Messengers of Joy.Summer.2014 - Blessed Junipero Serra Regional

Blessed Junipero Serra Region of the Secular Franciscan Order
Established October 29, 1993
N ort he rn and Cen tra l Cal iforn ia an d Nort hern Nev ad a
M ess eng ers o f J o y
R e g io n al N e ws l e tte r
S um m e r 2014
Volume 24, Number 2
Message from the Minister
Kathleen Molaro, OFS
New Life!
We've just experienced Easter and Earth Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day – all
occasions which prompt an awareness of the constant, God-given new life around us.
We Franciscans have a particular responsibility to be good stewards. St. Francis believed
that God's hand is seen in every aspect of creation, from the smallest grain of sand to the
vast universe. When God settled humankind on earth, “to cultivate and care for it” (Gn
2:15), we inherited a huge responsibility, the fruit of which is food, water, shelter, and
aesthetic beauty for all earth's inhabitants. Even as far back as Vatican II, religious
leaders helped us connect the understanding of creation from Genesis, to the world's
greatest needs. We were warned that “From its conception, life must be guarded with the
greatest of care.” (Gaudium et Spes, no. 51) Pope Francis' background in science and his
love of Francis, is helping him articulate the need to improve global health and address
urgent issues affecting the earth, which ultimately will protect God's precious children.
He has called us to be “protectors of creation, protectors of God’s plan inscribed in
nature, protectors of one another and of the environment.” Studying nature will not only
help us grow closer to God, but will guide us to decisions that respect the entire human
We may not be able to follow through with every suggestion for safeguarding the
environment, but certainly we can examine our life style and determine possible changes.
We can also study the larger issues in order to advocate for more widespread change.
Here are some suggestions:
Explore websites to help you study more fervently: ,, and
Read Care for Creation: A Franciscan Spirituality of the Earth, by Bro. Keith Douglass
Warner, OFM, Ilia Delio, OSF, and Pamela Wood, or Father Paul Haffner's
Theology of the Environment and use for Ongoing Formation.
Ask your fraternity JPIC representative to research local issues. As a fraternity,
choose a simple action you can undertake.
Cut-off for donations to the YOUFRA, H2O Project is late Fall – so it’s not
too late. The California drought is makes us even more aware of the global
need for abundant, clean water.
For details details go to:
Spend time outdoors during this beautiful summer weather. Have one of your
fraternity gatherings outside, or have a Holy Hike (start with prayer or Mass,
then walk together).
Happy Summer!
Regional Executive
Kathleen Molaro, OFS
(530) 272-1416
[email protected]
Vice Minister
Jack Jackson, OFS
[email protected]
Sara Ingalls, OFS
(916) 450-0130
[email protected]
Dianne Prior, OFS
(707) 252-1506
[email protected]
Formation Director
John Ziemienski, OFS
(916) 402-7797
[email protected]
Area 1
Dirk Wohlau, OFS
(530) 876-1613
[email protected]
Area 2
Pearla Cuerdo, OFS
( 707) 386-3403
[email protected]
Area 3
Diane Creedon, OFS
(650) 692-9979
[email protected]
Regional Spiritual
Br. Alexander Escalera,
OFM, Cap
(408) 316-0117
[email protected]
Robert Brady, OFM
(415) 341-7374
[email protected]
Understanding Fair Share
Fair share is always a touchy issue, and our National Minister, Tom Bello, sent a beautiful and detailed
letter explaining what exactly “Fair Share” means and why it is important to understand its' purpose. He
shared ways to help you as an individual and a fraternity discern how to respond to the obligation of
contributing to Fair Share. Here are some highlights, but if you wish to read the whole letter, it is being
sent as a separate attachment.
First, Tom sites Scripture passages. In Isaiah(58: 5-7) we hear about “taking care of our own.” He notes
that it's important not to turn your back on “your own” even if they are in nursing homes or unable to
contribute financially. Next, in the Gospel of St. Matthew(25:34-40), we are reminded that “whatever
you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me.” This message of course is for all
Christians, but Franciscans should take particular note, as our Rule expects us to support the larger
Franciscan family according to our means.
Tom also includes passages from Scripture regarding the four necessities for our expenses, which
coincide with Rule 25. He encourages us to take to heart: the life of the fraternity, the needs of worship,
the needs of the apostolate and the needs of charity when we are planning our fraternity budgets and
disbursing our funds.
Finally, Tom reiterates the sense of co-responsibility that is stressed in the General Constitutions, Article
30, and the National Statutes, Article 18:7. We are an important part of this large, “organic union,” and
should work hard to perpetuate the presence of a “family spirit” which is so vital to our life as an Order.
We mustn't forget this gift of family comes with responsibility for “personal presence, witness, prayer,
and active collaboration” with one another.
One final comment Tom makes is that “Fair Share is not dues. Fair share is the fraternity taking care if
its own, members caring for members on the local, regional, national, and international level. As Paul
tells the Corinthians, “God loves a cheerful giver.” Please take time to read this whole inspiring letter,
and consider using it for an Ongoing Formation topic of discussion. It might put into perspective what
we are really being asked to do when it's time to send in our Fair Share!
Blessed Junipero Serra
Regional Fraternity
Scott Langston has been working hard to update the regional website. He offers to:
Update "fraternities of the region" with links to their own websites. To submit links, they would only
need to give me the fraternity's domain name.”
Update “Photos around the region." To submit photos, please rename (not the numbers that the
camera gives out), and include a brief description of the photo with names.
Include "Regional News" that is not in the MOJ. If we could keep 99% of the news in MOJ, then I
would not have to update "Regional News" very much (thank you Jim).
Consider including a forum which would allow OFS members to “discuss” ongoing formation topics.
In order to do this, we need a team of people who are willing to share the responsibility of filtering
the submissions. Since it is a regional website, it is necessary to protect the site from unwanted,
inappropriate, or incorrect information. Please let Scott know if you are interested. [email protected]
Check it out!
Around the Region
Area 3 - Day of Reflection, San Jose
June 1, 2014
The Area3 Gathering in San Jose on June 1, 2014 was organized by
Diane Creedon with help from Mary Carson and others. It was hosted
by San Juan Diego Fraternity under leadership of Martha Arellano.
It was well attended, with over fifty-five Seculars and Brothers Bob
Brady, OFM and Mark Mance, OFM Cap. present. There were over
twenty-two of our Korean Seculars from Sung Antonio in San Francisco
and St. Paul Chung Hasang in San Jose, at least twelve of the Spanish speaking fraternity of San Juan Diego, and
at least 14 others from St. Anthony in San Francisco, Our Lady of Angels in Burlingame, and Sacred Heart in
San Jose. Representing the R.E.C. were Kathleen Molaro, minister and Dianne Prior, regional treasurer.
The Spanish mass was joyful, with spirited music and songs, and a very welcoming community. All the Franciscans
(Seculars and Brothers) processed together into the church of Our Lady of Guadalupe at the beginning of the
mass. There was plenty of excellent food shared by all the O.F.S.’s. The reflection material from the F.U.N.
Manual on the Lifeline of St. Francis worked out very well, with the three language groups being addressed by
their representative in front of the whole gathering, followed by sharing an
insightful reflection within each group. Br Mark shared a reflection of the
“Canticle of the Creatures” and Barbara Penner shared a “Lifeline”
reflection written by a member of Our Lady of Angels. Anna Yoo
translated these reflections for the Korean community and Martha Arellano
did the same for the Spanish community. The diversity of cultures and
languages, coming together and sharing the same Franciscan on-going
formation, prayer and fraternal time was a glorious experience shared on the
feast of the Ascension.
Area 2 - Day of Reflection, Occidental
June 28, 2014
An Area 2 Day of Reflection was held in the quaint town of Occidental in
the Russian River area of Sonoma County. It was another well attended
event sponsored by the Il Poverello Fraternity in Petaluma. There were
attendees from San Francisco, Oakland, Walnut Creek, Napa and
Sacramento. The presenter was Fr. Bruce Lamb, OFM, Conv., the chaplain
at St. Clare Retreat Center in Soquel.
The Servants of God Forming Group recently changed in status by becoming an Emerging Fraternity. This is the
second and final stage in becoming an established fraternity. Emerging status lasts a minimum of three years.
Calling All Musicians!
We are looking for musicians to play with us at the September All Franciscan Family Gathering in San Jose. If you
play a musical instrument and would like to join us to lead the music please contact us by email –
[email protected] - or by phone (805) 931-4412. Thanks and see you there! Jim and Cindy Wesley ofs
Message from the
Formation Director
by John Ziemienski, OFS
Regional Formation Director
First, I would like to thank Jim Wesley for all the wonderful work he has done as our previous
Regional Formation Director. Jim has set a great foundation for us all. Second, I would like to thank
the ministers and others at the last 2014 Regional Chapter for electing me your new Regional
Formation Director. It will be a challenge, and I hope to provide you with insight on how we go from
here with formation.
Now that we have quite a bit of information and curriculum as presented in the FUN Manual and The
Franciscan Journey book as well as other materials, we need to look at how to use these great
resources and help folks take information to make the move to transformation. Bob Fitzsimmons our
National Formation Commission Chairperson in the winter 2013 issue of TAU-USA wrote an article
titled “Transformation?” He wrote, “Transformation, though implied throughout the FUN Manual, is
perhaps not addressed explicitly enough.” What is this transformation? Formation is not like taking a
class and graduating. For a Secular Franciscan it may be that we use information, apply it to our
experience, and move from one state being to another. From what we are or do to who we are in living
the Franciscan way of life, the Gospel Life.
The Formation Director and Formation Team rely on the Holy Spirit as the guide in “Calling
prospective members to conversion and accompanying them on their spiritual journey leading the way
whenever necessary”. (FUN Manual – What is Formation 3-23-2011 page 6). Providing and
facilitating information in a way that is transforming for members and prospective members may be
for them the bits of conversion. Conversion can happen in small ways too on the journey to the
Mystery of God.
Richard Rohr, OFM asks: “The question for us is always ‘how do we turn information into
transformation?’ How can we use the sacred texts, tradition, and experience to lead people into new
places with God, with life with themselves?”
Thank you again, and the Regional Executive Council and I will start planning our next Formation
Workshops. I look forward to meeting and working with all you.
John Z
. New Fraternity Councils .
Congratulations to the following newly elected councils:
Little Portion Fraternity
Dorothy Voigt
Vice Minister John Scully
Donna Rietz
Barbara Lipiec
John Ziemienski
St. Mary's Fraternity
Minister Gloria Colucci
Vice Minister Lu Hilliard
Suzin Levine
Deacon Ken Ramage
Formation Ana Costa Haskias
Councilors Ralph Colucci
Junipero Serra of Carmel Fraternity
San Juan Bautista
Minister Rosemary Adopdaca
Vice Minister Alice Sousa
Secretary Melva Simmons
Treasurer Carol Greenwald
Formation Brian Simmons
. Regional Directory News .
A message from the Regional Directory and National Database Editor:
As everyone knows, communication is very important. In order to have good communication within
Blessed Junipero Serra Region we must keep our Regional Directory up to date as well as the National
Database. The National Database is the mailing list for the TAU USA! If it is not up to date, people do not
receive the TAU USA and it costs the Order money when issues of the TAU USA are returned.
So this year we are going to try something new to better update both databases. When your fraternity has
an election or a visitation, we are going to ask members to check their information on the Regional
Directory list and the National Database list. Hopefully this will help us better serve all our members.
If any of your personal information changes, especially your mailing address, PLEASE let me know as
soon as possible: Cindy Wesley OFS at 805-931-4412 or [email protected]
Servants of God Emerging Fraternity
The profession of Sonia Pang and Cynthia Tso
Come to the family reunion !
The 3rd
All Franciscan Family
Franciscans in the World
Christ’s Love to All
Keynote Speakers
Bishop Richard Garcia
Maria Elena Martinez, OSF
Br. John Boylan, OEF chaplain
September 20, 2014
Napredak Hall
770 Montague Expy, San Jose, CA 95131
Registration information will be sent in March 2014.
More information: Cindy Wesley OFS [email protected] or 805-714-6249
Needed! A Regional Archivist
Blessed Junípero Serra Region needs an archivist! The Regional Archives are located in the friary at
St. Elizabeth Church in Oakland. At the present time the archives are in disarray. It was suggested
at the Regional Chapter in February that we have a “work day” to get things in order for the new
archivist. If anyone is interested in helping during a workday, OR being appointed the Regional
Archivist, please contact Cindy Wesley, 805-931-4412 or [email protected]
The archives team asks all fraternities to make a copy of your fraternity register beginning in 2009
and send to Regional Secretary, Sara Ingalls. NAFRA suggests adding updates periodically to the
archives, and the last time copies of the register were requested was in 2008. Cindy said many
fraternities didn't respond at that time. Please recognize the importance of safeguarding important
information regarding your fraternity, and send as soon as possible. This is the first step in updating
our archives—so please support those working on the project by cooperating with their request!
Blessed Junipero Serra Region of the Secular Franciscan Order
Established October 29, 1993
Messengers of Joy
Regional Newsletter
August 2007
Minsters, please make copies of the newsletter and distribute to each of the members in your fraternity. Thank you!
Messengers of Joy Newsletter
Jim Wesley, OFS
846 Calimex Pl.
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