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Patrick V. Farrell
September 30, 2014
Protocol for Release of University Data
I would like to take this opportunity to remind the Academic Affairs senior leadership that there is a
university protocol that must be followed when releasing data to an external constituency. Please share
this memo with your associate deans, department chairs, and others who might respond to external
requests for university, college, departmental, or other unit data.
The following is an excerpt from Information Resources, ACIS Policy #7, Data Administration, Policy
Issue: Institutional Data Administration and Access, Suggested Effective Date: January 2002. The Office
of Institutional Research (OIR) shall be responsible for the completion and accuracy of the Common
Data Set and all external requests for institutional data, such as Integrated Postsecondary Education
Data System (IPEDS), U.S. News and World Report, Peterson’s, etc. It shall also have primary
responsibility for university-wide internal research based on institutional data.
This protocol should be interpreted in the broadest sense possible, namely the releasing of any statistical
data regardless who is requesting the information must first be reviewed and approved by the OIR. It is
particularly important that this is adhered to as it relates to any surveys relating to salaries. I would ask
that you remind everyone in your group of this protocol and the expectation that it be followed.
If your organization gets a survey to complete please send a draft of the completed survey to the Office
of Institutional Research ([email protected]) so that they can confirm that the data are consistent with the
University data. They will then contact you and confirm that you can now send in the survey. Depending
on when you receive your survey and when it is due, please try to send your proposed response to the
OIR so that they have at least seven working days to review it. Since the OIR is responsible for data
accuracy they will need some lead time to review the information.
As the Provost, my expectation is that every member of the Academic Affairs senior leadership will
accept the full responsibility for ensuring that any data that are submitted from their group have first been
approved by the Office of Institutional Research prior to their submission.
Best regards.
Bob Eichenlaub
Gary Lutz
Frank Roth