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2014 Course Catalog
Realize your Full Potential with NLP and IMS
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About the Trainings
IMS Facilitator™, Past Life & Natal Regression and NLP trainings are given in beautiful Santa Fe New Mexico.
But NLP Trainings are also now being held in other locations across the Country. If you’re interested in
Sponsoring or Coordinating an NLP Training in your area, contact Susan Toll Free at 877. 738. 7061.
Trainings happen approximately once each Season, though this is flexible enough to include special
presentations for Hypnotherapy Conferences in various places and times during the year.
Classes run from 9am till about 5:30pm with an hour Lunch Break and one or two short breaks during the
day. Classes typically consist of lectures with Q & A, along with live demos of all change methods. Then live
Demos are followed by coached practice and follow up Q & A to clarify any problems or questions that arose
as a result of doing the practice.
One of the things that students frequently comment on about the training is the amount of personal change
they experience as a result of doing the practice sessions with their classmates, and also as a result of being
the person who is the ‘demo subject’ for each of the processes.
This is something that people are very happy about as well as surprised by, since they often anticipate more
of an intellectual process and less of a transformational experience. However this training intentionally
provides Both of those experiences, which is appropriate since it gives students not only a mental
understanding of how the processes work, but also a direct personal experience that really demonstrates
what’s possible with the methods.
The training is structured in such a way that it builds on itself so that as students progress through the days,
they gain the understanding of the principles and how the methods actually work, which really creates the
foundation to experience and run more and more complicated and involved work later on in the training.
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Meet Our Staff
The Trainer
In 1995, Patrick was certified as an NLP Practitioner and in 2003 as a Master
Practitioner. In 1997, he was certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and was
hired to teach NLP as part of a Hypnotherapy Training in Santa Fe.
In 2005 he designed and began presenting his own 10 day NLP Practitioner
Training at the Hypnotherapy School in Santa Fe where he continued as a lead
Instructor and Practical Skills Coach for 14 years, leaving in the Summer of
He is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Hypnotherapy Instructor with the
American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, and has presented at their annual
Conference in Glendale California, on four separate occasions since 1998.
Patrick can be reached at
505. 577. 1436
[email protected]
Since 2005, he’s taught and certified students from around the country and
internationally, as Practitioners of NLP, and has performed thousands of
sessions in private practice since 1995.
In 2012 he changed the name of his business to Inner Mind Sourcing™ and
presented his first IMS Facilitator Training™, which is the next step up from
NLP Practitioner Training.
Susan Jacques recently joined IMS but brings 6 years of experience and
knowledge in working with students from all over the world.
Previously she worked in the same capacity at the Hypnotherapy Academy of
America, which was located in Santa Fe for many years.
Susan brings a passion for improving the world by facilitating personal growth,
healing and positive change for as many people as possible. She has a real
dedication to providing people with the essential skills to go out and make a
difference for the people in their own areas of the country and the world.
Susan Jacques
She is a Clinical Hypnotherapist as well as a Certified Practitioner of Creative
NLP Solutions™. She’s also a certified practitioner of Bach Flower Remedies,
and has an Undergrad degree in Business Administration and a Degree in
Applied Sciences for Physical Therapy.
Susan can be reached at: 505. 780. 5128
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Patrick Presenting at the Hypnothoughts Live Conference in 2013
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About Santa Fe
Santa Fe is the Capital City of New Mexico and has a population of approximately 60,000 people. It sits at
an altitude just above 7,000 feet above sea level, and is surrounded by the Sangre de Christro Mountains.
Santa Fe weather includes about 300 says of sunshine a year, with typically mild winters in town, but great
skiing up on the nearby slopes. There are numerous hiking & camping trails for getting into nature during
the spring, summer and fall, and plenty of world class skiing during the winter.
In town, there are over 300 restaurants, making Santa Fe a food lover’s paradise, with cuisine ranging from
‘diner’ to gourmet, and everything in between, including authentic Mexican and southwestern fare like
nowhere else, even in the Southwest.
Santa Fe is also a city of Museums and numerous Art Galleries. In fact, Santa Fe boasts more Museums and
Art Galleries than many cities twice its size.
Local Indian Pueblos
St. Francis Cathedral
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The Santa Fe Opera
World class Art Galleries on historic Canyon Road
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Creative NLP Solutions™ Practitioner Certification Training
10 days of going deep into the heart of transformation!
Our 10 day Practitioner Training is the place you want to be to learn what NLP really is and how
it works. The Course is taught in a way that helps you understand how and why each method
works, and when to use them with clients.
This is a life changing experience that goes beyond simply learning powerful change technology for
yourself and others, because you get to practice and receive all the processes yourself, in a safe and
supportive environment that makes learning easy and fun.
The Class gives you very powerful tools that are practical with all types of people, issues and goals. It
comes with 2 Training Manuals and all necessary student materials, and it’s filled with live demos.
When you graduate, you’ll be a certified NLP Practitioner with a very powerful set of methods and
skills to use with all of your Clients.
Who it’s For: Anyone interested in becoming a better Hypnotherapist, Life Coach or Healer by adding
powerful methods for creating positive change and transformation to what you already know. It’s
also for Anyone interested in personal growth, who just wants to be happier and more confident, or
achieve more in their lives, and for Business professionals looking for ways to consistently perform at
their best.
NLP Foundations Training - A fun day of learning the basics
This class requires you to purchase the Foundations Training Manual ahead of time, and do some reading
and studying on your own prior to attending. The learning in class happens in a safe and supportive
environment, filled with live demos and coached practice of essentials skills and methods. Q & A follows
practice to clarify your understanding.
After class you’ll know how to make some powerful and positive changes in your own life and the lives
of others, and you’ll be ready for the full 10 day Practitioner Certification Training.
Who it’s For: People who are new to NLP need this class to get the best start possible, so it’s designed
to get you there by giving you basic principles along with some powerful change methods. At the end
you’ll have the experience and understanding to fully participate in the 10 day Certification Course
with absolute confidence.
Runs just before the 10 Day Training so you can immediately follow up with the full Certification Class.
Classes Run 9 am to 5:30 pm Thursday, Friday & Saturday, with Sunday OFF
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Things you learn in Our 10 day NLP Certification Training:
● A thorough definition of NLP and its core principles so you understand what NLP is and how it works
● How to gain and keep Rapport with Clients to make sure your approaches are effective
● Learn how to make rapid, powerful changes by understanding how the mind represents reality
● The art of making resources available whenever and wherever they’re needed through Anchoring
● Powerful methods for getting clients out of feeling stuck, and into moving forward effectively
● Very powerful Processes for overcoming all kinds of limiting beliefs that clients face
● How to redirect clients’ unwanted habits, behaviors and responses
● A quick & effective way of finding the origins of Problems & the Resources needed to deal with them
● Help clients improve any physical activity or Sport they already do with the New Behavior Generator
● Powerful Processes for deeper work and overcoming more long-standing problems.
● Heal the root causes of many common relationship issues
● A complete and proven NLP Strategy for Smoking Cessation
● Get clients achieving goals they previously procrastinated using the Neurological levels
You also learn methods for effectively dealing with Phobic type responses and traumatic events, the
Meta Model and Milton Model Language Patterns for Trance Work and detailed information
gathering, and much more, including methods not taught in other NLP Training Anywhere.
Classes run Monday-Friday from 9am till 5:30 pm with weekends OFF.
Previous NLP Training is required before taking the 10 day course.
Our 1 day NLP Foundations training meets the previous training requirement however, please
Contact Us to discuss any other training you may have taken which may meet the prerequisite.
Our Courses counts as CEU’s for A.C.H.E. (American Council of Hypnotist Examiners),
IMDHA (International Medical Dental Hypnotherapy Association), and the National Guild
Of Hypnotists (the NGH)
Our Practitioner Certification and Foundations Course are also recognized by
NLP Comprehensive, one of the first NLP Trainings established in the United States.
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What People Say about Our Trainings
“Patrick is a gifted instructor. He combines clear communication, humor, and a deep knowledge of the
material to bring the information to life. His course has “next day” practical application and is life-changing.
Amazing! - Connie Ballou, MA, OTRL, CHT, C-NLPSP - 2013
“I cannot express in words how thrilled, grateful and happy I am about taking this course. Patrick is a
phenomenal teacher, committed to helping his students fully grasp the material. He makes learning fun,
profound and exciting. This is a ‘must take’ course. - Karla Lightfoot, CCHT, C-NLPSP - 2013
“I absolutely Love this class. I can see the value of every single process and how it will add tremendous value
to my practice. Patrick’s teaching style is very approachable. He is professional with a sense of ease rarely
matched. I have truly enjoyed this class! - Kimberly Love, CCHT, C-NLPSP - 2013
“Every aspect of Patrick’s course was evidence of his personal commitment to helping others get the most
out of their lives. He approaches his calling with great humility and a wonderful sense of humor so often
missing in the area of personal transformation. If you’re ready for a life altering experience, I highly
recommend Patrick’s NLP Course.” - Michael Glinksy, CCHT, C-NLPSP - 2013
“By far this is the best training course I’ve experienced. The material was excellent and the instruction was
exceptional. I highly recommend the class to anyone wanting to improve their coaching, therapy or
facilitation skills.”
- Steve Frison, CCHT, C-NLPSP - 2012
“Patrick is an excellent teacher who incorporates spiritual, emotional, physical and mental aspects to his
teaching, giving you a holistic model of therapy. The detail that he goes into is his teachings and unique
methods is remarkable, and this is something which I have not experienced with other NLP teachers. His
energy and intuition make his classes a pleasure to attend... You (Patrick) need to do this internationally!”
- Houry Pappin, NLPMP, C-NLPSP - 2012
“I feel personally and professionally transformed. The processes and techniques are so grounded and rooted
in very real everyday issues and yet (they) allowed for beautiful and out-of-the ordinary positive spiritual
experiences... This program has something for everyone. I am forever grateful...
- Diane Kennedy, CCHT, C-NLPSP - 2010
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What People Say about Our Trainings
“The quality of the course material and the in-class experience is top-notch and reflects what Patrick
contributes: He encourages students to participate 100% and that encourages incredible breakthroughs.”
- Nicolette Eus, CCHT, C-NLPS - 2011
“I’ve gotten more transformation in these 2 weeks than anything I’ve experienced in such a short period AND
it was painless and FUN!! Patrick is the most delightful, insightful, compassionate joy - it was so easy to be
with him and therefore be with myself. He’s brilliant and detailed. - I could relax knowing that whatever was
going to be taught was going to be easy to get. And he inspires us to be creative with the work and opens up
that great curiosity.”
- Ilene Dunn, CCHT, C-NLPSP - 2011
Run don’t walk to the next Creative NLP Solutions™ training. I learned so much more than I expected to or
thought was possible in two weeks. The best part is that it’s immediately applicable to working with clients.
I’m going to be a more effective Hypnotherapist because of this class.” - Kim Kreutzer, CCHT, C-NLPSP - 2009
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Inner Mind Sourcing™
Introduced in 2013 - IMS Facilitator Training
The IMS Material is the next Step Up from NLP Practitioner Certification Training because it gives you deeper
information and insights about Change-Work, and the most useful principles and ideas to understand in
working with Clients. Plus it gives you entirely New Processes and methods developed by Patrick Singleton
after more than 18 years of Using NLP and 16 years of using Hypnotherapy.
When completed, you’ll have the most advanced tools yet for creating lasting positive changes for
yourself and your clients. And you’ll also have a much deeper understanding of the nature of personal
change, and how to determine what methods to use for what types of issues and goals.
The Class also gives you the opportunity to become part of a growing community of people dedicated to
making positive change happen for people everywhere, using these methods and understandings through
membership in IMS.
IMS Membership gives you ways to stay plugged into the latest developments with the work, and be
connected to others who share the same knowledge, skills and concerns, as well as the same passion to
make a difference. And it also gives you a fun and easy way to gain CEU’s for A.C.H.E. through a monthly
recorded Conference Call. We’re also working on becoming compliant with other Certification Bodies for the
Call as well.
Who it’s For: People who’ve completed the Full 10 Practitioner Certification Training (C – NLPS), and are
ready for more methods and deeper understanding.
The principles and methods taught during the IMS Facilitator Course are built on the foundation gained from
the Full NLP Training, which means it takes those ideas and methods Further. This class gives additional ideas
and principles and a deeper understanding of change, including an understanding of the Brain and the Mind
as separate but interdependent entities. All this is coupled with many new methods for creating change with
a variety of issues using the natural Inner Mind Tools™ we already possess, but in new ways.
Overview: Classes run four Training days on, followed by two days off, then 3 more training days on.
Payment: Use our Contact Us page - Us
Send an Email to [email protected]
Or Call: 505. 780. 5128
We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover
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2014 Training Schedule and Pricing
NLP Practitioner Certification Trainings:
Winter in Santa Fe, NM
10 day Training in JANUARY:
Mon the 6th - Fri the 17th - Weekend in between is Off
Fall in Ashville, NC
10 day Training in SEPTEMBER: Mon the 8th - Fri the 19th - Weekend in between is Off
Spring in San Diego, CA
10 day Training in APRIL:
Mon the 14th - Fri the 25th - Weekend in between is Off
Regular Price: $1,995
Add N. M. sales tax .081875 % - Only when taken in N.M.*
Pay in Full 60 days or more Before the Start Date: $1,695*
SAVE $300!
Regular Price for 11 days: $2,194 - This Includes the 1 day Foundations Training
Pay in Full 60 days or more Before the Start Date: $1,844
SAVE $350!
IMS Facilitator Trainings - For Grads of the 10 day NLP Class
Late Spring IMS in Santa Fe
7 day Training in MAY & JUNE: Thursday MAY 29th - Saturday the 31st - Sunday Off
Monday JUNE 2nd - Thursday the 5th
Fall IMS in Harwinton, CT
7 day Training in OCTOBER: Thursday the 9th - Saturday the 11th - Sunday Off
Monday the 13th - Thursday the 16th
Regular Price: $1,395
Add N. M. sales tax .081875 % - Only when taken in N.M.*
Pay in Full 60 days or more Before the Start Date: $1,145*
©2005 Inner Mind Sourcing™
SAVE $260!
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2014 Training Schedule and Pricing
Past Life and Natal Regression Trainings: New for 2014
Spring in Santa Fe, N.M
5 days in JUNE for NLP Grads, Hypnotherapists and Councilors
Monday the 23rd - Friday the 27th
Regular Price: $995
Add N. M. sales tax .081875 % - Only when taken in N.M.*
Pay in Full 60 days or more Before the Start Date: $775*
SAVE $220!
All Classes run from 9 am till 5:30 pm. N.M. Sales Tax Only applies to Classes In N.M.
CONTACT: To Register or talk to our Admissions Coordinator,
Call 505. 780. 5128 and Ask for Susan
Ask about the benefits of becoming an IMS Member!
Note: If you have No previous NLP Training, you must arrange to attend one of our 1 day
NLP Foundations Classes, given the Sunday just prior to our full 10 day Trainings.
Ask Susan about scheduling, pricing for attending the 1 day and all 11 days consecutively.
Check out our Website for detailed information about the NLP and IMS Trainings:
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Registration Form
Name ______________________________________________ Date __________________
email ______________________________________________
Cell Phone _____________________________________ Home / Work __________________
Mailing Address _______________________________________ Apt. # __________________
City ______________________________ State __________________ Zip __________________
Note: If you want the Early Discount, you must pay in Full at least 60 days Before a Class Start Date.
Otherwise, please enclose a deposit of $300 for the 10 or 11 day NLP Class, or $200 for the IMS or
Natal & Past Life Classes. Your deposit will be applied to the Tuition. $100 is non-refundable.
10 day NLP Practitioner Certification Training:
□ Early Discount: ____________________
Date: _______________
Deposit Amount: ________________
Method of Payment:
□ Check # ________
Remaining Tuition: ______________
□ Credit Card Type: _____________
7 day IMS Facilitator Training:
□ Early Discount: ____________________
Date: _______________
Deposit Amount: ________________
Method of Payment:
□ Check # ________
Remaining Tuition: ______________
□ Credit Card Type: _____________
5 day Past Life and Natal Regression:
□ Early Discount: ____________________
Date: _______________
Deposit Amount: ________________
Method of Payment:
©2005 Inner Mind Sourcing™
□ Check # ________
Remaining Tuition: ______________
□ Credit Card Type: _____________
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Registration Form
1 day NLP Foundations Training OR □ 11 day Full Package:
For the 1 day Foundations Training Only: $100 deposit - $25 non-refundable
□ Early Discount: _____________ Date: ____________
Deposit Amt: _____________
Method of Payment:
□ Check # ________
□ Full Amount: _____________
Remaining Tuition: _____________
□ Credit Card Type: _____________
Previous Hypnotherapy or NLP Training ________________________________________________________________
Total classroom hours ______________________
Date of Birth ______________________
Refund Policy: For cancellation of any Course up to 21 days before the start date, tuition & deposit will
be refunded, minus $100 non-refundable portion of the deposit.
If a student drops out of the course and written notice is given to Patrick in person or by certified mail,
any refundable Tuition will be returned within 30 days of receiving the official notice according to the
pro rata schedule below. “Attendance time” is the time between the Start Date of the course and the
date on which enrollment is officially cancelled, whether or not the student attends class.
Attendance time
Portion of Tuition Refunds
After the end of the 1st day
80% of Tuition refunded while retaining $100 of the deposit
After the end of the 2nd day
70% of Tuition refunded while retaining $100 of the deposit
After the end of the 3rd day
50% of Tuition refunded while retaining $100 of the deposit
After the end of the 4th day
0% of Tuition refunded while retaining $100 of the deposit
A cancellation made within twenty-four (24) hours prior to the start time of the first day of the scheduled
training will be deemed a “no-show.” No-shows for confirmed registrations will be assessed 100% of the
price of the scheduled training, but may use their Tuition and deposit to attend another training within
12 months of cancellation. For questions, call Susan at 505. 780. 5128, or use the Contact Us option on the
IMS Website.
Please initial that you’ve read and understand the refund policy __________
©2005 Inner Mind Sourcing™
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Registration Form
Dismissal Policy:
A student may be dismissed from the course for an intoxicated or drugged appearing state, possession of
illegal substances, alcohol or weapons on training premises, behavior creating a safety hazard to other
attendees, or disrespectful behavior to attendees, disrupting the training environment, or any other
action which is determined inappropriate of Creative NLP Solutions™ by Patrick the Director.
I have read the promotional material and refund policy, and I understand my obligations as well as those
of Inner Mind Sourcing™/Creative NLP Solutions™. I understand that this course is not for the diagnosis or
treatment of any medical or mental ailment. I certify that all information given on this form is to the best
of my knowledge correct.
Signature ____________________________________________________________
Date _______________________
Mail Registration Form To: Patrick Singleton / IMS™
1000 Cordova Place # 129
Santa Fe, New Mex. 87505
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