Prescott College OCU Leave Of Absence Instructions

Prescott College OCU
Leave of Absence Instructions
OCU Leave of Absence (LOA)
A Leave of Absence (LOA) is a benefit offered to you as a “continuing” OCU student. It enables you to
further your educational, occupational, or personal goals and still be associated with Prescott College.
You must apply for and be approved for an LOA.
Advantages of an approved LOA:
“Reserves your spot” in the subsequent term’s curriculum. [The Registrar’s Office will send
you registration materials for the term you plan to return to Prescott College prior to the
pre-registration date.]
Allows you to return to PC after one term away without having to re-apply for admission.
Follow these steps to apply for and be approved for an LOA.
Step 1: Obtain an LOA form from the Registrar’s Office or online.
Step 2: Talk to your advisor. S/he can help you plan your LOA and fit it into your overall
education plan.
Step 3: Speak with the OCU Dean. To schedule an appointment call 928-350-2010 or email
[email protected]
Step 4: You must have signatures from your advisor and the OCU Dean.
Step 5: Financial aid recipients: You also need a signature from the Financial Aid
Step 6: Submit the completed, signed form to the Registrar’s Office.
Important Information Regarding LOAs!
LOAs are granted for one enrollment period (excluding summer for a student enrolled in
the Spring term).
LOAs may be extended for one additional enrollment period, for a maximum of two (2)
consecutive enrollment periods.
Requests for LOA extensions must be made through the OCU Dean’s Office.
All LOA extensions must be approved.
A student who does not receive approval for an LOA, and does not enroll for the current
term, will be withdrawn from the College, and will need to re-apply through the
Admissions Office.
A student who does not enroll at the conclusion of an LOA, and does not receive approval
for an extension, will be withdrawn from the College and will need to re-apply through the
Admissions Office.
Questions? Refer to your OCU Student Handbook or contact:
OCU Dean’s Office at (928) 350-1011
Registrar’s Office at (928) 350-1113
Financial Aid at (928) 350-1111
REVISED: 07/31/12
OCU Application for Leave of Absence or Withdrawal
Prescott College Office of the Registrar 220 Grove Avenue, Prescott AZ 86301
Phone: (928) 350-1102, Fax: (928) 776-5225
This is NOT a Web enabled form. You must print, complete & sign then: hand deliver to the Registrar, fax to (928)
776-5225, or scan and email to [email protected]
NOTE: PC Student mailboxes are not maintained while on a Leave of Absence. Please do NOT have mail sent to
the college. It will be returned to the sender.
Student’s Name:
Forwarding Address (Registration materials will be sent to this address):
Work Phone:
Home Phone:
PC Email:
Personal Email:
a) Fill out either section (I) for a Leave of Absence or Section (II) for a Withdrawal
b) Obtain ALL required signatures as indicated below
c) Submit to the Registrar’s Office prior to the start of the term of your leave
I. Application for Leave of Absence (LOA). Please Note:
All LOAs are granted for one term only. Extensions must be approved by the OCU Dean.
All LOAs can affect repayment of student loans. Consult the Financial Aid office for details.
I wish to take a leave from Prescott College for:
I am taking a leave of absence because:
I am taking a leave for the spring or fall term due to summer enrollment:
(Dean’s and Advisor’s signatures are not necessary for LOAs due to summer enrollment.)
II. Notice of Withdrawal.
I am withdrawing from Prescott College on:
I am withdrawing because:
Please refer to the Student Handbook for refund policies and re-admission procedures.
Every student who has ever attended Prescott College is considered a valued alumnus of the college. Alumni
receive the college magazine Transitions as well as notices about upcoming alumni events and programs.
Would you like to be included on the Prescott College alumni mailing list? Yes or No
Signatures – An exit interview with the OCU Dean, Associate Dean, or Chief Student Affairs Officer is
required. By signing this form, you are authorizing the Registrar’s Office to drop you from all classes (if
applicable) that you are registered for during the term of your leave. Please sign in the space below:
Student’s Advisor
Financial Aid Representative
OCU Dean or Associate Dean
Received in Registrar’s Office by:
REVISED: 07/31/12
Students must submit COMPLETED & SIGNED form to the REGISTRAR’S OFFICE