DDMA Comedy Cabaret MR_Alex Jones

A stellar line-up of entertainers will steal the spotlight on International Day of
People with Disability on Wednesday 3 December as part of NSW’s monthlong Don’t DIS my ABILITY campaign.
The flagship comedy cabaret event No Offence, But! will feature radio and TV
personality, Myf Warhust, alongside talented, bold comedians who are
unafraid to say, “Laugh with me – not at me!”
Headline act, Stella Young, is a renowned disability activist and journalist, who
will captivate and confront with material from her comedy show Tales from the
Myf and Stella will be joined by Bondi Junction community leader and
educator Alex Jones, who describes himself as “a comedian in waiting”.
“I can’t wait to come out of the closet as a wanna-be comedian at No Offence,
But!, he said.
In his “other life”, Alex is an Auslan (Australian Sign Language) consultant,
working on theatre productions and films including The Little Death, and
translating English into Auslan for children’s books, iPad and iPhone apps.
Alex is excited about what the Don’t DIS My Ability campaign aims to achieve,
and believes comedy is a great way to help break down misconceptions about
people with disability through humour.
“Laughing is among one of the best medicines,” Alex said. “I’m very excited at
the prospect of disabling the discomfort people in society feel around people
with disabilities through comedy.
“In my interview with Adam Spencer a couple of years ago while I was an
ambassador for Don’t DIS my ABILITY, I explained how society is disabled
along with us and that this campaign is about teaching people our abilities are
more important than anything. It’s about not focusing on what we can’t do, but
what we can do.
“Comedy or cabaret is one way of reaching out to the community directly on
the ‘dos and don’ts’ of disabilities.
“Comedy is a nice way to ‘break the ice’ when it’s something uncomfortable or
confronting. It prompts discussion, thoughts and reflection.”
Alex is particularly looking forward to sharing the stage with Stella Young. “I’m
in awe of Stella’s work. She’s among one of the finest comedians I know.
“However, disability in the comedy-world isn’t happening as much as I would
like it to be. It’s sad to hear or see discrimination in today’s society and how
very little we are emerging into the performance arts workforce.
“No offence, But! is going to launch comedians with a disability to a new
Deputy Secretary, Ageing Disability and Home Care, Jim Longley, said the
blue carpet event at the Lend Lease Darling Quarter Theatre in Darling
Harbour will encourage people to re-evaluate the way they think about and
engage with people with disabilities.
“This event promises to challenge head on some of the fears and perceptions
the community has about people with disability”, Mr Longley said.
“Our performers are keen to inform people’s views and make them think about
their etiquette around disability.
Mr Longley explained that individuals can sometimes feel afraid to engage
with people with disability and offer the same social interaction or work
opportunities they would to any other Australian.
“This is often done with fear of offending by making a faux pas.
"We want to build accessible and inclusive communities, schools and
workplaces in which everyone is equally supported to pursue their goals.
"Comedy goes a long way in achieving this by breaking down barriers and
removing stereotypes, while educating the broader community about
No Offence, But! Comedy Cabaret event will feature comedians and
performers Myf Warhurst, Marty Bright, Genevieve Fricker, Liesel Badorrek
and Darien Brown – a 2014 Don’t DIS my ABILITY ambassador.
The 2014 Don’t DIS my ABILITY campaign runs from November until 3
For more information visit www.dontdismyability.com.au, follow us on Twitter
(@DontDIS) or like us on Facebook
Media contact: Kathy Tricolas / Ben Flores 02 9716 2804