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Partnering with Netoil for Value Creation
Netoil Pipeline Project Development
Track Record & Expertise
Prepared for The Honourable Abdullah Al-Thinni,
Prime Minister of Libya.
A Powerful Team Led By Roger Tamraz
Roger Tamraz
Founder and Owner of Netoil Group of Companies
Roger Tamraz is an international banker and venture capital investor who has had
an active international business career since the early 1960s.
• Education includes American University in Cairo, PhD program at
Cambridge University, Institut Européen d’Administration (INSEAD) in
France, and MBA degree from Harvard Business School.
• Fluent in English, French and Arabic.
Business Highlights:
• Netoil founded and built Europe’s Tamoil Corporation
• Originator of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (TBC) Pipeline
- Considered as “one of the great engineering endeavours”
• 100% owner of Meurice Hotel Group in 1980s.
• Successfully refloated Intra Investment Company.
• Acquired Bank of the Commonwealth.
• Vice Chairman of Middle East Airlines
• Suez-Mediterranean (SUMED) Pipeline in Egypt
- Considered as “one of the world’s great engineering feats”
• Conceived and financed the Saudi Arabian Methanol Project – world’s largest
• Acquired Chantiers Navals de la Ciotat (CNC)
• Governor of the Central Bank in 1988.
• Member of the Board of Trustees of the American University in Cairo
• Played a key role in negotiations for the withdrawal of occupying foreign
forces during the 1980s.
• He is also active in other private investment and charitable giving.
Industry Expertise & Broad BasedCapabilities
Netoil Overview
governments frequently invite The Netoil Group of Companies to
implement various petroleum related projects in their countries.
Netoil Enterprises Inc. (“Netoil”) is a diversified private group of
companies operating in trade and investment ventures worldwide
with particular emphasis in the energy and financial sectors.
Netoil has a reputation as a company that it can get
the projects done quickly, efficiently and delivers value.
For more than five decades Netoil has been creating, structuring
and implementing major international projects in the United States,
Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia. Our activities have
included projects in the fields of oil and gas, major pipelines,
petrochemicals, oil refining and distribution, mining and banking.
Netoil has the financial capacity to arrange favourable financing
terms for the projects in which it is involved using its strong
relationships within the financial sector including bankers, financial
houses, governments and sovereign wealth funds. This is why many
Selected Examples of Netoil's Key Projects
Suez-Mediterranean (SUMED) Pipeline
In 1973, Netoil financed and constructed the Suez-Mediterranean
(SUMED) Pipeline, as an oil bypass to the Suez Canal, which was
still closed by wreckage from the 1967 Arab-Israeli War.
Constructed by Bechtel Corporation, the SUMED Pipeline became
operational in 1978 with capacity of 1.6 million barrels per day.
With the construction of an additional pumping station in 1994
increased capacity to its current 2.5 million barrels per day.
The SUMED pipeline captures 80% of oil movement
share from the Arabian/Persian Gulf to Europe.
Baku-Ceyhan (BTC) Pipeline Project
In the early 1990s, Netoil, through its subsidiary Oil Capital Ltd.
(OCL) Inc., began negotiations to construct the 1,100-mile BakuCeyhan (BTC) pipeline project.
During this period, Netoil also acquired development rights and
equity ownership positions in Turkmenistan’s Blocks I (offshore)
and III (onshore) two of that country’s major 3 oil and gas
producing properties. (Block I was later farmed out to Malaysia’s
Completed in 2006, the BTC Pipeline, now moves one
million barrels per day of Caspian Sea crude oil to the
Mediterranean Sea and thus to world markets.
These fields have reserves of 13 trillion cubic feet of
gas and 700 million barrels of oil, with 1,400 working
wells, and currently produce two billion cubic feet per
day of natural gas.
Netoil negotiated and signed the original pipeline right-of-way
transit agreement with the Government of Turkey. This agreement
was essential to the success of the project, which was eventually
completed by BP after its purchase of Amoco, with which Netoil
had been cooperating in the Central Asian area.
Tamoil Corporation
Founders of Tamoil - Developers of SUMED and BTC
3,000 service stations, 3 refineries, 255,000 barrels per day - The two pipelines supply 27% of Europe's oil imports
Swiss Refinery
The Collombey refinery is one of only two refiners in Switzerland
and the only domestic refiner with its own branded retail network.
The refinery production accounts for approximately 20% of total oil
products inland sales in Switzerland and therefore plays a key role
in the oil sector of the country.
In 1983, Netoil founded and built Europe’s Tamoil Corporation by
purchasing and combining all of the Italian assets of Amoco
(Standard Oil Company of Indiana) and of Texaco Corporation
(1,000 service stations each).
With 100% ownership, Netoil expanded the company to 3,000
service stations, three refineries, an extensive pipeline distribution
system and a refining capacity of 255,000 barrels of oil per day. The
refineries have a total refining capacity equivalent to 255,000 barrels
per day and are distributed through a network of more than 3,000
branded service stations.
Germany Refinery
Since its acquisition, the refinery progressed with the modernisation
of its units, which are essential to its long-term productivity. Today,
the Hamburg refinery is not only able to fulfil the European Union
specifications but can also produce high quality products for niche
markets and cyclohexane for the chemical market.
Tamoil achieved annual sales of $20 billion and a market
capitalization of $6.3 billion. The company currently operates in
Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy and Spain.
Netoil Oman LNG project
For the past ten years, Netoil Oman has been developing a liquefied
natural gas (LNG) export project in Oman, based on gas feedstock
already available.
Netoil Oman (NOO) is the Group’s operating vehicle for the LNG
project. NOO has been specifically founded to set up a fully
integrated LNG production and export operation.
The company has contracted for a supply of gas
sufficient to manufacture at least 10.6 million tons of
LNG per year for export over 20 years from a thirdparty Omani domestic company.
Contractual agreements for gas supplies are signed and agreed.
Substantial additional shale and tight gas supplies are potentially
becoming available in Oman and neighbouring countries. NOO will
control sourcing, manufacturing and shipping LNG to world
markets from Omani ports outside the Strait of Hormuz.