Virtual Drummer V2 OAS 7 Instruments

Drummer V2
OAS 7 Instruments
Requirements: OpenArt-Arranger, Studio Drums (Drumsets 1) and 2GB RAM and dual core processor and a USB PC-Keyboard.
Platinum Drums for OAS 7
WERSI OAS 7 (Vegas, Abacus, Vegas, Ikarus, Xenios, EX-1, Verona, Scala & Louvre)
Date: 12/02/2014
Language: English (UK).
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Rose Business Estate
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0800 084 2013
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About This Manual:
This manual provides information about the new Platinum Drums software, exclusive to the WERSI Direct Ltd company.
We recommend the latest PC hardware and 2GB RAM.
PLEASE NOTE: Specifications can change without prior notice.
Platinum Drums for OAS 7
The Platinum Drums software introduces a new Virtual Drummer into your instrument. As well as providing you with a
new realistic drum section, your instrument is once again lifted to the latest standards.
What is a Virtual Drummer?
A Virtual Drummer is more than a traditional stereo sample Drum Kit. It is a special software that recreates a real drum kit
and all of the dynamic performance elements of a real drum kit.
One of the wonderful features of the Virtual Drummer is that you can in fact play the Drums live on screen via the virtual
drum kit - a novelty for sure, but somewhat fun and effective in live situations.
What’s included with the software?
1. Virtual Drummer Software CD-Rom
2. User Manual
3. 60 Re-Worked Gratis Styles that are already pre-programmed to accept the Platinum Drum software.
4. Styles 2011 Factory Styles re-programmed to use Platinum Drums.
5. Installation DVD Tutorial
Platinum Drums for OAS 7
Installing the Virtual Drummer
PLEASE NOTE: Only carry out this operation if you’re confident using Windows operating systems. If you are not, you
can contact WERSI Direct Ltd on 0800 084 2013 and arrange for a tuition day where a WERSI Direct Ltd member of staff
will attend on site and install any software for you.
1. To install the Virtual Drummer, insert your CD-Rom into you instrument.
Look for the folder ‘Virtual Drummer’. Open this folder.
Inside of the folder you’ll find the following files:
2. Select both files that appear:
MT-PowerDrumKit.dll & MT-PowerDrumKit-Content.pdk
3. Go to the ‘Edit’ menu and press ‘Copy’ at the top of the Window.
4. Now, you need to open a new Window and navigate to the following path:
5. Now, go the ‘Edit’ menu and choose ‘Paste’ option. The two files will now be transferred across into your instrument.
VST Editor
To install the Virtual Drummer, we now have to integrate it into the OpenArt-System.
1. Go to the ‘Settings’ page.
2. Press on ‘Plugin Administration’ (Central Column of buttons near the bottom of the Settings page).
3. A Green screen will open:
You’ll note that the top of the display contains a large white
box. In our example, Pluin and Soundlist slots 1 and 2 are
populated by:
1. B4
2. VB3
Slots 3 and Slots 4 are both free and the screen indicates this
by showing the word ‘Free’.
We want to install our Virtual Drummer to PlugIn slot 3.
4. On PlugIn Slot 3, press on this. It will highlight in Yellow. Now, you need to press on the button ‘Load Single Plugin’.
5. The load display is now shown. Simply navigate to the WERSI folder (c:/WERSI/Plugins). You’ll see the file:
6. Select the file and press ‘Load / OK’.
You’ll now be prompted and asked if you’d like to also load a Soundlist.
Press ‘YES’. Now, select ‘VST 3 Standard’. from the list shown. Press the ‘OK’ button.
Now, we need to ‘Save’ our new configuration. Press on the Slot 3 so that it highlights in Yellow. Now press on the ‘Save
config for one slot’ button (middle, far right). Save to Slot 10. Don’t worry about over writing any existing entry on Slot 10.
You can change the name of the configuration if you like. Then press ‘Save’.
Platinum Drums for OAS 7
Now we need to Save the Overall Configuration so that the VST’s are automatically loaded every time that you restart your
If you have no other VST instruments (such as the B4 or VB3) loaded on any other of the VST slots, press on the Slot 3 (so
it’s highlighted in Yellow) and then press on the ‘Save Overall Config.’ button (Bottom Right) of the display. Then choose
Slot 10. Give the configuration a new name if desired and then press ‘Save’.
(Please note, on some instruments, you still have to press on Slot 1, even if it is empty to save the ‘Overall Configuration’.
For Instruments with VST instruments already in use (B4 / VB3)
If your have a VST already installed such as the B4 or VB3, you need to now press on Slot 1, that contains the B4 (Highlights
in Yellow). Now press on the ‘Save Overall Config.’ button (Bottom Right) of the display. Then choose Slot 10. Give the configuration a new name if desired and then press ‘Save’.
Now, every time that you load turn your instrument on, the Platinum Drums virtual drummer VST will be available to use
without needing to reload.
Style Loading Instructions
Loading Accompaniments from CD/DVD/USB.
1. Insert your CD/DVD or USB device into the CD/DVD or USB drive.
2. Press the ‘Settings’ tab at the top right corner of the Main Display.
3. Press the ‘OAS Database’ Button in the central column of buttons.
4. A new small window will appear. Press the button marked ‘ACC Manager’ at the bottom of the centre of the new window.
5. The Accompaniment Manager will now be displayed (Red background)
6. in the top right corner, open the drop down list and select ‘Styles’.
6. Press the ‘Acc Load’ button.
7. Select the ‘Drive’ that is your instruments CD/DVD or USB drive.
8. Navigate to the ‘PlatinumDrums’ Folder using the ‘Change Directory’ button.
9. Inside the Platinum Drums Reworked Styles Folder is a folder titled ‘Reworked Styles’. Select this folder by pressing on it.
10. Press the ‘Select All’ to select all 60 styles.
11. Press the ‘OK’ button.
12. You will be presented with free User Style Slots. Select a free slot.
13. Create a new Group called ‘Platinum Drums’ before you actually load the styles. This will allow you to access the new
styles in an easy fashion once loaded.
14. Now press ‘Load Acc’.
Your reworked accompaniments are now loaded into your OAS 7 instrument and database.
Use the Quickload button on the main display to load your styles. When using the Quickload function, use the groups to
quickly navigate to the Styles, as they should now be stored in the group ‘Platinum Drums’ if you followed the loading
instructions correctly.
IMPORTANT: The re-worked Styles have not been made by WERSI, WERSI Direct Ltd or any affiliated WERSI business. They are provided FREE of charge to any customer. We’ve simply modified the Styles to use the Virtual Drummer and enhanced some of the used sounds allocated to the instrumentation track.
You can not re-sell these styles and they are free to all people, regardless of the purchase of this software, albeit
without the Platinum Drums modification.
Platinum Drums for OAS 7
Playing on the Virtual Drums
PLEASE NOTE: Your Virtual Drum Kit can be played as just that - a Virtual Drum Kit! As already mentioned, this is of
course a novelty, but a great and effective novelty none the less!
1. Go to the ‘Settngs’ page.
2. Press on ‘ PlugIn Administration
3. Now on the display, press on the ‘MT-Power Drum Kit’ Plugin (Slot 3).
4. Now press on the ‘Edit Plugin’ (Bottom button central column).
The Virtual Drum kit will open: (Please note that due to the resolution of the OAS 7 software, the entire VST doe not
fit on the main display. You must use the side cursors to view the entire VST).
At the bottom of the display, press the ‘Mixer’ button to open the Virtual Mixer. This contains functions such as ‘panaorama’
or ‘Compression’ for the individual drum sounds.
To close the Virtual
Drummer, press on
the ‘X’ in to the top
of the display (like
a normal computer
You’ll return to the
Plugin Edit display.
Platinum Drums for OAS 7
IMPORTANT: Activating your Virtual Drummer
You must activate your Virtual Drummer. You need to provide WERSI Direct Ltd with a unique
code, generated by your instrument. (This is not your H-Code or Hardware Number).
PLEASE NOTE: You need a USB PC-Keyboard later during the activation process. Connect this to your instrument
via the USB bays either at the front on newer instruments or on the rear of your instrument if it’s an older model.
1. Go to: ‘Settings’.
2. Press on ‘Plugin Administration’
Now press on the ‘Plugin 4’ slot. (If you’ve already loaded the Plugin, it’s name will be shown. If not, then follow the previously mentioned loading instructions.
If your Virtual Drummer Plugin is already loaded / just loaded:
3. Press on the ‘Edit Plugin’.
The new plugin will open. On the display you’ll be prompted to activate your software. A code of several letters will e
shown to you.
YOU MUST EMAIL THIS CODE TO: [email protected] you’ll be provided with the code by return.
4. Once you have the activation code, in the box below where your instrument code is provided, using your USB PC-Keyboard, enter the Activation code and then activate the software. The software is now fully integrated into your instrument
forever (unless it is removed by yourself for any reason).
Platinum Drums for OAS 7
Using Platinum Drums on your instrument
It is important to understand the way that Platinum Drums works on your instrument and the way
that the Drums are routed through the internal OAS Digital Mixer.
All Virtual Instruments (VST) have their own special digital channels within the OAS Mixer. We’ve loaded our Virtual Drummer to VST Plugin Slot 3 in the Plugin Administrator. It is important that you realise that this channel within the OAS mixer
is labelled ‘ASIO 3’.
Press on the Mixer Tab:
The following display will appear:
In the ‘Organ’ Mixer Strip (Dark Green - 1st left strip), press the ‘Edit’ button.
You’ll now see a new display that shows us
‘Organ Inputs’.
To the far right, you’ll see ‘Advanced Organ Inputs’.
At the bottom of this list is ‘Asio 3’.
Press on the ‘Asio 3’ button.
Platinum Drums for OAS 7
The following display now opens:
Here, you can set the volume of your Virtual
IMPORTANT!: Your Virtual Drummer DOESN’T work
via the Drums Volume Control! Like a Real Drummer,
The Virtual Drummer doesn’t correspond to the
OAS Swell Volume pedal either.
This gives a more realistic sound as a Real
Drummer does not have a volume control!
You must set the volume of the Virtual Drummer
here in this display. This is your MASTER volume for
your Virtual Drummer!
TIP: The best way to ascertain the correct volume that you want your Drummer to be is to
load one of the Re-Worked Styles that are pre-programmed to use the Platinum Drums Virtual
Drummer. Then base the volume upon what you think is best for your instrument, room setting
and speaker system.
Setting the EQ and Effects for the Virtual Drummer
You can also access the ‘EQ’, ‘Reverb’, Delay and Chorus effects for the Virtual Drummer on this display too.
Set the Reverb in the ‘Aux’ to the desired value by using the Virtual Slider. Keep the Delay and Chorus sliders to the minimum (Off position) as this would create an unnatural sound!
When you have set the Volume, EQ and Effects to your preference, you must save the Mixer Preset.
To do this:
1. Press the ‘Back’ button to move to the Mixer display:
2. Press on the ‘Save’ button. The following display is shown:
3. Press ‘Yes’ to continue.
A new yellow window will open where you can either
rename an existing Mixer Preset and save over it, or choose
a free space and save the Mixer Preset as a brand new Mixer
Your Mixer Preset is now saved. Open the Drop Down Menu to see the Preset in the Mixer Preset list.
Platinum Drums for OAS 7
VST and Style Editing
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The Openart-System lists banks of sounds and within its banks there
are normally 127 sounds, conforming to MIDI Specification / Standards.
So, if you decide to edit a style, ensure that you have selected the Sound Device as ‘VST 3’ and then choose ‘VST 3 Sound
001’ from the Soundlist, unless you change the name of the sound in the OAS Database Sound Manager.
Reverb Effects for your Virtual Drummer.
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Your instrument has several Reverb Effect Tone Generators included.
The great news is, is that for the new Virtual Drummer, you have access to the professional Studio Stereo Reverb System!
1. Go to the ‘Effects’ page at the top of the Display.
2. On the right hand side, you’ll see a list:
Press on the button: ‘Reverb’ in the right hand column, titled ‘Other Soundgenerators’.
The following display will open:
You now have full access to the Stereo Studio Reverb
system. Please refer to your instruments User Guide (not
the OAS 7 Programmers Manual) for information of the
functions and operations of this display and how to save a
Reverb Preset.
IMPORTANT: Please note that any changes made here on
the overall Reverb, Reflect and General volume sliders on
the far right will have an effect on your Virtual Drummer
and the settings set in your OAS Digital Mixer.
Ensure that you make sure both are balanced. So, if you
make an adjustment such as an increase in Reverb here
in the Reverb Editor, you may wish to adjust the Mixer
Settings and re-save your Mixer Preset.
Platinum Drums for OAS 7
Volume Control
The Drums Volume Control (volume Drawbar) on OAS 7 instruments will not control the VST volume. This is because a
Real Drummer doesn’t have the ability to turn his drums up and down, only provide dynamic playing. This is also true
of the Virtual Drummer. Using the Volume control allows you to control the Digital Drums. Most Styles have percussion
rhythms programmed to Drum Track 2. Using the Volume Drawbar, you can create very good and subtle drum mixes and
variations. In effect, you can extend the variation of a style from 4 drum variations to potentially 8 by using the slider to
vary the volume of the percussive rhythms.
Styles 2011 - Reworked Styles for Platinum Drums
We’ve re-programmed every Styles 2011 Style to work with the Platinum Drums. Simply load the Styles as User Styles and
then if you wish to Map them to the Rhythm / Accompaniment buttons, you can do so.
If you are unfamiliar with the Mapping process, please refer to the OAS 7 Programming Manual.
Because the Styles are now in the form of custom User Styles, this means that your original factory styles remain fully
intact and they are not removed from the OpenArt-System. You can freely move between the Platinum Drums re-worked
Styles and the Factory Styles if you desire.
PLEASE NOTE: The Styles 2011 Styles will only work if you have the Styles 2011 expansion activated. To purchase
this, please call WERSI Direct Ltd on 0800 084 2013.