Achieve SelfMastery for you
and for others!
What are the benefits of this Certification
NLP is about self-mastery. It is about “running
your own brain.” It is about improving your
communication with yourself and with others. It
is about influencing with integrity and about
achieving full potential with self and clients.
Training in NLP and in Life Coaching will lead
you to new opportunities and advantages in
your existing profession or employment and
opens doors to new possibilities. Course graduates from many walks of life will find this training to be the transformation that makes the
difference in moving you to a new personal and
professional level. Whether it is to advance to a
higher level, for your personal development or
for a career change, this training will give you
the abilities and tools to direct that process.
Health professionals improve their abilities to
interact with and even accelerate healing with
their patients. Parents achieve that rapport they
want. Business owners enjoy better management. Employees find advancement potential.
The list goes on…
Practitioner, Business, Professional and
Personal NLP Certifications are provided
by the National Center for Human Development, an affiliate of the Society of NLP,
Bandler & Associates.
NLP Life Coach Certification is provided
by the National Center for Human Development.
About your Trainer:
Roger V. Lees, M.A., President of the National Center for Human Development (est.
1983), is a Certified Trainer of NeuroLinguistic Programmi ng and NLP Lif e
Coachi ng. He i s a Behav i oral Sci ent i st wit h a Mast er of Art s degree i n
Hum an Dev el opm ent f rom F a irl ei gh
Dickinson University. His mastery of the NLP
technology, his results orientation, and his
humorous style have made him one of the
area's most effective trainers for growth and
change. From corporate accounts, such as
Schering Plough International, to individual
clients, Mr. Lees is widely sought after for
his training and coaching skills. Mr. Lees
will be assisted by a skilled and dedicated
Inquire about Custom, On-Site Corporate
and Small Business Trainings, Consulting
and Life Coaching.
National Center for
Human Development
Formerly the Ocean NLP Center
NLP Certification
Life Coach
Business and Professional
The fine print:
Non -refund able deposit $350.00. $2,995.00 payment in full is due by
April 5, 2014. Pay $2,495.00 by March 8, 2014 to save $500.00!. Bring
two, you go free! No refunds once program begins. NCHD may extend program credit at its sole discretion thereafter. Full refund for insufficient
enrollment. Only one discount offer applicable per program. Space is limited.
Advanced registration is required. Minimum age 18 for all programs.
National Center for
Human Development
Roger V. Lees, MA
Certified Trainer
1845 Old Freehold Road
Toms River NJ 08755
Phone: 732-244-6116
[email protected]
[email protected]
NLP Certification
Anchoring: Learn powerful stimulus-response
links to change the way you feel instantly. Get
rid of inner conflicts that limit you. Get the outcome you want with others. Give yourself access to your own state of personal excellence,
on command.
NLP is about self-mastery—your capacity to
achieve. Imagine making life be
the way you want it to, being the
person you want to be! NeuroLinguistic Programming is a true
technology of self-mastery. It is
a model for human communications excellence; with you and
Run Your Life Now! with others. Derived from neurophysiology, linguistics (brain
grammar) and Human Development it is an
operating model to direct your own brain, to
drive your own bus, to make your life work financially, professionally and emotionally.
NLP Certification Training
Following the certification path that fits you,
our series of 10 wonderful breakthrough
weekend training seminars will allow you to
unleash your power to change habits, influence others successfully, direct thoughts and
feelings, master stress and command every
area of your life to achieve success and harmony. Learn and experience true life selfmastery and reproduce it with others through
the basics of Life Coaching. You can even
gain a marketable skill!
Expert Communication: Use language patterns effectively. Determine if there are any
underlying messages in communications.
Who Benefits from Certification?
People from every avenue of life that want
the tools to be free and to walk and influence others with integrity.
People that want to acquire a cost effective
alternative model for self-actualization and
change. It’s a proven model that works!
People that may want to gain a marketable
People that want to be financially successful.
People that want to learn and grow among
high energy people.
People that want to be and stay free.
People that want to be more effective in
their daily work environments and interpersonal relationships.
People that want to facilitate personal
change with self and others.
Reframing: Turn past failures into current successes. Use reframes to achieve high quality
performance in you and in others.
People that are actualized and want to
achieve higher levels of consciousness
and spirituality.
And much, much more…
Business owners and managers that want
to run their businesses effectively, enhance
personal performance and create an outstanding employee work environment.
Submodalities: Learn how thoughts and experiences are actually structured, stored in the
brain. Learn how to influence and to change
Metaprograms: Learn unconsciously motivators. Use that knowledge to motivate you and
others, conversationally and subconsciously.
Strategies: Learn how to program yourself for
success. Understand why very small changes
can make an enormous difference in your destiny - and be able to make those changes. Gain
skills for personal achievement.
Personal Power Techniques for Change:
Learn how to manage stress, clear personal
blocks, and break through self-imposed limitations. Learn how to apply these skills to others.
2014 Training Dates:
April 5-6
May 3-4
June 7-8
July 12-13
August 9-10
Topics, techniques and benefits taught and
practiced will include:
Rapport Building: Improve personal and professional relations. Gain cooperation of others
with verbal and non-verbal techniques. Resolve conflicts in ways that are mutually beneficial.
Direct Your Own
September 6-7
October 4-5
November 1-2
December 6-7
Jan. 10-11, 2015
Tuition: $2,995.00. Includes all materials. Save $500.00, $2,495.00
when paid by April 4, 2014.
SAVE! Bring Two, You Go Free!
Tuition includes testing fees and materials.
(Additional Requirements for NLP Life Coach Certification. See website for details.)
Location: NCHD Office, Toms River NJ
Training Times: 9:00 am. to 4:30 pm
Certifications Offered:
NLP Personal and Practitioner
NLP Life Coach
NLP Business
NLP Professional
Please go to
for certification explanations and requirements.
It’s Great!
Introduction to NLP!
March 8, 2014, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.
$59.00. See website for details.