMS. The instrument is
operated by the Web Manager or via command line.
Firmware update can be easily performed remotely in a
fail safe manner as well as configuration update. With the
SNMP interface the NetBox can be integrated in a
network management system for supervision.
SPHINX Industrial Secure Routers
Secure Routers
Industrial multiport secure router with Firewall/NAT/VPN
Moxa EDR-810 Series
The EDR-810’s “WAN Routing Quick Setting” provides an
easy way for users to set up WAN and LAN ports to create
a routing function automatically. In addition, the EDR810’s “Quick Automation Profile” gives engineers a simple
way to configure the firewall filtering function with general
automation protocols, including EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP,
EtherCAT, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, and PROFINET. Users
can easily create a secure Ethernet network from a userfriendly web UI with a single click, and the EDR-810 is capable of performing deep Modbus TCP packet inspection.
Wide temperature models that operate reliably in hazardous, -40 to 75°C environments, are also available.
Moxa EDR-G902 Series
The EDR-G902 series is a Gigabit performance, all-in-one
Firewall/ VPN/Router. It is designed for Ethernet security
applications in sensitive remote control or monitoring networks, and provides an Electronic Security Perimeter for
the protection of critical cyber assets such as pumping
stations, DCS, PLC systems on oil rigs, and water treatment systems.
Moxa EDR-G903 Series
The EDR-G903 supports one WAN, one LAN, and a userconfigurable WAN/DMZ interface that provides high flexibility in different applications such as WAN redundancy or
Data/FTP server security protection. The EDR-G903’s
Quick Automation Profile function supports most common
Fieldbus protocols, including EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP,
FOUNDATION Fieldbus, Modbus/TCP, and PROFINET.
Users can easily create a secure Ethernet Fieldbus network from a user-friendly web UI with a single click operation. In addition, wide temperature models are available
that operate reliably in hazardous, -40 to 75°C environments
SPHINX Industrial Network
Managed & Unmanaged Switches
Multiport switches for industrial applications & network safety
Advantech EKI-2525
The Advantech EKI-2525 comes equipped with all the
standard features of the EKI family. Furthermore, it offers a
+12 ~48 VDC redundant power input design, and is secured
with a double protection mechanism; Power Polarity Reverse
Protect and an Overload Current Resettable Fuse. In the
event of a power failure, the built-in LED will activate the
alarm to notify administrators. Engineers can simply verify a
relay output for an event alarm, check the hardware status
by the LED, and troubleshoot easily and quickly.
EKI-2525 comes with compact IP30 rated metal housing to
help against from dusty industrial environments.
Advantech EKI-7659C
For many industrial automation applications, redundancy
helps increase the reliability of your system. To create
reliability in your network, the Advantech EKI-7659C comes
equipped with a proprietary redundant network protocol -X-Ring that was developed by Advantech, which provides
users with an easy way to establish a redundant Ethernet
network with ultra high-speed recovery time less than 10 ms.
Furthermore, EKI-7659C also supports many advanced
network standards to optimize network performance, ease
maintenance issues, and secure network safety.
Advantech EKI-3525/3528
The EKI-3525/3528 are a new generation products with green
Ethernet design. They feature green solutions that
automatically adjust power consumption by detecting the link
status and cable length. Designed with 1/2 "VIP" ports to get
optimal bandwidth for media traffics through VIP ports users
can experience better performance of multimedia streaming
preferred through prioritized bandwidth setting. The devices
come with compact metal and plastic housing that is IP40
rated to protect against dusty industrial environments. The
wide power input power (8.4 to 52.4 VDC) is dedicated to
operate in areas of unstable power and rugged environments.
It also provides an event alarm and in the event of a power
failure and connection loop, the integrated LED will activate
the alarm to notify administrators.
SPHINX Industrial Network
Managed & Unmanaged Switches
Multiport Switches providing PROFINET, PoE &
wide temperature range
The EDS-405A/408A-PN are 5 and 8-port managed Ethernet switches with PROFINET support. With embedded
PROFINET, the PN switches can be easily integrated into
the Simatic Step 7 engineering tool. It is more convenient
for automation engineers to configure through Step 7 and
monitor with automation HMIs. The EDS-405A/408A-PN
switches with fast booting, Turbo Ring and Turbo Chain fast
-recovery technology, can optimize PROFINET network
performance. Moxa’s PROFINET switches also support a
variety of useful management functions, such as IGMP
snooping, IEEE 802.1Q VLAN, QoS, port mirroring, SNMP,
bandwidth management, and warning by email or relay.
Moxa EDS-G205A-4PoE Series
The EDS-G205A-4PoE switches are smart, 5-port,
unmanaged full Gigabit Ethernet switches supporting Power-over-Ethernet on ports 2 to 5. The switches are
classified as power source equipment (PSE), and when
used in this way, the EDS-G205A-4PoE switches enable
centralization of the power supply, providing up to 30
watts of power per port and reducing the effort needed for
installing power. The switches can be used to power IEEE
802.3af/at standard devices (PD), eliminating the need for
additional wiring, and they support IEEE
802.3/802.3u/802.3x with 10/100/1000M, full/half-duplex,
MDI/MDI-X auto-sensing to provide an economical highbandwidth solution for your industrial Ethernet network.
Moxa AWK-1121/
Moxa AWK-1127
The AWK-1121/1127 WLAN client is ideal for industrial
hard to wire applications, keeping wireless costs under
control, and integrating with existing mobile equipment.
The AWK-1121 enables WLAN connection to Ethernet
devices, while the AWK-1127 offers an additional serial
port for serial device connectivity. The AWK-1121/1127 is
rated to operate at temperatures ranging from 0 to 60°C
for standard models and -40 to 75°C for wide temperature
models, and is rugged enough for any harsh industrial
environment. Installation is easy, with either DIN rail or
wall mounting capability, wide operating temperature
ranges, and IP30 housing with LED indicators make the
AWK-1121/1127 a convenient yet reliable solution for any
industrial wireless application.
SPHINX Industrial Network
Wireless Embedded Modules
High-speed multi-mode 3G modules in half-size PCIe form factor
with WLAN connectivity & integrated SIM / microSD card holder
Option GTM661 and GTM669
Option GTM661WFS and
Option’s half-size PCIe module is developed specifically for
integration in compact devices such as netbooks, tablet
PCs, routers or security cameras where space is limited
but a standard connector-based integration is still preferred over an LGA component that needs to be soldered on
the base board. The GTM6xxWFS Series comes with integrated SIM card holder and microSD card holder.
By adding a WiFi component on the half-size 3G PCIe minicard, only one PCIe Minicard slot is needed, hence lowering overall device cost. This single slot can be equipped
with a standard WiFi module for the basic device configuration or with the GTM671/679 combo module when both
WiFi and 3G connectivity are desired for the device.
Main Features:
Option GTM671 and GTM679
High-speed data connectivity: 14.4Mbps downlink /
5.76Mbps uplink (HSPA)
Highly-sensitive GPS connectivity
SIM card holder
microSD card holder
PCM voice capability
Optional dual-band EV-DO
SPHINX Industrial Gateways
Multiport Gatesways for professional applications
ADVANTECH Modbus Gateway
EKI-1221/1222/1224 feature two independent Ethernet
ports and MAC addresses to provide a redundant
networking mechanism to guarantee Ethernet networking
reliability. These are network-based, Modbus data
gateways for integrating new and existing Modbus/RTU
and Modbus/ASCII serial devices to newer TCP/IP
networked-based systems.
The MOXA MB3180, MB3280, and MB3480 are standard
Modbus gateways that convert between Modbus TCP and
Modbus RTU/ASCII protocols. Up to 16 simultaneous
Modbus TCP masters are supported, with up to 31 RTU/
ASCII slaves per serial port. For RTU/ASCII masters, up to
32 TCP slaves are supported.
MGate 5102-PBM-PN Series
The MGate 5102-PBM-PN gateway provides a
communication portal between PROFIBUS devices (e.g.,
PROFIBUS PLC or drive) and the PROFINET host. All
models are protected with a rugged metallic case, are DIN
rail mountable, and offer optional built-in optical
isolation. The PROFIBUS and Ethernet status LED
indicators are provided for easy maintenance. The rugged
design is suitable for industrial applications such as oil &
gas, power, process automation, and factory automation.
SPHINX Industrial Gateways
M-Bus & embedded MODBUS
Ethernet enabled Wireless M-Bus gateway &
Embedded Device Server providing MODBUS
DIGI ConnectPort X2 with
Wireless M-Bus
The ConnectPort® X2 with Wireless M-Bus provides utility
operators a secure and reliable Internet gateway
connection to concentrate the monitoring of Wireless
M-Bus enabled utility meters, as well as introduce new
customer engagement programs for energy conservation.
The Python-programmable gateway is also upgradable to
use Device Cloud by Etherios, which enables easy
firmware updates and is a secure, scalable resource for
connecting utility customers with their energy usage data.
Lantronix xPico IAP
Designed for robust operation and with support of
Modbus, the chip-sized xPico™ IAP module provides
simplicity and flexibility making it the easiest and fastest
industrial network-enabling module on the market.
xPico IAP is an extremely compact networking solution
that enables Ethernet connectivity on virtually any device
with a serial interface. The included industry-proven
Lantronix device server application with full IP stack and
Modbus Protocol support allows seamless remote access
to device data, simplifying design integration while
providing robust connectivity.
Lantronix XPort XE
Extended Temperature,
XPort is powered by DSTni™ network processor SoC,
which includes a 10/100 MAC/PHY and 256 KB of SRAM.
It features a built-in web server for communications with
a device via a standard Internet browser. Web capability
can be used for remote configuration, real-time
monitoring or troubleshooting. XPort has 512 KB of
on-module Flash for web pages and software upgrades.
It acts as a dedicated co-processor that optimizes network
activities permitting the host microprocessor to function at
maximum efficiency.
SPHINX Industrial Gateways
3G & Programmable Gateways
Programmable Gateways provide maximum design flexibility,
while the 3G Gateway withstand extreme temperature changes,
humidity, shock, and vibration.
MultiConnect OCG-E
The MultiConnect™ OCG-E embedded open
communications gateways comprise an open Linux
development environment and a fully certified hardware
offering that includes multiple interfaces (serial, USB,
Ethernet and SD card) and internal peripherals
(including a cellular modem and a GPS receiver) in one
application-ready end user solution. This gateway is ideal for companies with hardware and software competencies and provides maximum design flexibility.
Applications that require device networking capability
can now reside directly on select Multi-Tech gateways.
By bringing together a cellular hardware development kit
and Multi-Tech’s CoreCDP, a distribution version of the
Linux operating system and complete Linux build environment, you can create custom applications in a very
short period of time. The MultiConnect OCG-E provides a
flexible, quick and cost-effective way to bring your
solution to market.
Sierra Wireless AirLink LS300
The AirLink® LS300 gateway has a small footprint for
easy installation and a rugged, military spec design (MIL
-STD 810) that enables it to withstand extreme temperature changes, humidity, shock, and vibration. Certified
for hazardous environments (Class I, Div 2), the LS300
is ideal for industrial deployments.
Designed to be the next generation, all-in-one successor
to the market leading Raven gateways, the LS300
comes standard with Ethernet, serial, digital I/O, and
USB interfaces, as well as GPS.
SPHINX was founded 1989 and grew up to one of the biggest Pan-European Distributors
for data-communication. The wide product portfolio includes Server-BasedCommunication, LAN-/WAN-based Communication and Embedded-Device-Networking.
The prior focus is at Industrial Automation, Industrial Graded Ethernet Infrastructure
Solutions and Audio /Video Transmission over IP.
All SPHINX subsidiaries offer project-orientated solutions to customers throughout
Europe. In addition to extensive distribution and logistical capabilities, the primary business is driven by customer specific solutions in data-communications applications.
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