Problems of Station Masters

Item No.13
Sub: Problems of the Station Masters
The post of Station Master is a popular icon most often associated with the Railway
system. This important category is responsible for receipt and despatch of trains on the stations,
overall supervision and coordination of work between the staff of different departments on the
station(para 83.124 of the report of the V CPC).
Minimum qualification for ASM was enhanced to Degree from the year 1982.
The following is the selection procedure:•
Written Test
Psychological Test
Medical Test with A-2 vision
Initial training of about six months including online training
General and Subsidiary Rules(G&SR)
Operating Manual
Accident Manual
Block Manual
Booking, Goods, Luggage and parcels and other commercial works.
Personal and Medical
OHE Training
Safety Training, Customer Care Training
After successful completion of training, he is posted at the station and works
independently during his 8/12 hours duty. While working independently at the station, he also
works as in-charge of the station in his shift; so he should be known as “Station Master” instead
of Asstt. Station Master.
While working at the station, his duty includes:(i)
Safe and punctual train working;
Commercial work such as booking parcel and luggage, goods, etc.
Establishment work and staff welfare.
Stores management.
Inspections and their compliance
Medical work
(viii) Co-ordination with other departments, viz. S&T, Engineering, Mechanical, OHE,
Electrical and also GRP/RPF.
Operating Public Address System(PAS), public dealings and guidelines to the
Cleanliness of station and its surroundings.
Upkeep of 37 registers of operating and in all 130 registers are to be maintained.
Other duties at the time of abnormal working like public agitation, unusual occurrence,
Besides the above, he also attends Periodical Medical Examination, Refresher Course
regularly without fail and attends safety seminars and meetings.
Station Master/Asstt. Station Master is the link between his staff and the administration.
He also supervises and co-ordinates like a Manager of a Team. He has been entrusted with safe
and efficient operation of train, handling of traffic and rendering of satisfactory service to the
Railway Ministry has created a combined cadre which consists of the YM, SM and TI.
Therefore, there is a need to evolve one recruitment grade for this cadre.
Recommendations of the COMs of various Zonal Railways for improvement of pay
scales and working/service conditions are given as under:S.
Recommendations for pay scales
Recruitment grade Rs.9300-34800, Grade Pay Rs.4200 + 30% Safety
Initial grade Rs.9300-34800 Grade Pay Rs.4200
Initial grade Rs.9300-34800 Grade Pay Rs.4200
Initial grade Rs.9300-34800 Grade Pay Rs.4200
Present grade seems to be grossly inadequate and it is strongly
recommended that the Asstt. Station Master cadre should be treated at par
with Running Staff as both categories play similar role in train operation.
30% Hardship Allowance and 10% Risk Allowance inclusive of Basic Pay
+ D.A.
Initial grade Rs.5200-20200, Grade Pay Rs.3600 and Special Allowance as
an incentive should be provided.
To adopt principle of Supervisor to be placed above the supervised in pay
scales of Station Master.
Recommendations to improve working and service conditions
Posting of additional Asstt. Station Master at Central Panel Station.
Vacancies should not be allowed in the cadre so that staff get leave in time without
Attached toilet facilities with ASM Office, resting facilities for LR/RG with cooking
facility or Cooking Allowance.
SM/ASM are the Brand Ambassadors of the Railways image for public. The
Railways should provide them better Chamber/Rooms with good furniture, etc. to
boost their morale and image of the Railways.
Cost free meals and accommodation at the Training Centres and Safety Camps in
addition to normal D.A. (one of the recommendations made by the RSRC)
The Assistant Station Master has to work independently in his shift duties. After
completion of prescribed training when he is posted at a station, he may be a junior to his senior
but not an Assistant because in whatsoever shift he works, he works independently and remains
responsible always towards his duties of train working. As such, to designate him while
appointing Assistant Station Master is not justified so his designation should be Station Master
and not Assistant Station Master at the time of appointment.
Secondly, the present Station Master Rs.5000-8000(V CPC scale) and Dy. Station
Superintendent Rs.5500-9000(V CPC scale) have been given Grade Pay of Rs.4200 by the
VI CPC by upgrading them to Rs.6500-10500(V CPC scale). Similarly, Station Superintendent
Rs.6500-10500(V CPC) has been upgraded to Rs.7450-11500(V CPC) and after merger has been
given Grade Pay of Rs.4600.
All the above points are submitted to justify that the initial grade of ASM shall be placed
in PB-2(Rs.9300-34800) with Grade Pay of Rs.4200 instead of PB-1(Rs.5200-20200) with Grade
Pay of Rs.2800 with the designation as Station Master instead of Asstt. Station Master.
So the designations should be revised as under:Existing Designation
Proposed Designation
Asstt. Station Master Rs.4500-7000(V CPC)
Station Master, PB-1(Rs.5200-20200),
Grade Pay Rs.2800
Station Master Rs.5000-8000(V CPC)
Deputy Station Manager, PB-2(Rs.930034800), Grade Pay Rs.4200
Dy. Station Supdt. Rs.5500-9000(V CPC)
Deputy Station Manager, PB-2(Rs.930034800), Grade Pay Rs.4200
Station Supdt. Rs.6500-10500(V CPC)
Station Manager(Non- Gazetted), PB-2
(Rs.9300-34800), Grade Pay Rs.4600
Station Manager Rs.7450-11500(V CPC)
Station Manager(Non- Gazetted), PB-2
(Rs.9300-34800), Grade Pay Rs.4600
Staff Side urges upon the Railway Board to consider the above-mentioned facts and
revise the Entry Grade Pay and Designations of the staff as proposed above.