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Digital Gi)ing Pla,orm CODE UPLOAD CONTENT!
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DATA File: Required Fields!
Please create a .CSV file with the following fields: •  Code (Format: Alphanumeric & Special Characters) •  Value (Format: 0.00) •  ForeignId (Format: AlphaNumeric) •  AvailabilityEndDate (Format: yyyy-­‐mm-­‐dd) •  ExpiryDate (Format: yyyy-­‐mm-­‐dd) •  Barcode (Format: Numeric) •  Pin (Format: AlphaNumeric) NB: The file needs to contain all the column with the above name even if they are not in use (please see next slide) DATA File: Required Value!
Please create a .CSV file with the following fields: •  Code •  Value •  ForeignId (reference used in our noEficaEon) NB: You can omit a value for all non-­‐mandatory fields. Please note that the column is sGll required even though the value is not. NB2: AvailabilityEndDate is date by when we will stop selling the codes ie. From the example below the codes will be for sale unEl the 01-­‐06-­‐2015 DATA File:!
-­‐Please do not edit the data in Excel as it can change the format of numbers and dates irrevocably. This may result in the wrong data being uploaded. -­‐You can modify your Data file by open it with a Text Editor DATA File: Important!
•  ALL fields are mandatory however the value for each cell is optional for
the AvailabilityEndDate, ExpiryDate, Barcode or PIN columns.
•  The ForeignID is the reference we will use in our Sales Notifications,
Sales Reports and Customer service enquiries.
•  Make sure Dates are saved in the following format: “YYYY-MM-DD”
•  Each denomination value requires a separate .CSV file, e.g. £25 and
£50 gifts need to be created in two different files
•  Save the Data File in .CSV format.
Excel can change very large numbers (e.g. gift card codes) to scientific notation (3465.234+15) and
this can alter the number irrevocably. Therefore, any edits to the code upload file should be made
using Text Editors.
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