July 2014

Human Resource Services Newsletter
July 2014
FAQ’s for Dependent Eligibility Verification
1. WHAT is a Dependent Eligibility Verification?
Dependent eligibility verification requires employees who carry dependents on the State’s group insurance plan to provide
documentation that those dependents are eligible for coverage based on the eligibility criteria outlined on the OGI website at
2. WHY is The Office of Group Insurance (OGI) conducting a Dependent Eligibility Verification?
The State provides medical benefits to nearly 18,000 employees and over 26,000 dependents at a cost of about $270 million per year. OGI is sensitive to the rising costs of healthcare for State employees and is conducting the verification to
make sure our plan is compliant, competitive and cost effective. We estimate 3-5% of the dependents currently covered on
the plan may not meet the eligibility criteria. For a plan our size, this could mean a potential savings of $2.1 million to $3.6
million each year. Those savings could be used to minimize premium increases or to enhance the plan.
WHO will be conducting the Dependent Eligibility Verification?
OGI is working with HMS Employer Solutions, an independent third-party company. HMS specializes in verifying health
plan eligibility and has verified documentation for 3.5 million dependents at some of the largest employers in the nation.
HOW will the Dependent Eligibility Verification be conducted?
If you have dependents enrolled on your medical plan, you will receive a letter and a list of FAQ’s, addressed to your home,
from HMS Employer Solutions co-branded with the State of Idaho. The letter will detail the steps and requested information to keep coverage for your enrolled dependents. During the verification process, you will need to provide copies of
documents such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, etc. that validate current relationship status.
WHEN will the Dependent Eligibility Verification take place?
You can expect to receive (if you have not already) the first communication from HMS Employer Solutions in mid-June. You
will then have until July 23, 2014 to provide the requested documentation.
SECURITY, is my personal information safe?
Protecting your personal information is a priority for OGI and HMS. HMS Employer Solutions meets all of the professional
and legal standards associated with providing service to employers, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), and disposal rules as enforced by the Federal
Trade Commission.
PENALTIES, are there any penalties if dependents are found ineligibility?
The State will not seek payment from those individuals on the plan who do not meet eligibility requirements; however, their
coverage will be discontinued. They will receive a notice from Blue Cross of Idaho advising them of cancellation.
Contact HMS at 1-877-862-8240 if you have any questions.
4th of July Holiday - Per State of Idaho regulations, full-time employees will be paid 8 hours of holiday pay
for this holiday. In order to keep within a 40-hour work week, you may need to revert back to your normal
work schedule for this week. Please coordinate your schedule with your supervisor.
Update Your Life Insurance Beneficiary
How often should I review my designated beneficiary?
You should review your beneficiary information at least once per year, or
If you have a life event such as marriage, divorce or birth of a child.
How do I find out who is my designated beneficiary?
Contact Human Resource Services and we have access to your current beneficiary form.
How do I change my designated beneficiary?
If you need to change your designated beneficiary, Human Resource Services can assist you in complete the necessary forms or you can download a new form at http://ogi.idaho.gov/hr/pdf/Basic%
20Life%20enroll%20VTL%20elect.pdf and bring to HRS.
Be sure to keep a copy for your records.
Our lives are so busy, with work and family obligations, now is a good time to take a few minutes to review
those documents. The time you spend today can save your family members a lot of unnecessary grief
PDT Classes
Summer Fitness Session II:
A summer fitness workout
class will be offered. The
price for one session is $15.
Supervising Student Workers: This course will review
best practices in hiring, evaluation, and terminating student workers. Employee
issues and giving references
will be discussed.
New Staff Orientation: A
yearly orientation and social
for new employees. This is
a great time to ask many
questions and network with
other new or seasonally new
Hiring & Terminating Process - I.H.: This course is
designed to take the guesswork out of hiring an IH or
work-study employee.
Purchasing Forms & Process: This course is designed to provide an overall
understanding of the functions of purchasing.
Mentor Training Program:
Open to all employees that
would like to be an employee mentor.
Thank you to all who participated in the thriveidaho Year 1 evaluation survey!
OGI has compiled your responses and suggestions!
They had over 500 employees take the time to give them feedback on Year 1
of thriveidaho. As a result of participating in thriveidaho over 60% report they
became more aware of their current health status due to completing the
health qualification form and the personal health assessment. They had almost 30% say they achieved a personal health goal as a result of health
coaching. Overall, the survey respondents characterized thriveidaho as a
valuable state employee benefit.
With the survey, they received several success stories about employees who
lost weight or quit smoking as part of their thriveidaho journey. Great Job!!
They also received wonderful suggestions for additional support programs
such as diet and nutritional information, weight management, and exercise.
Next year thriveidaho promises to be even better with the new web-based
tracking component, opportunities for additional support programs at your
fingertips and of course the $250 reward that you can earn by completing 4
easy steps. Visit www.thrive.idaho.gov to learn more.
Congratulations to Liz Weldy!
“Elizabeth is ALWAYS prompt, professional, courteous and an AMAZING problemsolver. She is extraordinarily helpful when
faculty need to manage students in multiple sites. She is invaluable in facilitating
course materials, test proctoring, and sitespecific facility information for faculty who
can only be in one place at a time, when
students are in various places. She is
equally helpful with in-class needs as well
as online formats.
Thank you Liz!!!!”
Supervisor’s Corner
Effective Communication Skills for Supervisors
Supervisors must develop effective communication skills to enable them to better supervise their employees and to do a
better job themselves. Employees look to supervisors to provide them information, listen to their concerns, and keep
private conversations about performance confidential. Supervisors must learn to listen, speak with respect and treat all
employees equally in regard to the information they have to share about the workplace to be able to communicate effectively.
A supervisor must show respect to his/her employees when communicating with them. Respect means not talking in a
condescending manner or in an authoritarian tone.
Supervisors should encourage employee to communicate with them, without fear of retribution.
An effective communication skill for a supervisor is the ability to listen to what his/her employees are saying.
Supervisors must share information regarding workplace issues or announcements equally with all employees and not
just a select few.
To communicate effectively, a supervisor must maintain discussions with employees regarding their performance or concerns as confidential.
Source: http://www.ehow.com/facts_4899252_effective-communication-skills-supervisors.html
Happy Anniversary!
Kimberley Tuschhoff
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5 Years
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5 Years
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Sarah Wimer
15 Years
Rhonda Combs
Business Technology & Service
30 Years
Silverwood Theme Park State of Idaho employees
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discounted tickets to Silverwood Theme Park.
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Happy Birthday to You!
Beverly Kloepfer
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