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Dave Clemm Thanks Lou Font
During the Christmas holidays, David & Jeannie Clemm received medical information
about their oldest son that no parent should ever have to endure anytime. Treatment included
emergency surgery and will consist of prolonged monitoring, therapy, and possibly more surgery
at various centers of excellence in several locations. Shortly after the diagnosis was rendered, Ed
Mendoza, an F2 Zoo company mate and neurologist, got involved and spoke with the surgeon
about the plans and the rationale. Ed advised Dave to immediately get a Health Proxy and a
Power of Attorney prepared. The hospital in Boston – where the initial surgery was to take
place) was unable to help. After Jeannie remembered that Lou Font was in Boston, Dave called
Lou and explained the issues. Lou dropped everything and he and his wife, Gale Glazer, who is
also an attorney, began researching how to deal with the issue given the multiple states where
Dave’s and Jeannie’s son might need to be located and treated. They arrived at the hospital with
the documents in hand, explained everything they had done and why, offered to bring over a
notary if the hospital could not find one, and were willing to make any required changes at once
to get it signed before the surgery on Dec 31st. Over the next week, Lou and Gale spent time
running around Boston getting things to make the Clemms’ son feel better. While the Clemms’
son survived surgery, subsequent therapy, procedures, and care will remain arduous. The Fonts’
words and actions were very helpful during the worst moments leading up to the surgery. They
have continued to keep in touch almost daily with bits of humor and support. Brian
Utermahlen, a C2 company mate of Lou’s noted that, “A person's true character is never more
clearly demonstrated than in times of crisis and obviously Lou and Gale showed theirs as they
ministered to [the Clemm] family in this time of difficulty.” Prayers and good wishes to the
Clemms and many thanks to Lou and Gale.
Holiday Bursts
While we received a lot of cards and letters during the holidays, we could only glean a
few zingers out of each. Stott & Bobbie Carleton had a lot of company last summer – they
smelled the lobsters and nobody wants to visit Maine in the winter, late fall, or early spring. Stott
fished 175 traps last season, which gave him time to race their small sailboat and camp with the
kids on the big one. Bobbie says that Stott and the kids keep her busy while yoga and walking
keep her sane. John & Sharon Cruden are showing their grandkids the world in fine style and
John has once again flunked retirement by being nominated by the President to return to the
Department of Justice as Assistant Attorney General for Environment and Natural Resources.
Bruce Parry broke his 45+ year silence to let us know that he is retired, recently married, lives
in Chicago, active in the veterans movement, the Chair of the Coalition of Veterans
Organizations, also active in a couple of political organizations, watches a lot of movies, and
blogs about them. Fred Hoblit has joined the Army Navy Country Club senor league, won five
out of six matches, satisfied his Senior Moment Crisis by purchasing a new Mercedez SL hard
top convertible, and is taking on the challenge of loading two sets of golf clubs in the trunk.
Dwight & Donna Lee missed the reunion because Dwight was taking on housekeeping and
nursing chores while Donna recuperated from hip replacement. Donna’s gift to Dwight was to
let him play all the golf he wanted in January (the coldest month on record in Pawleys Island).
Gary & Patti Halstead continue to count their family blessings and floss regularly. Vic & Pat
Hiatt are wearing a path from their homes in Florida to one of their son’s home in Oregon. Late
breaking news: thanks to son, Chris, and daughter-in-law, Carol, Dutch & Megan Hostler are
new grandparents again – Cameron David Hostler was born on January 24. Jack & Bobbi
Munson have chased an airplane, challenged the snow, wrangled their four grandkids, attempted
to fill a water hazard with golf balls, helped clean a beach, avoided deer and turkeys, , and
entertained family and friends at their home in Delaware. Bob & Carol Shimp sold their home
in Houston, moved to a high rise condo a few miles away. Although the view is spectacular,
they are rarely at home to enjoy it because of a heavy schedule of wedding attendance in the US
and Italy, and making wine in Mendoza, Argentina.
[Photo # 1 -- “The Hiat Tribe – “Vic
Bryan, Jodie Hernandez, Kate, Emily, Pat, Kelly, Michael, and Jo Raye Jackson (Pat’s Mom)”]
[Photo # 2 -- “Bobbi & Jack Munson with
daughters Megan and Erin in Erin’s C-17 office at Lewis-McCord, Washington”]
Some Family Holiday Pictures
Peter Wallace and Barbara are back from France and have already set their return and
departure dates which revolve around weather, Peter’s 50th HS reunion, grand kids, and son
Steve’s re-deployment. Elwood & Mary Lou Cobey gave in this year and had to publish four
pictures to get the whole clan on their Christmas card. Wish I could learn how to do collages…
[Photo # 3 -- “The Wallace Clan – Steve’s &
Rose’s kids William, Matty, and Quentin; Peter & Barbara; Brian’s & Gwen’s kids Max and
[Photo # 4 -- “Only part of the 2013 Cobeys:
Alex & Whitney Cobey, Elwood, George Turmail, Mary Lou, Brian & Eve-Lyn Turmail,
Margaret & Mathew Sonduck, Lily Turmail, Will & Kate Cobey, Anna Turmail, and Chris
Army-Navy Reflections
Upon his return from Philadelphia, Bob Balog wrote that he and John Cullen
experienced cold, wet weather, and utter defeat – not unlike how Napoleon’s Army must have
felt on the way out of Russia. Let’s hope that, despite the frustration, Army continues on the
high road and does not enlist Hessians to get us out of our slump. Bob said that he and John did
not see any other classmates, but there were many great vapor-venting masses of clothing in the
stadium so they may have missed them. In a more comfortable venue, but just as “cheerful,”
Chuck Giasson sent a photo of an Army-Navy gathering at Bob & Eileen Stroud’s home at
Bethany Beach, Deleware.
[Photo # 5 -- “Two out of three isn’t bad -Chuck Giasson, Jack & Bobbi Munson, Bill & Patty Marriott, host Bob & Eileen Stroud, Bub &
Angela Younts at the Stroud's beach house in Bethany , DE”]
On Jan 12, Pres & Clem Miller, Karen Wing and her son, Brian, and Karen’s brother,
Gary Milanese, reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. As I remember, Mike Gilhuly was
the last classmate to make that climb. Uruhu Peak is 19,340' above sea level, so the crew hauled
a banner up there to emphasize their point – the drought must end – it is time for Army to BEAT
NAVY, no matter how steep the climb, or how high the mountain. Another reason for the trip
was to celebrate some major but unprintable birthdays.
[Photo # 6 -- “Pres & Clem Miller, Karen Wing,
Brian Wing, Gary Milanese making a point and celebrating birthdays atop Mount Kilimanjaro
50 Year Affiliation Project Update
George Shoener represented the class by attending and speaking at the USMAPS
Veterans' Day ceremony held next to the USMAPS Memorial Wall where Bill Ericson’s and Don
Workman's names are inscribed. Since the Cadet Candidates really seem to enjoy seeing and
hearing from old grads, this is a good venue for all classmates to participate in to polish your old
grad Founders Day rant or just to instill some pride into the Long Gray Line at the ground level.
[Photo # 7 -- “George Shoener with a Cadet Candidate, a
TAC and LTC Steve Ruth (the Commandant) at the USMAPS Veterans' Day ceremony”]
Although Tony & Ginger Mathews were not able to attend the 45th reunion, Tony is
planning on doing the Old Grad Marchback next summer with our affiliation class of 2018. He
was at West Point last May, just after graduation, and had a chance to walk around and talk with
a few cadets. He was there because he was completing a 460 mile section hike on the
Appalachian Trail that ended at the trail crossing the Hudson River at Bear Mountain Bridge and
thought he’d drop in. Tony also took the opportunity to visit John Dodson and catch up on all
that each had been doing. After the Marchback, he will pick up the Appalachian hike at Bear
Mountain next summer on his way to Maine.
Veterans’ Day at the Wing Ranch
On Veterans Day, John & Resa Wing hosted a gathering and dedicated trees with a
bronze plaque to veterans at the Wing Ranch. In 2012, the event kicked off a Texas barbecue
and then a ceremony where each tree and plaque honoree as honored with words from his or her
presenter. At that gathering, Jude Rolfes honored Ken Cummings was honored.
[Photo # 8 -- “Plaque honoring Ken Cummings at
the Wing Ranch”]
Jon Dodson Makes a Difference With a Little Help From Some Friends
Since Jon Dodson has been a volunteer at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
Bethesda, he has acquired iPADs which were provided by Operation Grateful Nation for
wounded troops with traumatic brain injuries that he worked with. During that period, the
neurological occupational therapists observed that the TBI wounded who received iPADs
recovered faster and better than those without iPADs. Last year, through Jon’s and OGN efforts,
the government saw the light and now issues iPADs to all severely traumatic injured troops.
Classmates on Grand Canyon Adventure
John Westerlund dropped a note and couple of pictures of a five day adventure he had
with Jay Crenshaw and Russ Olsen at the bottom of the Grand Canyon around the Phantom
Ranch. Following publishing an award winning book for preservation of southwest cultural
heritage, John said that he needed to get outdoors again and began work as a seasonal National
Park Service “interpretive ranger.” Currently, he “works” in Flagstaff’s Wupatki, Walnut
Canyon, and Sunset Crater Volcano National Monuments as well as in the 1.8 million-acre
Coconino National Forest. Jay & Carol spend most of their time traveling these days, and I have
no idea what Russ has been doing since this is the first time we’ve heard of him since graduation.
[Photo # 9 -- “Jay Crenshaw, “Grisly”
John Westerlund, and Russ Olsen in the Grand Canyon”]
[Photo # 10 -- “Jay Crenshaw snags a trout in Bright Angel
Mike Murphy Thanks Rollie Stichweh for Class Fallout
Last April, Mike Murphy was in Connecticut visiting a ’63 Navy grad when the Navy
guy set up a lunch at the Connecticut Golf Club with his friend and golf buddy, Rollie Stichweh.
Mike took the opportunity to thank Rollie for The Great Fallout of 1964 following the defeat of
Navy prior to Christmas Leave. Mike has also been in possession of, and footed the bill for
digitizing and converting to DVD a WP propaganda film much like the one that was circulated
last month. While we had hoped to use it as a souvenir for contributing to our 50th reunion Class
Gift Fund, time has taken its toll on the color – but it’s still a great tool to help remember an
earlier Day.
[Photo # 11 -- “Mike Murphy thanking Rollie Stichweh for a
memorable fallout”]
Remembering Sam Brooks
Rick Rhoades reported the sad news to those who had not been able to visit Sam Brooks
last month. As was reported, Sam passed away unexpectedly in early January. Chuck Giasson
reflected that Sam was the catalyst in getting D3 classmates together 13 years ago by hosting a
Warrior reunion at his home to introduce his bride, Diane. Over the years, the company reunion
tradition continued with classmates hosting weekends in Virginia, Kentucky, New Hampshire,
and Rhode Island. Most all class company mates have reflected on the wonderful things that
Sam contributed to the class, Academy, community, and country, and underscore what we are all
feeling – YOU’RE ALL WE’VE GOT.
[Photo # 12 -- “A final gathering
with Sam Brooks – Jim Madora, Chuck Giasson, Bob Shaw, and Bob Swedock with Sam in the
middle just before last Christmas”]