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Adding the NPT event to a Sage Digital ENDEC model 3644
This document describes the process of adding the National Periodic Test code to your ENDEC.
The filter will be set to air the event immediately, and will use your existing local area definition
to determine the alerting area.
Although the FCC has proposed an “all of United States” code, they have not yet made a final
rule making, and the Sage ENDEC does not yet support that proposed code. This procedure will
work for county, state-wide, and for multi-state alerts (subject to the FCC limitation of 31
location codes per alert).
Required Software Version
This procedure will work for any version of the Sage Digital ENDEC, however, the minimum
version number needed to work with IPAWS is 89.6 CR Rev 2.
To determine your software revision level, access the ENDEC’s web page and click the version
button. You will see
Board Rev x/nn
where nn is the version number. Check for version 89.6 or greater. At the bottom of the version
information, check for CR Rev 2. If you don’t have both of these indications, go to the Sage web
page at; on the left of the page, click support, then firmware
updates and follow the instructions.
Adding NPT to your filters
The instructions below assume that you have a copy of the Sage settings editor program,
ENDECSetD, on your computer, and that you know your ENDEC’s IP address. If you don’t, or
if you are unfamiliar with the process of modifying ENDEC settings, you can read the basic
setup instructions at and review the Setup and the
Filters Task sheets.
If you are unable to perform any of the steps, contact Sage technical support for assistance.
You will need to perform the following steps:
Adding NPT to the Sage Digital ENDEC 3644
Rev 2
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1) Download your ENDEC’s settings file. On the ENDEC’s web page, click “Retrieve
Settings” on the left side of the page, and again on the top center of the new page that
opens. Save the file in a file folder that you can find again later.
2) Edit the file to add the NPT event. You can start ENDECSetD and open your file, or you
can use windows explorer to navigate to the folder you saved the file in and double click
the file to start ENDECSetD. Refer to for general information on
adding filters.
3) You will need to add a filter for NPT. Click the Incoming Filter tab, then click Add New
Filter. Use any name you like on the new filter name popup and click ok.
Change the fields from their defaults to the settings below. This assumes that you have
your local area set for your local county or counties. The NPT will be sent to “all of
[your state]”. If your local area includes any counties in the target state, then the filter
will match. Do not add “all of state” to the filter location, or to the local area.
Click “Save This Filter”
Click File, then Save As, and same the file under a new name, replacing “*.es2” with
your new file name.
Adding NPT to the Sage Digital ENDEC 3644
Rev 2
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4) Upload the settings file. On the ENDEC’s web page, click restore settings from the
buttons on the left. Navigate to the saved folder and file, select it, and upload the file.
The ENDEC will reboot with your new settings.
Adding the NPT will not change your CAP monitoring status. You should already be receiving
the weekly FEMA RWT alerts. You can check the ENDEC’s log and make sure you are
receiving CAP weekly tests at 11:00am local time. You can also verify that the ENDEC is
polling CAP servers by checking the CAP status. At least one minute after the ENDEC has
restarted, it will begin showing the CAP station at the top of its home page. You need to see
both ENDEC Online and CAP Status OK
You can make sure the ENDEC is polling the FEMA IPAWS-OPEN server with the tools
Click the Tools button
Adding NPT to the Sage Digital ENDEC 3644
Rev 2
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