Annah Wanjugu Wamae - Tropical Paediatrics Congress 2014

Annah Wamae- Dr.
Dr. Annah Wamae holds a Master of Medicine in Paediatrics and Child Health. She has 25 years of
experience working for the Kenyan Health Sector and has attended several local and international
specialized short courses in Health Policy and Child and Maternal Health. She is the current the Head of
Specialized Clinical Services Unit in the Ministry of Health. She was the Head of the Department of Family
Health (Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation) from April 2010 to September 2013. The key
responsibilities in this position were; to provide leadership and coordinate the formulation and
implementation of Reproductive Health, Child and Adolescent Health, Nutrition, and Vaccine and
Immunization policies; resource mobilization for the above mentioned family health programmes;
coordination of effective utilization of resources for family health, mentoring and appraisal of the heads of
Divisions and Support Units in the Department and; monitoring and evaluation of the family health
interventions. In the period between 2003 and April 2010, Dr. Wamae served as the Head of the Division
of Child and Adolescent Health in the same Department, with a focus on Integrated Management of
Childhood Illness (IMCI) Strategy, School Health, Adolescent Health, Child Health Rights, and Child Health
Promotion. She had served as the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) Programme
Manager in the period between 1999 and 2002. Prior to 1999 she worked in busy hospitals as a Medical
Officer and later as a Paediatrician. She successfully raised the profile of child health in Kenya leading to
the award of the Order of the Grand Worrior of Kenya OGW) by the Head of State in 2010. She has also
authored/co-authored several research papers in the field of paediatrics and child health.
Short summary of presentation
Summary of Child Rights Session
The main aim of the Child Rights session is to highlight health as an inherent right of the child as defined
by the United Nations Convention on the Right of the Child, which many countries have ratified. It will
include human rights approach to child health programming, country level legislation of the convention
and enforcement of the laws related to child rights. Participants will also discuss integration of child health
rights into maternal, newborn and child health services for holistic delivery of services. Implementation of
child health rights will include focus on children in difficult circumstances and experience in
implementation of child rights at community level.