Minutes - Roper Gulf Regional Council

Local Authority
Meeting Minutes
Held at Savannah Way Motel
Thursday 4th September 2014
Meeting opened at 10:00am by Bernie Redfern who has been designated Chair at this
Borroloola Local Authority Meeting
1.1. Elected Members:
Mayor Jack
Councillor Garner
Councillor Allen
1.2 Local Authority Members:
Bernie Redfern
Maria Pyro
Geoff Hulm
1.3 RGRC Staff:
Bob Pahl
Chantelle Johns
Paul Parker
1.4 Visitors/Guests:
Gerry McCarthy
Jackie Green
William Rosas
Mike Longton
Marlene Karkadoo
Shaun Cairns
Sharon Hillen
Jo Nicol
Donald Shadforth
Nicholas Sharah (Dept Local Government)
Patrick Fleming
Alison Doyle
Annie Roberts
Chrissy Joll
Beatty Retchford
Moved: Cr Stan Allen Seconded: Mike Longton
Conflict of Interest:
No conflict of interest was declared.
Guest Speakers:
Gerry McCarthy
 Spoke to LA member about the Power Water sewerage upgrade, Power Water are
confident that the upgrade restoration will be happening very soon.
It is important for residents to be involved in the scope of works that Steelcon
Gerry had commended residents for their patience with regards to Sewage Stage 2 .
This was always going to be a challenging project.
Getting permanent Motor Vehicle Registration Services in Borroloola are of utmost
ACTION: CSM to circulate Gerry McCarthy’s letter to all LA members.
Confirmation of Minutes of Previous Meeting:
Moved: Geoff Hulm
Seconded: Councillor Allen
Voted: All agreed
Business Arising from Previous Minutes
Previous Minutes Action List
See Attached Action List
Outgoing Correspondence:
8.1. Incoming Correspondence:
General Business
9.1. *GEC Report Nil
*Elected Member’s Report:
OCM last week in Numbulwar, next OCM will be held in Ngukurr. Elected
member spoke about having youth present at LA meetings and OCM’s, two spots
available for LA meetings age group for Youth is 15-25 years.
 The Mayor discussed a letter sent to Council via OCM re:Terry Fisher requesting
support from RGRC to get realigning of his town block.
Motion: Borroloola Local Authority to send letter to Terry Fisher supporting his proposal
to get blocks realigned as long as there is no costs or issues incurred by Council.
Moved: Shaun Cairns
Seconded: Geoff Hulm
ACTION: DITS/CSM to write Letter to giving conditional support to Terry Fisher’s
proposal of block realigning.
*Council Service Manager’s Report:
Sewer Upgrade will commence in the subdivision in approximately 2 weeks
Minister Elferink sent thank you wishes to all LA Member that met with him and
discussed and raised issues regarding Borroloola
Stage 2 of the softball diamond will start soon
*Town Priorities:
ACTION: Sharon to circulate Town Priorities to Chair and LA Members
*Governance Updates:
*Complaints Register:
AMP Group met last week, no changes the statistics from Police, Night patrol and
Clinic are being compiled. The Legal Team is yet to review the AMP document.
*Policy Updates:
Complaint received in August in regards to the dump, complaint has been
*Borroloola Alcohol Management Plan:
29th October – OCM Ngukurr
One new policy – Care Taker Policy- A policy to guide RGRC during LG
Two updated policies- Bulling Policy, Confidentially Policy
*Work Health and Safety:
To highlight Safety and everyone’s responsibilities to it September is Safety
Month at Roper Gulf Regional Council, employee will be attending a Safety
Presentation at each Council Services centre. Everyone is encouraged to report
any hazards as soon as there are seen.
9.10. *Cemetery- Still waiting for NTG for Legislation.
9.11. *Swimming Pool
Meeting date to be discussed and decided
9.12. *Youth, Sport & Rec Report
 Youth, Sport & Rec are still working hard to find two Youth to partake in LA
meetings – Youth to be aged between 15-25years
 Suicide Training – Using media, 13 youth attending the training
 Over all average for the month
- 96 youth under 18year of age
- 7-13 youth over 18years of age
10. Other Business
10.1. Local Authority Funding Guidelines
 $131,356 for Borroloola – NTG will deliver this grant for 4 years
- $37,000 to Traffic Management
- $94,356 left to be allocated by Local Authority
ACTION: DITS/Council to give LA Member prices on electronic score boards for the
Show grounds.
ACTION: Sharon and CSM to meet with LA members at PM that night to decide
placement of Solar Lights
10.2. Hardy Aviation – Have asked if Council will wave landing fees etc for aircraft and in return
Council and NT Government will have access to this air craft. Council will await a formal letter
from Hardy Aviation.
10.3. Wild Dog Trapping Program
 Proposed dates for Borroloola: 13th – 17th October. More notification will be given
at a closer date.
10.4. MRM Overburden Management Project EIS
 Handouts given to LA Members – LA Member discussed the issue of the burning
at MRM, with the core being 2000◦c and disintegrating rocks LA members would
like to write a letter asking MRM to address the pollution.
ACTION: Council to write a letter in regards to LA Members concerns at MRM Mine.
10.5 Jacky Green had 3 issues;
At Mara Camp where digging pipeline the Speed Bump has not been fixed up outside MabunjiThis is the Contractors responsibility.
The state of housing in the Camps- This is Mabunji’s responsibility
The Road and Bridge- This has already been fixed.
ACTION: Sharon to send NLC email.
10.6 Donald Shadforth presented photos of drinking spots and asked who is responsible for
clean up. Sharon said the road corridor belongs to NTG and that a request has been sent to
Dept of Infrastructure for a contract so Council can clean up road. CSM stated this issue has
been raised at the AMP Meetings and the Mayor suggested taking it back to AMP Meeting.
11. Meeting Closed
 Meeting Closed: 2:55pm
 Next meeting: 9th October 2014
As the Chair at the Borroloola Local Authority Meeting held on the ____________ I certify
these minutes to be a true and correct record of this meeting.
Chairperson Bernie Redfern