8:00 a.m. – Thursday, March 20, 2014
McCree, Inc.
Host: Eric Dodson
Tobi Allen, Angel de la Portilla, Brenda de Treville, Teresa Donaldson, Alan Fidelo,
Erik Genrich, Deni Gorden, Bill Gordon, Cathy Hertz, Michael Ison, Eric Kepfer,
Latria Leak, Ivan Lefkowitz, Joe Losch, Jennifer Michaels, Kevin Noonan, Michelle
Radcliffe, Richard Ray, Eddie Sanabria, Josh Truitt, Jim Waters, Ormend Yielding
Cindy Williams, Twanna Scroggins, Jeanne Smith, Elizabeth Conrad
Debi Pedrozza, Lillian Gonzalez (Dixon Ticondaroga), Bryan Long (Wells Fargo),
Shannon Blake (Wolf Lake Elementary) and Brittany Tindle (Dream Lake
Travis Blue, Debbie Clements, Susan Coddington, Eric Dodson, Eric Houston, Sherry
Magee, Ryan Mahaffey, Jim McIlrath, Tim Myers, Rick Roach, Joyce Romano,
Dorina Sackman, Rich Sloane, Douglas Storer
Call to Order
Joe Losch called the meeting to order at 8:08 a.m. He thanked Eric Dodson and his for hosting the
event. He noted that Tim Gomez, Dixon Ticondaroga, has resigned and has recommended Lillian
Gonzalez to take his place. She was present as a guest. Joe also welcomed our guest from Wells
Fargo, Bryan Long.
Bridge to STEM Presentation
Joe introduced Shannon Blake, 3rd grade teacher from Wolf Lake Elementary and Brittany Tindle,
Reading Coach at Dream Lake Elementary to give their presentation on Bridge to STEM. There
have been 6 trainings so far on Ramps and Pathways, a program based on curriculum developed at
University of Northern Iowa. This program is a supplement to existing programing. It provides
quarterly opportunities for students to solve modern problems using a cross curriculum approach.
Materials such as posters, scales, teacher materials, leveled readers, blocks, molding and marble are
all provided to be used in the program.
The teachers then broke the Board into smaller groups and had them create a structure that had to
include a ramp, a curve and a lift. There were many fine structures created in a short amount of
time. They noted that the program will be implemented next in 1st and 2nd grade and then later into
3rd through 5th grades. They reviewed the ten principles of teaching and working with children that
are part of the K-2 curriculum.
Florida Standards
Joe introduced Jenn Michaels to present an overview of the new Florida State Standards. Jenn
informed the group that these standards give educators learning goals. The standards give us what
to teach but not how to teach it. Many of the key shifts are the same as the Common Core
Curriculum. For instance, in English/Language Arts the standards involve using complex text,
working in grounded evidence from text and building knowledge from the use of non-fiction text. In
Math the focus is on fewer topics but emphasizes greater coherence and encourages greater rigor.
Jenn had the Board facilitate a jigsaw strategy. She broke the group into smaller groups to do a close
read of a brief about The Florida Standards. There were a number of questions to be answered and
each group took a turn reporting on their findings.
By-Laws Discussion
Cathy noted that most of the changes in the By-Laws are grammatical. Below is a recap of other
1. Executive committee – comprised of board chair, vice-chair, chair-elect and now includes
“no fewer than 3 other directors” appointed by the chair.
2. Removal – board and/or officers may be removed by 2/3 vote of board.
3. Vacancies – board vacancies filled by election to complete the remained of the term;
board development committee recommends Directors to fill officer vacancies to be
approved by Executive Committee.
4. Term limits – the committee discussed setting term limits and decided it is an operational
function and the board development committee will monitor performance.
1. Board Development Committee (expanded role) – responsible for presenting
nominations; recommending removing or not renewing directors and officers; providing
board orientation; long-range planning. The committee also establishes procedures for
ensuring accountability of board members.
2. Took Grants Committee, additional standing committees and special committees out.
3. Added a section allowing the chair to create new committees and/or task forces with
board approval.
Board Meetings
1. Quorum – remains 51%
2. Now states members can participate and vote by telephone, computer or other electronic
3. No proxies (same as before)
Top Talent Update
Teresa Donaldson reported that auditions went well with a record turnout. The judges selected 18
diverse acts that will put on a good show. Free parking is confirmed and ticket prices are to $15 per
person and $20 per person on the day of the show. Fry Hammond Barr is working on the ticket
design and OUC is providing in-kind printing for the tickets and playbill.
Sponsors -- $22,000 committed to date: CFE Federal Credit Union ($5K), Publix Super Markets
Charities ($3,500), CenturyLink ($3,500), Fairwinds Credit Union ($2,500), Orlando Health
($2,500), OUC ($2,500 in-kind), Valencia Foundation ($2,500), Seaside National Bank ($1,500) and
Universal Orlando ($1,000). We are $12,500 behind where we were last year.
Executive Director Update
1. Cindy Williams reviewed the financial dashboard. We are on target to meet all our financial
goals. She gave a brief overview of the draft 2014-2015 operating budget and ask anyone
with questions to contact Eddie Sanabria. We will vote on the budget at the May board
2. Cindy gave a legislative update based on her trip to Tallahassee in January. The Governor
and the agency have the Consortium in their budgets for $6 million this year.
3. Cindy asked everyone to make sure they take at least one cookie (at the front table with the
sign-in sheets). On the back of each cookie is donor information. Each board member is
asked to call their donor and thank him/her for his/her investment in the Foundation and
our schools/students. We’ll ask for some reports on how the calls went at the next board
PSP Update
Debi Pedrozza was introduced and gave a brief update on the Philanthropic Strategic Plan. The
stewardship event is upcoming on April 9th which is near the anniversary of the roll out of the PSP.
Adjournment: 9:35 a.m