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Ojo Caliente Mission Trip News
For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD:
This passage from Jeremiah 29:11 is probably one of the most frequently
quoted passages in the Bible. Have you ever thought about it though? It is
quoted so many times because He really does know the plans that he has
for us. How cool is that?!? I can really see him working through this
mission trip. Things we didn’t know how they were going to work out,
have worked out. Praise God!
Group Meeting:
Our next group meeting will be on Thursday, March 6 @ 7:30 PM at the
Peterson’s house. You’ll get to pick up your mission trip t-shirts and
we’ll figure out who can take what materials.
We have now ordered and received some of the extra items we will need
to put in people’s second check-in bag. These items include a small PA
system, 200 El Camino a Cristo’s (Steps to Christ), and 120 Spanish
Please make sure you are at church on March 8 for the mission trip
dedication prayer. This church service will be outside under a tent and the
dress that day will be more casual so plan on wearing your mission trip tshirt.
If your name has an “@” beside it on the participant list can you bring an
airmattress? Here’s what I’m planning so far. Jim Castle, Mark Ueeck,
and Linda Soper will get beds until the main group arrives. Since most of
the beds are double beds we will then need to transfer the singles on to air
mattresses and put doubles in the beds to make the best use of bedding
space. Our masonry crew will get beds till they fly out on Friday
morning. I believe we will have some temporary bedding available to us
for Liz, Yvette, and Michele to sleep in the living room. Once the masons
leave they will transfer into the beds the masons were staying in. Ron,
Merwin, Al, and Steve will be staying in a house out by the construction
site. Scott and Heidi will have a house out by the construction site as
well. The Ferreira’s and Matracia’s will be staying in a house together
along with the local pastor and his family, the kids will be on air
mattresses downstairs in the living room. The Groff’s will be in a house
just 2-3 houses down from the other houses. Bonnie and Cheryl will be
staying there with the Groff’s as well in two twin beds. My dad and I will
be staying at the translator’s house. After my dad leaves Rob Childers
can stay in the extra bed there. Let me know if you have any questions,
and remember flexibility! Things might change that first week when I’m
down there. If anything does change I’ll e-mail the group.
Daily Devotionals:
Everyone will get the opportunity to share a 5-10 minute devotional.
Whether it is reading a passage or telling a creative story we want to hear
from you! Every morning before breakfast we plan on having devotionals
and singing a couple of songs.
The Dimick’s are helping with the mission trip by collecting bottles and
cans that can be recycled. If you have bottles or cans that can be recycled
please bring them by the church office.
Bonnie Applegate
(Mon, March 24)
Cheryl Bylard
(Mon, March 24)
Jim [email protected]
(Thurs, March 20)
Rob [email protected]
(Fri, March 21)
Yvette Cochran
(Tues, March 23)
Jon Ferguson*
(Sun, March 16)
Rob Ferguson
(Sun, March 16)
Chance [email protected]
(Wed, March 26)
Laura Ferreira
(Wed, March 26)
Paul Ferreira*
(Wed, March 26)
Brenda Groff*
(Tues, March 25)
Pastor Groff*
(Tues, March 25)
Steve [email protected]
(Thurs, March 20)
Joseph [email protected]
(Wed, March 26)
Libby [email protected]
(Wed, March 26)
Heidi Maloney*@
(Thurs, March 27)
Scott [email protected]
(Thurs, March 27)
Heidi Matracia
(Fri, March 28)
Megan [email protected]
(Fri, March 28)
Michael Batracia
(Fri, March 28)
Taylor [email protected]
(Fri, March 28)
Marcus [email protected]
(Fri, March 21)
Jim Oliver
(Wed, March 19)
Al [email protected]
(Thurs, March 20)
Still Needed (Prayer Requests):
• Prayers for a successful trip
• Financial Donors
Liz Peterson*
(Thurs, March 23)
Sam Sherman
(Tues, March 18)
Linda [email protected]
(Fri, March 21)
Fred Specht
(Mon, March 17)
Merwin [email protected]
(Thurs, March 20)
Ron [email protected]
(Sun, March 16)
Michele Truscott
(Sun, March 23)
Mark [email protected]
(Fri, March 21)
Insurance Purchased:
If anything happens while we are down in Mexico we have purchased the
insurance policy to cover our travel in addition to our labor insurance
when we are on the construction site. I’ll give you a copy of that at our
group meeting.
We are looking for a couple of large vans/cars that can take us to the
Sacramento airport on Wednesday, March 19 @ 8:00 PM and pick us up
on Sunday, March 30 @ 8:45 PM. We’ll be leaving and returning from
the church parking lot so if you know of anyone that can help in this
aspect let me know.
Mission Trip Fund:
We still need to make sure we are turning in our funds for the trip. We
are doing ok but we still don’t have everyone’s funds in yet. I hope to
have a breakdown of who has turned in what at our next group meeting.
The church property being outlined for leveling
T-Shirts Purchased:
This will be a great witnessing opportunity as we walk through the
airports! On our way down and back up from Ojo Caliente plan on
wearing your mission trip t-shirt. This will also be a great way of
identifying you to Miguel who is arranging the transportation for us from
Aguascalientes to Ojo Caliente. This is your ticket on the bus ☺
Pedro surveying the site
Mission Trip Dates:
March 20 – 30, 2008
(The night of March 13 a small crew will leave to prep the site)
If you have questions feel free to contact Jon Ferguson [email protected]
Ph. 916-630-1359 or one of the CORE MISSION TRIP COMMITTEE MEMBERS