November 2014 - KangGURU Radio English

2 5 years
Kang guru indonesia
1989 - 2014
November 2014
9  Introduction from the Australian Ambassador
or 25 years, Kang Guru
Indonesia has provided
listeners with a fantastic
radio program helping to
develop people-to-people
links between the two
neighbouring countries of
Indonesia and Australia. It
has been a valuable tool to
communicate information
relating to Australian
activities in Indonesia and
the bilateral relationship.
to Indonesia, Mr Greg Moriarty
Fun Facts about Kang Guru Indonesia
The Kang Guru Indonesia Team
Kang Guru Indonesia Radio Program
Reaching Out to Listeners and Fans for 25 Years
Indonesian Students ‘Shred’ at Skate Jam Indonesia 2014
Tembok Seni Australia: An Outdoor Art Gallery
Australia Awards
English With Kang Guru Indonesia Videos Now
Available on YouTube
9  English Language Teaching Workshops
Due to its popularity – and responding to demands over
the years – Kang Guru Indonesia has developed a wide
range of top quality services and products, including a
website, a Facebook page, English language learning
materials and English Language Teaching workshops.
 The Australia - Indonesia Institute; Bringing People
9  Kang Guru Indonesia Timeline
9  Free Materials: English Language Learning (ELL) Kit
 The New Kang Guru Indonesia Website
 The Australia Indonesia Youth Exchange Program
It is through these services that Kang Guru Indonesia has
reached hundreds of thousands of students, teachers and
communities; helping to increase their opportunities
through multiple languages.
Australia’s Education Partnership with Indonesia
The Joeys: All Grown Up!
Congratulations to the winners of the 25th Anniversary
Writing Competition
Congratulations to Kang Guru Indonesia on your 25 th
anniversary, and good luck to the Kang Guru Indonesia
team for the future.
We have
Did you know that
The Kang Guru
Kang Guru Indonesia
“Kang Guru” means
Indonesia website
used to be called Kang
“brother teacher”? And Guru Radio English (KGRE). 26,000 fans on was launched in 2000.
of course, the kangaroo
is one of Australia’s
Kang Guru
We are an
More than
most well-known animals.
Indonesia started
Australian aid
16,000 teachers
in 1989. First,
On average, there
project, funded by
have attended Kang
it was based at IALF
are more than 500
the Australian
Guru Indonesia
Jakarta but then moved
downloads each week from government.
to IALF Bali in 1997.
our website.
A new, smartphoneApart from our weekly
website was
Ogi and Darmika have been
radio programs, we also
launched this year to allow
with Kang Guru Indonesia
develop English language
easier access for everyone. teaching materials and deliver
since 1997! (That’s 17 years!)
workshops all over Indonesia.
Kang Guru Indonesia
Over time, we have
runs approximately ten
changed in our
The Joeys, a website
workshops for teachers each communications from the use
developed for SMP (Sekolah
year and provides each
of letters in the early days to
Pertama, or Junior
participant with an English
mainly using SMS, email and
Secondary School) learners, was
Language Learning (ELL) kit Facebook as ways to interact
launched in 2010.
free of charge.
with each other.
The Kang Guru Indonesia team currently
consists of six people, who ensure the radio
program is broadcast every week, maintain
the website and Facebook Fans page,
organise the English Language Teaching
workshops and develop English language
learning materials.
Rakhma Diana Sari – English Language
Teaching Outreach Specialist – Training
and Resources
Rakhma Diana Sari, known
as Ana, has worked as a
teacher at Indonesia
Australia Language
Foundation (IALF) Bali
since 2001 and has taken
part in some of Kang Guru
programs since 2004. She is now involved
in developing the radio program scripts
and the voice is often heard on the radio
program. Ana also works on developing
language learning materials and
facilitating the English Language
Teaching workshops.
Contact Ana: [email protected]
Mahendra – Audio Visual Officer
Mahendra, from Badung
in Bali, started work at
Kang Guru Indonesia in
2005. He works with
Darmika to mix and
produce the radio
program and listening
resources as well as developing ’Learning
English with Kang Guru Indonesia’ videos.
Contact Mahendra: [email protected]
Ogi Yutarini – Kang Guru Indonesia Coordinator
Ogi is from Bali and joined Kang Guru Indonesia in
1997. Ogi is the backbone of Kang Guru Indonesia.
Without her, things would be rather different. She is
responsible for the day-to-day administration and
supervision of Kang Guru Indonesia activities and is
also in charge of organising the English Language
Teaching workshops, as well as developing and
managing the popular Kang Guru Indonesia merchandise.
Contact Ogi: [email protected]
Greg Worrell – English Language
Teaching Outreach Specialist –
Media & Communications
Greg is Australian and
has 21 years of
teaching experience.
Greg joined the Kang
Guru Indonesia team
in 2013, and spends
some of his time
working on the website and Facebook.
Greg also develops scripts, presents for
the radio program and presents at
Contact Greg: [email protected]
Darmika comes
from Singaraja,
Bali. He joined
Kang Guru
Indonesia in 1997
and works with
Mahendra to
record, mix and produce the radio
program and listening resources for
the language learning materials.
Darmika also provides technical
assistance in developing the “English
with Kang Guru” videos that will be
launched in November 2014.
Contact Darmika: [email protected]
Joanne Dickinson – English Language Learning Specialist
Joanne is based in Jakarta and has over 20 years of
experience working in education. She works with Greg and
Ana to write the radio program scripts and also develops
language learning materials with Ana.
Contact Joanne: [email protected]
K continues to broadcast its
popular radio series, a half
Ketut Darmika – Technical Officer
about Indonesia and Australia working together, questions and
comments from listeners, and items of cultural interest.
It is very interesting to note that Kang Guru Indonesia is heard
around the world, as evidenced by letters received from
shortwave enthusiasts from America and Denmark.
hour program each week on
approximately 200 radio
stations across Indonesia. The
program was restructured last
year to include the now
popular Joeys United drama, a segment targeted at junior
secondary school English learners. This drama is set in SMPN
Semangat Baru, in the fictional village of Merbang, somewhere
in Indonesia. It looks at the day-to-day life of six teenage
students who form the Joeys United. The language segment
that follows Joeys United explains and develops new grammar
points or language presented in Joeys United.
We also have had great feedback from many English teachers
who use parts of the programs each week in their English
classes, particularly the Joeys United and Language Focus
segments. In some schools, English clubs use the programs to
start conversations amongst their members.
For those who do not live in an area where the program is
broadcast, the shows are now available for listening or downloading on the Kang Guru Indonesia website, including a full
transcript. This is particularly useful for those who want to
practice their listening skills by reading along with the show.
The radio program’s new structure also includes music, news
ang Guru Indonesia began in
1989 with support from the
Australian aid program, which
funded an English language radio
program to support English language
learners across Indonesia. Today,
Kang Guru Indonesia’s radio
program and wide range of other
activities continue to support English
language learning and promote
people-to-people links between
Indonesia and Australia.
Kang Guru Indonesia activities:
Radio program
A pre-recorded 30-minute radio
program broadcast weekly across the
Indonesian archipelago on 200 radio
stations, including public Radio
Republik Indonesia stations, private
stations and school-based stations.
Three characters from ‘The Joeys’ working
with Ana in the recording studio
An interactive hub with English
learning and teaching resources,
podcasts and news. A new and
improved website interface was
launched in 2014 that allows users
to access the website through
mobile phones.
Kang Guru Indonesia Fans Page
on Facebook
A vibrant and fun page that
provides English language learning
practice, regular competitions and
news. The Facebook page has more
than 26,000 ‘likes’ and encourages
interaction between the fans and
Kang Guru
English Language
Innovative supplementary learning
materials developed in line with the
resources, developed in 2014, are
available to download FREE from
the Kang Guru Indonesia website,
along with many other resources.
Interactive professional development
opportunities for English teachers at
junior secondary schools (Sekolah
Menengah Pertama, or SMPs) and
their Islamic equivalents (Madrasah
Tsanawiyah, or MTs). More details
about the English
Teaching workshops can be found on
the website.
Over the years, Kang Guru Indonesia
has reached hundreds of thousands
communities, and continues to assist
Indonesians with English because…
…good neighbours make good
SMP/MTs English teachers participating in an
English Language Teaching workshop with Greg
Can you find all the words? Circle or highlight each word as you find it. Words can
be horizontal, vertical or diagonal, and can run backwards as well as forwards.
“I’ve had a really good time here at the skateboarding
clinic,” he said. “The best was when the coaches taught
me how to flip the board – I hope I can practice more in
the future.”
These students had the chance to watch professional
skaters Jakes Hayes, Bugs Fardell and Casey Ainsworth
risandi stepped gingerly on the first skateboard he “grind,” “shred” and “catch air” over ramps, railings and
had ever seen. Losing his balance, he giggled and stairs.
caught himself before almost toppling over. But after one SbA teachers, accustomed to large skate parks in
45-minute lesson, he was confidently jumping on and off Australia where the sport is well established, got creative
the board with ease.
by setting up ramps and training areas at indoor and
Thirteen-year-old Arisandi was one of more than 720 outdoor malls and local skate parks.
participants in an event called Skate Jam, organised as “I’ve had an amazing time,” said Mr. Pat Gemzik, an SbA
part of the Australian Embassy Jakarta’s Arts and Cultural Instructor from Brisbane. “Seeing the enthusiasm and
Program 2014. The event saw professional skaters from energy of the kids has been really inspiring, and I feel so
well-known skate brand, DC, join a team of fully privileged to be here sharing what I love to do.”
accredited Australian skate coaches from Skateboarding
Australia (SbA) to teach skateboarding skills to Of the hundreds of Indonesian youth who participated in
Indonesian youth. Skate Jams were held in Bandung, Skate Jam, nearly 300 students came from eight schools
Jakarta, Surabaya and Denpasar (Bali) and featured free built under a partnership between the Australian and
Indonesian governments. Close to 70 principals and
“Learn to Skateboard” lessons,
teachers joined them.
demonstrations by DC professional skaters, giveaways and
“We really appreciate
participating in this kind
of event,” said Mr. Asep, a
Arisandi is a student at
secondary school SMPN 4
SATAP Geger, Bangkalan Subschool SMPN 2 Solokan
district, East Java, one of 767
schools built under Australia’s
Education Partnership with
Indonesia. He had never even
exheard of skateboarding before
travelling for nearly three hours Boys and girls from secondary school SMPN SATAP Rancailat get on a tracurricular
by bus from his sub-district on skateboard for the first time ever at the Australian Embassy’s Skate and give them outlets
slow, winding roads to the Jam event in Jakarta in May 2014. This secondary school is one of 767 outside of the classroom.”
built so far under Australia’s Education Partnership with Indonesia.
event in Surabaya.
embok Seni Australia is a
temporary outdoor art
gallery on the wall surrounding
“The talent of these young
Indonesians is clear to see. The
pictures are rich in colour and
friendship and beautiful places in
Indonesia and Australia,” said the
the site of the new Australian
Embassy in South Jakarta.
Primary and secondary school
students from across Indonesia
created the artworks, which
have been reproduced on large
canvases. Most of the schools
have an ongoing collaborative
relationship with an Australian school under the BRIDGE
(Building Relationships through Intercultural Dialogue
and Growing Engagement) Project.
The new Australian Embassy
complex is expected to be
completed by August 2015 and
will be Australia’s largest
embassy facility in the world.
You can enjoy many of the artworks from Tembok Seni
Australia in this magazine. The complete collection is
also available for viewing on
The Australian Ambassador to Indonesia, Greg Moriarty,
said he was impressed by the high quality of the artworks.
he Australia Awards Scholarships are a long-term initiative by the Australian government to provide
study and research opportunities. Australia Awards recipients receive extensive financial and
academic support to live and study at Australian universities.
Here’s some Q & A about how to apply for the 2016 intake which is from Kang Guru interview with Michael
Bracher, the Deputy Director of the Australia Awards. The full interview is available to download from the
Kang Guru Indonesia website: Radio programs 8809 - 8812.
Applications for the 2015 Australia
Awards closed in July 2014. What
happens to the applications after the
closing date? Is there a selection
Are there any particular fields of
study that the Selection Committee is
looking for?
Are the Selection Committee
looking for anything else?
After the applications are received they are checked to see if
they meet the rules and regulations. This year there were about
one third that are ineligible. The ineligibility may be due to
missing documents or they may not be certified. In this case the
application is automatically deemed ineligible. So it’s really
important that applicants read and follow the checklist.
This changes a little each year, but basically the areas are quite
broad, such as education, health, finance and economics, and
disaster reduction and mitigation. I think the main message to
applicants is that if there is an area of study that you think has a
development application in your local area and if you can put
forward a good case why you should be considered for a
scholarship, then the Selection Committee will consider that.
They are always looking for people who can have that
development impact within their organisation or within their
home area. I always ask applicants to put themselves in the
position of a Selection Committee member, who has been
interviewing a lot of candidates. What they are looking for is
someone who is going to stand out, who really has what we
call factor X so that they’re going to say “Aha! This person has
got what it takes.
For more information, visit:
What a bonzer job! – What a great job!
We are very excited to announce that Kang Guru Indonesia will continue to help Indonesians
with learning English through language learning videos targeted at Indonesian learners with
limited English and limited support. The YouTube videos have dialogues in English, narration
in Bahasa Indonesia and subtitles in both English and Bahasa Indonesia. They’ll be a really fun
and simple way to learn English. The videos will be officially launched at the 25 Years of Kang
Guru Indonesia celebration in November 2014. We hope to make English learning available
to all Indonesians. And, of course, these videos will be accessible on handphones. You will be
able to access the videos via links on our website:
delivered English Language
Teaching workshops all over
Indonesia since 2002. For the past two
years, Kang Guru has been focusing on
the delivery of English Language
Teaching workshops targeting English
teachers at junior secondary schools
(Sekolah Menengah Pertama, or SMP)
and their Islamic equivalent (Madrasah
Tsanawiyah, or MTs). With an average
of 10 workshops a year, we have
worked with more than 800 teachers in
the past two years.
At the workshops, the facilitators, Ana
and Greg, demonstrate how to use an
English Language Learning (ELL) kit
developed by Kang Guru Indonesia.
The ELL kit includes supplementary
English language learning materials
developed in line with the 2013
Indonesian curriculum.
Many of the participants travel long
distances to attend the workshops;
one lady travelled by boat for eight
hours, and another lived 10 kilometres
from the nearest road. It is so amazing
to see such dedicated teachers.
The response from teachers attending
the workshops is always very positive.
The success of the workshops is also
due to the assistance provided by the
organising partners, who are often
local MGMP (Musyawarah Guru Mata
Pelajaran) English teaching groups. The
organising partners are responsible for
preparing the venue and logistics, as
well as arranging for participants to
attend. A workshop organised by the
Bengkulu MGMP was held at the
district LPMP (Lembaga Penjaminan
Mutu Pendidikan, or Institute of
Education Quality Assurance) office.
One of the LPMP English instructors who
attended the workshop, Bapak Selamat
Sudarmanjaya, said, “It’s very important
to develop the English teaching skills of
teachers all over Indonesia. This is the
first time Kang Guru Indonesia has been
to Bengkulu city and I know the teachers
have enjoyed the workshop and learned
a lot”.
Wherever the workshops are held, the
Kang Guru facilitators are always met
with smiling and enthusiastic faces,
which gives a positive vibe to the whole
day. We can’t wait for more English
Language Teaching workshops in 2015!
The Australia-Indonesia Institute (AII),
established by the Australian
Government in 1989, aims to develop
relations between Australia and
Indonesia by promoting greater mutual
understanding, and has a goal of
projecting positive images of Australia
and Indonesia in the other country.
The AII supports many activities that
help to expand people-to-people and
institutional linkages. The Institute’s
programs, especially the AustraliaIndonesia Youth Exchange Program
(AIYEP) and the Muslim Exchange
Program (MEP), and BRIDGE have created close ongoing personal and
professional links.
The Muslim Exchange Program has been
operating since 2002. It involves twoweek visits to Australia by groups of
young Indonesian Muslim community
leaders (such as writers, academics, or
workers in non-governmental and
religious organisations), and visits to
Indonesia by their Australian
counterparts. The focus is to build a
greater understanding for Australians of
mainstream Islam in Indonesia and, for
Indonesians, a greater awareness of
Australia' s multicultural society.
If you are interested in applying for the
next Muslim Exchange Program visit
Building Relationships through
Intercultural Dialogue and Growing
Engagement (BRIDGE)
The BRIDGE Project was established in
2008 and is supported by the Australian
aid program, and managed by the AII in
conjunction with the Asia Education
Foundation. The BRIDGE Project is a
project to support e-twinning of
Australian and Indonesian schools. It
aims to increase knowledge and
understanding between Australia and
Indonesia through school-to-school
partnerships that link students in both
In the BRIDGE Project, schools are
selected in Australia and Indonesia, and
each school nominates two teachers to
participate in the professional learning
program. The Indonesian teachers firstly visit Australia for three weeks to train
in building relationships, intercultural
understanding and the use of social
media in teaching and learning.
Teachers also interact with teachers and
students at their e-twin school. This is
followed by a three week visit by the
Australian teachers, who participate in
the same program in Indonesia.
The interaction between the BRIDGE
schools helps to develop professional
and personal relationships between
teachers, and promotes collaboration
between students in using online tools
and Wikispaces to share their work.
To date, the project has established 96
Australia-Indonesia school partnerships
and directly involved more than 380
Australian and Indonesian teachers.
If your school is interested in participating in the BRIDGE program, visit
 New website is launched
 There are over 26,000 “likes” on
 New format of Kang Guru
Indonesia radio programs
is launched
 Joeys website
is launched
 195 radio stations play the radio programs
 Radio program and scripts are available from website
 English Language Learning Kit for SMP/MTs is published
 KGI bulletin is first
published (2010–2012)
 120 stations play the radio programs
 Kang Guru Champions are appointed
 KGI starts using Facebook
 Radio scripts are available on the
 KGRE office moves to IALF Bali
 Walter Slamer becomes KGRE
Project Manager (1997–2000)
 53 stations play the radio programs
 KGRE magazine is first published
 The Joeys page
 140 stations play the radio programs
 Kang Guru Radio English changes to
Kang Guru Indonesia (KGI)
 KGI magazine is first published
 100 stations
play the radio
 ‘Kang Guru in the
 Kevin Dalton, known as ‘Kapten
 Kang Guru Connection
Kang Guru’ becomes KGRE
Project Manager (2000–2013)
 KGRI website is launched
Manager (1991–96)
 Kang Guru II Radio English guidebook
is first published (1991–97)
Classroom’ workshops
Language Clubs launched
 94 stations play the
radio programs
 Kang Guru Radio English (KGRE) is launched,
 Greg Clough becomes KGRE Project
appears in the
based at IALF Jakarta
 Kang Guru English program guide is published
for 12 radio programs
Let’s play Kang Guru Indonesia Timeline Board Game
Work in pairs or in groups—with your family or friends and play this board game to practice using ‘simple past forms’.
You will need:
 a coin for each pair/group
 a counter for each player.
What to do:
1. To begin, do a ’paper, scissors and rock’ game to decide who will be the first player, etc.
2. Place a counter on ‘START’. Toss the coin. If it shows a number (e.g. Rp 500), move two steps. If it shows
a picture (e.g. Garuda), move one step. When you land on a year, change the sentence into past simple form, etc.
For example: 100 stations played the radio programs in 2005.
3. First to reach ‘FUTURE’ wins.
Are you an SMP/MTs English teacher?
Have you seen the new English Language Learning (ELL) kit developed by Kang Guru Indonesia?
The full kit has supplementary learning materials for grades 7, 8 and 9.
Each year includes:
A Teacher’s Guide
Ready-to-use worksheets, board games and pictures ; and
An Audio CD
The units of work directly link to the 2013 curriculum and are designed for busy teachers!
You can DOWNLOAD the materials F REE from the Kang Guru Indonesia website:
Kang Guru Indonesia launched its new website in
September this year. Many of our users access the
internet using handphones, and our website was
difficult to read on a small screen and the pages
took too long to download. The new website,
with a new colour scheme, is handphone-enabled
so that it automatically adjusts the page to fit the
screen on a computer, tablet or handphone. The
text remains readable on all devices. So check it
out at
The Australia Indonesia Youth
Exchange Program (AIYEP) is now in
its 33rd year of operation. AIYEP
provides young
Australians and
Indonesians with a once-in-alifetime opportunity to experience
firsthand the culture and society of
their nearest and most important
regional partner.
Each year, 18 Australians and 18
Indonesians, all aged between 21
and 25 years, are selected to participate in AIYEP.
Participants from Indonesia travel to
Australia, to take part in work placements and internships, cultural
performances and visits to local
schools and communities, all while
living with host families. The
Australian participants then depart
for Indonesia, together with their
counterparts, to undertake a similar
program in Indonesia. Participants
also undertake a development
project in a rural and remote village
in Indonesia.
Kang Guru Indonesia met up with
the AIYEP participants in Koto Sani,
a small village in Solok, West
Sumatera. Koto Sani is a remote
village, and it was here that the
group spent a few weeks. The
participants developed ideas to
help the local community, working
with a limited budget. During their
stay in Koto Sani, a sports focus
group helped cement a volleyball
pitch, taught some community
members how to play Australian
Rules Football, and held sports
competitions. A health focus group
repaired and repainted a local
health clinic, while an arts and
culture focus group donated new
instruments and equipment to a
group of women who meet every
week at a local mosque to practice
AIYEP is funded by the Australian
Government through the AustraliaIndonesia Institute and the
Department of Foreign Affairs and
Trade, in partnership with the
Indonesian Government Ministry for
Youth and Sport, which manages and
coordinates the program in
If you are interested in representing
Indonesia as an AIYEP participant,
please visit
ustralia and Indonesia are
working together to improve
access to quality education for
all Indonesian children. As good
friends and neighbours, both countries are supporting
goal of providing schooling up to
grade 9 for all boys and girls. The
Education Partnership is a 524 million Australian dollar program from
2011 to 2016 – and a cornerstone of
Australia’s development partnership
with Indonesia.
Building Opportunities
Australia is helping to build junior
secondary schools in some of the
country’s poorest and most remote
districts. By 2016, hundreds of
thousands of new school places will
be created by constructing or
expanding schools all over Indonesia.
Investing in Education Leaders
Good schools need qualified and
skilled staff. Australia is working with
Indonesia to support the development of a system that will enable
Indonesia’s approximately 293,000
principals, district officials and
supervisors to access professional
In 2014 Australian and Indonesian
officials were proud to launch the
Professional Development for
Education Personnel Program
(ProDEP) as part of Australia’s
long-running support to Indonesia’s
education system.
ProDEP covers 250 districts in all 34
provinces, making it one of
programs to date. It has been
designed to offer education
officials, supervisors and principals
access to international standard
continuing professional development through training and on-thejob learning.
These professional development
programs will help education
leaders manage high quality
Helping Islamic Schools Meet National Standards
The Education Partnership is
working with the Ministry of
Religious Affairs to help Islamic
schools (madrasah) meet national
education standards. Twenty
percent of children in Indonesia
attend madrasah, which are often in
poor and remote areas.
Although most madrasah teach the
national curriculum, around 72
percent are unaccredited by the
government. This means they are
unable to provide students with
leaving certificates.
The Education Partnership will
support 1500 madrasah in order to
help them meet national standards.
These will then become models for
other Islamic schools throughout
Research for Better Education
Australia is supporting high-quality
education research to provide the
Indonesian Government with
evidence and analysis for policy
Together with the Government of
Indonesia, the European Union and
the Asian Development Bank, the
Australian aid program established
the Analytical and Capacity
Development Partnership (ACDP).
The ACDP responds to the demands
of education policy makers for
information and ideas to improve
Indonesia’s education system.
Accurate information is crucial for a
good quality education system. It’s
an investment in Indonesia’s future.
For more information: visit
How quickly can you say these? Does your tongue get twisted? Try to say them faster than your friends.
Can you can a can
as a canner can can.
The big bug bit the little beetle, but
the little beetle bit the big bug.
She sells seashells
on the seashore.
I can think of six thin things, but I
can think of six thick things too.
Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, a peck of pickled
peppers Peter Piper picked. If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled
peppers, Where’s the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?
teenage character who
loved skateboarding. He
regularly appeared on the
magazine and became
elementary learners of
To be more effective,
Kang Guru decided to
The Joeys Club in 2006
Whiz in 2005
focus more on teenage
he Joeys United drama was first
Consequently, ‘Wow Wow Whiz’
introduced on the Kang Guru
was transformed into the ‘The Joeys
radio program in March 2013. Since
Club’ page and was first included in
then, more than 70 episodes have the December 2006 magazine. ‘The
been broadcast. The drama has now Joeys Club’ consisted of six junior
become one of the most popular secondary school students who
segments for teenage listeners.
loved English. They were Natalya,
But did you know that the Joeys have Sinta, Fatimah, Budi, Ali and Samuel. The characters were an
been with us for nearly 10 years? The
immediate hit, and Kang Guru restory started due to lots of requests
ceived lots of letters from junior
sent by Kang Guru Indonesia fans
secondary school students about
whose level of English was quite low
the Joeys, requesting Joeys pins,
but who really wanted to learn
stickers, posters and more
English through the Kang Guru
magazines. In 2011, the Joeys webmagazines. As a result, the ‘Wow
site was launched and within a few
Wow Whiz’ page was created in
months the page had thousands of
April 2005, which was included in the
views, with the podcasts and
magazine and the Kang Guru
competitions pages being the most
website. Whiz was an Australian
popular pages. The Joeys website
Can you answer these questions?
How do you make seven an even number?
Why did the elephant paint himself different colours?
What’s black and white and makes a lot of noise?
What has four legs but can’t walk?
Why was Jenny carrying a ladder?
What has a head, a tail, and no body?
Why did the cookie go to the doctor?
Why did the computer go to the doctor?
still exists and is now part of the
Kang Guru Indonesia website.
Given the Joeys’ popularity, and the
potential to reach a wider audience,
Kang Guru brought the characters to
life on the radio program in the form
of a weekly drama. The same
characters star in the drama. Joeys
United follows the daily lives and
adventures of the six friends and is
set at a fictional school called SMPN
Semangat Baru. Very special thanks
need to be given to Nayla, Andrew,
Cresta, Gendis, Naomi, Edric, Naga,
Dika, Mariana, Enzo, Alin, Lina, and
Bimbi, who play the characters heard
on the radio program. They
volunteer their time to record the
drama at the recording studio at
IALF, Bali. Joeys United would not be
possible without them.
The Joeys United in 2013
Match the expressions with the
meanings (1 - 10):
Give up? Find the answers in the box below.
4. A chair.
8. Because it had a virus.
1. Take the ‘s’ out!
5. Because she was going to high school.
2. So he could hide in the crayon box. 6. A coin.
3. A zebra with a drum kit.
7. Because it felt crummy.
a surfer
cup of tea
2 What famous Australian animal is Kang Guru
Indonesia named after?
4 Where is the current KGI office?
5 What does “Kang” mean in the name of KGI?
6 What is Mr. Greg Moriarty’s job?
9 What was one of the sporting activities held in
the past year?
11 In what month was ‘Wow Wow Whiz’ page
13 What do English Language Teaching (ELT)
workshop participants receive at the workshop?
1 What is the price of downloading KGI
2 Who was the longest serving KGI Project
3 Which small village played host to the AIYEP
7 Which fictional village is the setting for Joeys
8 What is the abbreviated name for the
professional development program being rolled
out by the Education Partnership?
9 How many years have Ogi and Darmika been at
10 On what media does KGI broadcast its weekly
12 What type of quiz is held each week on the KGI
Facebook page?
to the winners of the 25 th Anniversary Writing Competition
To celebrate 25 Years of Kang Guru Indonesia we held a writing competitions. We received some wonderful entries from provinces all around Indonesia and the standard was very high. The winners of the
competitions are:
Age 18 & above: Ni'fatul Fauziyah (East Java), Yeni Aminudin (East Java), Yuli Astuti Hasanah (East
Java) & Suryansah (Aceh)
Age 13-17:
Novyanti Farlolon (Maluku), Salsa Nabila (Mauku) & Riryn Cherryl Elviani Bowa
Under 13 years: Kirana Pramudita Hapsari (East Java), Ingrid Wegia Apriananda (West Kalimantan)
& Monica Ihza Nofitriana (East Java).
The winners received a goody bag, our special edition 25 th anniversary Kang Guru Indonesia t-shirt and
commemorative magazine. Well done and thanks to everyone who entered the competition.
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