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THS to Compete for $100,000 Prize
Toronto Jr.-Sr. High School will be participating in the Celebrate
My Drive campaign to encourage teens to make positive choices
as they begin driving and to compete for a total of 3.25 million in
Riley Keirsey and Cody King led the
traveling pep rally through the halls of
Toronto Jr.-Sr. High School.
Wednesday, October 1:
School Picture Day
text and place
6: photo here.
Powder Puff Game
6:30 p.m. THS Stadium
Friday, October 10:
Homecoming Game
Toronto vs Beallsville
Saturday, Oct. 11:
Homecoming Dance
Monday, October 13:
No School ~ Columbus Day
Wed. Oct 15- Fri. Oct 24
Celebrate My Drive Contest
Friday, October 17: (Game Change)
Toronto Football @ Conotton Valley
7:30 p.m.
WHY? More teens die from car crashes than any other cause – and
the first year is the most dangerous.
WHEN? National Teen Driver Safety Week, Oct. 15-24, 2014
WHO? High school students age 14+, along with their schools,
communities, friends and families, uniting to take part in local
Celebrate My Drive events and make safe driving commitments.
The 100 high schools with the most commitments will be awarded
a total of $3.25 million* in grants: 2 schools receive a $100,000
grant and a Grand Prize Concert by a chart-topping musical artist
8 schools get a $100,000 grant 90 schools get a $25,000 grant
HOW YOU CAN HELP? Log onto each
day from Oct. 15-24, click on any button displaying “Make A
Commitment”, indicate you want to support Toronto Jr.-Sr. High
School, and complete your commitment to drive safely. You can
also invite your friends and family to get involved or share on
Thursday, October 23:
Bonfire/Pep Rally 7:30 p.m.
Stadium Parking Lot
Friday, Oct. 24:
THS vs. Paden City (Senior Night)
Thursday, Oct. 30:
Toronto Trick or Treat 5:30-7:30 p.m.
Carol Murray
Guidance Counselor
Maureen Taggart
Brian Perkins
Dean of Students
Ohio Releases Major Update on High School
Graduation Requirements
THS Alumni Band Performs
The Red Knight Marching Band was joined by over
125 alumni band members on Friday, September 19
for a final performance under the direction of Mr.
Kirk George. Kirk and Sally George, music teachers
in Toronto for over 30 years, plan to retire at the end
of this school year. As a tribute to their hard work and
dedication, their children Mike and Jessica George,
made arrangements for the alumni band performance.
As band director, Mr. George has worked to cultivate
excellence in each of his players and to increase the
level of entertainment each year. He always wanted
his students to be proud of their performances. The
band’s style has changed significantly under the
direction of Mr. George. In the beginning of his
career, the band was a competitive band which
successfully competed across the United States. Then
in later years, the band became a show band. Both
styles seem to have appealed to the audiences who
watch the band each week.
While state legislators passed Ohio’s new high school
graduation law in June, they looked to the State Board of
Education and Ohio Department of Education staff to
create the many rules needed to guide local
implementation. Since then, staff members and the
board’s Graduation Requirements Committee have
worked urgently to craft and adopt these many rules and
policies. We understand that you, too, must feel a sense of
urgency to provide details about Ohio’s new diploma
requirements to staff, students and families. Thank you
very much for your patience as we’ve worked
thoughtfully to hammer out rules that can make
implementation much easier for you.
Now, we can report a major milestone. The State Board
this week approved two essential elements of the new
requirements: the graduation points system and a list of
tests students can take in lieu of Ohio’s tests. Here is a
summary of the State Board’s major decisions, the steps
still needed to finalize the requirements and some items
you can expect to be resolved in the coming months.
Graduation points: As one of the three pathways to a
diploma, students can accumulate their scores from endof-course exams. The higher a student scores on any endof-course exam, the more graduation points he or she
earns: Advanced Level = 5 points, Accelerated Level = 4
points, Proficient Level = 3 points, Basic Level = 2 points,
Limited Level = 1 point. If a student reaches 18
graduation points overall, he or she becomes eligible for
a diploma. Of these overall points, a student must earn at
least four points between the math exams, four points
between the English exams, and six points between the
science and social studies exams.
“The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering”
Bruce Palmer
Joins THS Faculty
Mr. Bruce Palmer officially
joined the faculty of Toronto Jr.Sr. High School on September
22, 2014. Mr. Palmer is the new
7th and 8th grade Social Studies.
He has more than 20 years of
experience as an educator. Mr.
Palmer is a 1979 graduate of
Mingo High School. He received
his Bachelor’s Degree from
Youngstown State University
and his Master’s Degree from
Palmer is a former police officer
and most recently taught at the
Detention Unit. He describes his
classroom approach as fair, firm,
and friendly.
Seniors joining in the singing and
playing of the alma mater.
Senior Class Pres. Sarah Wayt welcomes
Students to the Pep Rally.
THS Band performs during 1st pep rally.
Junior High students came ready to cheer.
OGT SET FOR OCT. 27-31, 2014
The Ohio Graduation Tests (OGT) for Reading, Writing,
Math, Science, and Social Studies will be given the week of
October 27th. Sophomores will be taking all sections of the
tests while juniors and seniors will only take the test sections
for which they have earned a score below proficient (400).
The passage of all sections of the OGT is a requirement for
graduation for the Classes of 2015, 2016, and 2017. Tests
will be administered in the morning. Please make sure your
child arrives to school on time and well rested.
“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they
were to success when they gave up” ~Thomas Alva Edison
Congratulations to the
2014 Homecoming Court!
The 2014 Homecoming Court was announced
during a pep rally on Friday, September 19,
2014. The court was selected by a vote of the
senior class. This year’s homecoming court is
Sarah Wayt, Carli Winstel, Brianna Sokol,
Makayla Bauman, and Lexie Berger. The
homecoming queen will be selected at half time
of the Beallsville game on Friday, Oct. 10th by
the pick of the odd colored rose.
Congratulations 2014 Homecoming
King’s Court!
The 2014 King’s Court was selected by a vote
of the senior class. This year’s homecoming
king’s court is Nate Stewart, Tre Ross, Jesse
Beckwith, Tyler Roush, and Alex Anderson.
The king will be crowned during half time of
the Powder Puff game on Monday, Oct. 6,
“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”
~Theodore Roosevelt