2014 OSV PASSES By now all Oceanside Village home

Volume 2
April 2014
By now all Oceanside Village homeowners should have their 2014 car,
golf cart, family, and frequent visitor passes.
If you have not done so, please send
all paperwork with the required information to the Oceanside Village
office and your passes will be mailed
to you. Please remember all monies
owed to the village must be paid to
date or passes cannot be issued.
This year’s spring clean-up week
is scheduled to start Monday, April
7th through Friday, April 11th. During this week any debris you put
by the street, with the exception
of large appliances, furniture, etc.,
will be picked up at no charge. Any
large appliances, furniture, etc., will
be picked up, but a charge will be
billed to the homeowner.
The Oceanside Village annual yard
sale is scheduled for Saturday, April
26th. The hours will be 9:00 a.m. to
2:00 p.m. If you wish to participate
in the yard sale, please contact the
OSV management office at (843)
650-4440. The registration cutoff
date is Thursday, April 24th.
In your packet that was sent out last
December there were two important forms that need to be filled out.
They are the “Pertinent Information
Sheet” and the “Next of Kin.” The
information on these forms helps
the office staff locate the proper
person(s) if there is an emergency
or other problems at your home.
Many homeowners have already
turned in their information this
year, but if you have not turned in
these sheets, we ask that you do so
as soon as possible. If you do not
have these forms, they can be found
on our website at www.oceansidevillage.com. We ask for this information every year so that we can
have the most up-to-date infor-
mation on file. We appreciate your
time and effort in this matter.
“All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not
Deep roots are not reached by the
From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall
Renewed shall be blade that was
The crownless again shall be
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship
of the Ring
newsletter. one which contained an
article on fellow OSV homeowner
and artist Keith Wilkie. Sunny saw
the reproduction of the acrylic painting called “Surfside” and was fascinated with the almost picture like
quality of the incoming wave. After
wife, Becky, saw it, she was also
equally impressed. The two stewed
about it for a week or so, and finally
decided to purchase the original.
That’s where timing came in again.
Timing has always played an inportant part in the lives of Becky
and Sunny Sundquist, two of our
newer residents. The Sundquists
were married in Sweden in 2010,
but only after an eleventh hour effort by their Swedish family to
provide the proper documentation, and receive their license.
Then in late fall of 2013, they were
First of all, had the Sundquists
moved into OSV a few months
later, they may have never seen the
article on the painting. Then, they
were able to pick up the painting in
person the first week of February,
as Sunny and Becky had already
planned to be in Crystal City, Virginia -- just 20 minutes from Keith’s
home/studio in McLean, VA.
almost ready to settle on a place up
the beach that wasn’t quite what
they wanted, when they stopped in
at Rose Real Estate and talked to
Laura Bunts. In what was to be a
relatively whirlwind sale, they start- Becky and Sunny are not big art coled moving into their new home in lectors, but have always supported
music and the arts where they lived
Bermuda Bay the first of January.
previously in Gallipolis, OH. They
During that time they were giv- are glad to hang the “Surfside”
en two back issues of the OSV painting in their new home, and
bring it back to the place of inspiration--Surfside Beach!
Follow Keith at KeithWilkieArt.
com and on facebook!
“I believe that everything
happens for a reason. People change so that you can
learn to let go, things go
wrong so that you appreciate them when they’re right,
you believe lies so you
eventually learn to trust no
one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart
so better things can fall together.”
― Marilyn Monroe
owners, Donna and Dennis Barber,
have a home in Oceanside Village
on Melody Gardens Drive.
Hoke-E-Geez got it name when one
day Dennis spotted a unique item
while shopping with a friend. He
said, “Hoke-E-Geez, look what I
found!” His companion thought
the expression would make a great
name for a flea market.
Mike Santoro and Ronnie Smith
along with the incredible band,
“The Stranger” have performed to
“sell out crowds” on some pretty famous stages throughout the United
States including “House of Blues”
and “The Fillmore Music Factory”
and now we are bringing them right
here to you at Oceanside Village!
The Barbers have been part owners since the inception of the business 12 years ago. They began with
an outdoor flea market in the large
parking lot to see how the community would respond. It was a great
success. The building they used
had been vacant since flooding in
This promises to be a sold out show 1998. They opened about half of the
and one of the best events you will space primarily offering their own
attend all year, so make plans today goods.
to join us before it’s too late!!
Hoke-E-Geez gained in popularity.
For more information or to purchase Today the entire store is full with
tickets, please contact Rose Real an incredible variety of new, used,
handcrafted, and antique merchanEstate at 843-650-9274.
dise from 90 vendors.
P.S. Check out https://www.facebook.com/EltonBillyTribute to see The Barber’s pride and enjoyment
in running the shop is immediatefor yourself!
ly evident. They have fun. Their
oldest daughter, Dawnette, is store
manager. Much of the staff is family, and all of it feels like family.
The Barbers’ three grandchildren
are involved when they are home
from college, and with degrees in
hand they “want to do what Pappy
Tickets are only $20 which includes
a sit down catered dinner. Immediately following dinner, all you will
need to do is sit back and be entertained with some of the most iconic
tunes these famous artists created
during the span of multiple decades.
You won’t find Hoke-E-Geez on
the internet, because their inventory changes all the time. You just
have to stop by and experience it
Hoke-E-Geez is a 40,000 square for yourself. So, the next time you
foot find-just-about anything new are in Bedford, PA stop by and say
or used emporium on Bedford Plaza hello.
Road in Bedford, Pennsylvania. The
By Laura Bunts
The Oceanside Village Community
Center will be the only place to be on
Friday, April 25th, 2014 as Oceanside Village residents and guests
will be able to see the renowned
Billy Joel ~ Elton John Face-2-Face
Tribute Show right in their own
December 2013
By Laura Bunts
By Jerry Johnstone
As everyone that came to the Valentine’s Day dance knows this year
we added a little something special
which will become a tradition in
years to come. One of our snowbird
ladies made a suggestion that we
have a Valentine’s Day Queen. Everyone involved in the party thought
it was a good idea. The Valentine’s
Day Queen for 2014 is Mary Heffler. Mary was presented with a
dozen roses and was a surprised
lady. Mary does so many things to
make the village a better place that
we feel it is well deserved and we
congratulate her. Have a wonderful
year as our Valentine’s Day Queen.
The “Unsung Hero” Award recognizes an individual staff member
whose behind the scenes efforts
contribute greatly to the success of
the overall goals of the company.
On December 10, 2013, Dennis Permenter hosted the annual company 2013 “Unsung Hero” - Donna Ward
wide awards luncheon at Texas of Riptide Beach Club.
Roadhouse in Murrells Inlet.
The “Years of Service” Award recEmployees, staff members and ognizes an individual who has conmanagement gathered from all of sistently provided excellent overall
the companies that make up the en- service and dedication during their
tire family of businesses here at the tenure within a specific business or
beach to celebrate the year coming businesses
to a close.
2013 “Years of Service” - Jeff EgThe luncheon began as a surprise gen of Harbour View Golf
“Jazz” presentation of music being
performed by Clayton Arnott on his The “Cut the Mustard” Award recSaxophone greeted the attendees ognizes one individual throughout
along with centerpiece door prizes all of the different businesses who
made by Painter’s Ice Cream which has exceeded the standards in all arwere sitting on display at each table. eas. It is the highest honor a staff or
While Texas Roadhouse provided management member can receive.
the catering, homemade desserts
brought by various attendees where
shared as a special treat!
The companies in attendance that
make up our family of businesses
are as follows:
Rose Real Estate
Rose Properties of the Carolinas
Oceanside Village
Sleep Inn at Harbour View
Harbour View Golf
Riptide Beach Club
Tupelo Bay
Runaway Bay
Indigo Property Management/
Indigo Sales and Marketing
2013 “Cut the Mustard” - Laura
Bunts of Rose Real Estate
Soon after the award presentation,
the event came to a close and staff
members returned to their respective
places of business to set their sights
After the meal, there were 15 draw- and goals toward the year 2014.
ings for the centerpiece door prizes
followed by Dennis Permenter rec- Congratulations and thanks to all
ognizing a few outstanding individ- who made this special time together
uals in 3 distinct categories.
a great success!!
On January 18, there was a covered
dish to celebrate Jerry’s 70th birthday. It was a fun night as Diana
used Makers Mark as the theme of
the party. Two hundred and sixty
people attended and had a real blast.
Jerry was pleased that his sister flew
in from San Antonio, Texas to celebrate with him. Everyone had a
wonderful time. An Elvis impersonator entertained the crowd for a
couple of hours. He was very good
and interacted with the crowd. All
of Diana’s family came down from
North Carolina and Jerry’s Army
buddy of 40 years attended with his
wife. All in all, it was a very special
1 can (15 oz each whole black beans,
drained, rinsed.
1/2 teaspoon ground cumin.
8 oz dry spaghetti, uncooked
2 tablespoon vegetable oil
1 cup chopped onion
2 cans (8 oz each) tomato sauce
1 can (10 oz each) RoTel diced tomatoes & green chilies, undrained
1. Cook spaghitti according to package directions, omitting salt. Heat
oil in large skillet over medium heat.
Add onion; cook 5 minutes or until
tender, stirring occassionally.
2. Add sauce, undrained tomatoes,
beans and cumin. Simmer 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.
3. Drain spaghetti; add to skillet
and toss with tomato mixture.
BY Jerry Johnstone
Well, here we are already three
months into 2014 and thinking of
the snowbirds leaving us till next
year. As I noted in the last Inside
Oceanside I would name the winners of the Christmas Lighting
Contest and here they are. 1st Place
--- Barry & Sue Gelman at 251 Melody Gardens, 2nd Place --- Ron &
Barbara Wing at 117 Georges Bay,
3rd Place --- Gary & Nancy McCormick. A hearty congratulation to all
the winners.
We started the year with a great New
Years Eve party attended by 225
partiers entertained by the “Forever
Doo Wop” group. They have some
wonderful music and a great time
was had by all. On January 18, we
had our first breakfast of the New
Year and it was an enjoyable morning with sausage, scrambled eggs
and pancakes. Nancy McCormick,
Pam Bailey and Mary Heffler organized and an army of volunteers
made it seem easy. They deserve
an awesome thank you. We moved
onto the 28th of January and a Welcome Back Snowbirds spaghetti
dinner dance. Music was provided
by “Karen and Carl” and everyone
was glad to see them back playing
in our wonderful community center. We had over 200 attendees that
danced and ate to their hearts content. As we do every year, the Super
Bowl comes to us in February and
this year was no different. It was
a small crowd but everyone had a
good time with the majority staying
and watching the whole game. On
February 14th we had our annual
Valentine’s Day dinner dance. This
is a sit down dinner with attendees
being served a menu of sautéed
chicken with broccoli alfredo fettuccini with honey glazed carrots.
“The Fat Jack Band” again played
some great music and 220 attendees
danced the night away. Maxine Montague, Ruth Roth, Bobbie Gillespie,
Carol Botkins and a wonderful crew
of servers, ushers and decorators
made this a memorable occasion.
On February 23rd we had our annual
Horserace and covered dish dinner.
We had almost 200 people and the
food was wonderful and plenty of
it. Jack and Dee Nostrame chair this
event every year and this one was
wonderful. We had some new jockeys this year in Peggy Tulibacki,
Diana Johnstone, Pam Bailey, Jan
Bonadonna and regulars Carol Botkins and Marie Reilly. Due to Marie being under the weather Maxine
Montague took over riding duties
for Marie and did a splendid job. As
we moved into March we had many
more activities planned starting with
an I Love Oceanside Village party
March 2nd. Music was provided by
the band, Harlequin. Again, we had
the Crafts annual covered dish dinner and Chinese Auction on March
9th, a breakfast on the 15th, St.
Patrick’s Day Dinner Dance on the
16th with music by “The Party Favor Band”, Snowbird Appreciation
Day on the 18th, Cards and Games
to support Help for Kids on the 20th
and our annual Sock Hop supporting the Wounded Warrior project on
the 29th of March. Needless to say
March was a busy month.
I would also like to extend my thanks
for the support of all the snowbirds
that came to help in setting up for
all our functions. I can’t name them
all but Carl Durocher and Charlie
Carroll have been at all the set ups
and have helped clean-up and I have
come to count on them. There are so
many people that came to help and
I cannot list all their names. However, you know who you are and I
thank you over and over. I would be
remiss if I did not thank my wonderful wife Diana for all of her support
and for putting up with my idiosyncrasies. When you read this in April
the snowbirds will be gone and we
will be looking ahead to the 4th of
July and summer activities. To our
Oceanside Village family, thank you
for all your support and we invite
everyone to attend our meetings the
1st Monday of each month at 7:00
p.m. at the community center.
On March 2nd, we had a great I
Love Oceanside village dinner and
dance. It was attended by 150 people and music was performed by the
band, Harlequin. We had a dinner
of pulled pork, baked beans, potato
salad and coleslaw with a cake and
pineapple coconut pudding for dessert. It was a good evening with
homeowner Marcie Evans returning for a visit from North Carolina
and a lot of her friends came to have
dinner and visit with her. We ended up giving away some great gifts
donated by OSV management of “I
Love Oceanside Village” t-shirts
and hats. Also, Tupelo Bay donated
a round of golf for two with a golf
cart. The Conch Cafe donated two
gift certificates. A print with matte
was donated by Don Hershberger
our photographer. Karen’s Hair Salon donated a haircut and the Entertainment Committee matched some
of the gifts so we had a nice array
of door prizes. Thanks to all those
who donated prizes as it made for a
fun evening. We look forward to
doing it again next year.
OSV Office
OSV Maintenance 650-6000
OSV Security
Rose Real Estate
State Police
OSV Web Site:
E-mail: [email protected]
Time Warner (843) 446-9259
Contact: Tony Leone
A comedy by Ivan Menchell
owner and operator of Karen’s Hair
Care. She became involved with
theatre in 2001 and has served in
In February and March, at our very all capacities of production as well
Oceanside Village
own community center, The Ceme- as a board member and director of
Office Hours
tery Club was performed in front of the Readers Theatre Group. She has
a very receptive audience. The play played in many productions in the
8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
is about three widows who meet Grand Strand area.
once a month for tea before going to
9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
visit their husbands’ graves. Ida is Doris was played by Sandy Eccles.
With Limited Service
sweet tempered and ready to begin a She is originally from Monmouth
new life, Lucille is a feisty girl who County, NJ but has been a Myrtle
just wants to have fun and Doris is Beach resident since 2003. She
priggish and judgmental, especially played Mildred in The Cemetery
when Sam, the butcher, enters the Club in 2011, her debut into comBecome a volunteer. OSV is look- scene. It is funny, sweet tempered munity theatre.
ing for good residents who would and moving.
like to become volunteers. We need
Sam was played by Roger Jarin. He
volunteers to help man the security The play was directed by Steve Ka- is a native of Maryland, D.C. area.
gate during peak hours. We also plan. He moved from upstate Al- He is a veteran musical entertainer,
need volunteers to help with paint- bany to our area in 2008. He has having performed as a vocalist, disk
ing projects and the neighborhood remained a part of the theatre world jockey and karaoke jockey at sevwatch.
throughout the Grand Strand acting eral clubs in the area. The part of
as well as directing.
Sam was his acting debut.
“I am enough of an artist to
draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more
important than knowledge.
Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”
― Albert Einstein
Ida was played by Sally Arnett
– She has performed with the Murrells Inlet Community Theatre, Low
Country Players, Stage Left Theatre
and Second State Theatre.
Mildred was played by Brenda Meier. She last resided in Richmond,
VA where she worked at Barksdale
Theatre. She has been in numerous
plays, has made commercials and
done several movies as an extra or
Lucille was played by Karen Porter. stand-in.
Many of you know that she is the