OGT Scavenger Hunt 2

OGT Scavenger Hunt
Part II
Mr. Westfall’s
World Studies
1. In what ways did the Treaty of
Versailles establish conditions that
led to the outbreak of World War II?
• Germany – Accept war guilt, pay war
reparations, give up colonies and disarm
• Led to the rise of dictators such as Hitler
2. What was the Bolshevik
• A Marxist Communist
Revolution in Russia to
overthrow the Autocratic
• Led by VI Lenin
• Великая Октябрьская
3. Explain the reasons for the division of
Palestine by the U.N. resolution in
• Palestine was divided for
a Jewish homeland after
• Was a plan to resolve the
Arab-Israeli conflict
4. What were the names of the two
opposing Chinese leaders in the
Chinese Communist Revolution?
Mao Zedong
• Leader of the
Communist forces
Chiang Kia-Shek
• Leader of the
Nationalist forces
5. The United States, Canada and western
European allies formed the North
Atlantic Treaty Organization in 1949 to
aid any member nation at a time of war.
What was the communist answer to this
treaty and who was involved?
• Warsaw Pact – Soviet Union, Poland,
Germany, Czech and Hungary
6. Name three of the six new
technologies and practices of
warfare used in World War I.
• Trench warfare, gas, machine gun, tanks,
airplane, long range artillery
7. What impact did the Russian
Revolution have on World War I?
• Weakened the Allies due to the Russian
• Two front to a One Front war
8. What country was carved up after
World War I into the countries of
Yugoslavia, Austria, Hungary, and
9. The death of Vladimir Lenin led to
the rule of Joseph Stalin (Иосиф
Сталин) in the U.S.S.R., what were
some of the tactics used by Stalin to
maintain his control over the Soviet
• Famine,
purges and
secret police
10. Define and explain the global impact
of disarmament, worldwide depression,
and the rise of totalitarian states after
World War I.
11. Which presidents were in office
during World War I and World War
Woodrow Wilson
FDR & Truman
12. What was the relationship between
the Vietnam War and the Cold War?
13. What event finally pushed the allies to
declare war on Hitler and the Nazi’s, to
prevent their conquest of Europe?
• Invasion of
• Violated
14. Other than the use of atomic
weapons, name and explain two of
the other five consequences of
World War II.
Cold War
United Nations
Marshall Plan
Partition of Israel
15. Give an example of the conflict
between security and democracy
that the U.S. faced after 1945.
• Red Scare
• Counter-Culture
16. At the end of World War II the
Soviet Union liberated the countries
of Eastern Europe from Nazi
Germany. How did the occupation
of these countries contribute the
development of the Cold War?
• Iron Curtain fed into the fear of the spread
of communism
17. Other than militarism name two of the
other three causes of World War I.
M ilitarism
A lliances
I mperialism
N ationalism
18. Explain the importance of the
Marshall Plan with relation to the
Cold War.
• Provided aide
to war torn
nations to
prevent the
spread of
19. Define détente and describe the
treaty that resulted from this policy.
• Improved relations between the US and the
Soviet Union
• SALT – Strategic Arms Limitation Talks
20. What was Neville Chamberlain’s
policy toward Hitler and his desire
for the expansion of Germany?
• British Prime Minister believed the policy of
– is a policy of accepting the imposed conditions of an
aggressor in lieu of armed resistance, usually at the
sacrifice of principles
“My good friends, for the second time in our history, a
British Prime Minister has returned from Germany
bringing peace with honor. I believe it is peace for our
time.” Neville Chamberlain, 1938
21. What factors led to the rise of
dictatorships in former colonies?
• Former military
occupation was what
they were used to.
22. What were the major reasons for the
fall of the Soviet Union?
Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev
= openness
• = economic
• Gradual opening
of the political
Churches opened • Managers of
farms and
Political prisoners
factories could
• Election of a new
make more
group of
Banned authors
decisions on their
allowed to
• Communist Party
publish books
• People could
no longer chose
Ok for reporters
open small
all candidates
to criticize
private businesses
• Tried to preserve
23. What incident in Cuba was
embarrassing to the U.S. and
resulted in the Soviets placing
missiles 90 miles off the coast of
Bay of Pigs
24. Name two ethnic conflicts in the
Post-Cold War era?
• Rwanda
• Bosnia
• Iraq
25. Identify two causes of the Great
Bank failure
Easy credit
Buying stocks on margin
Stock market crash