Proyecto # 6 Sociales 7mo. Grado Marzo

Villa Hasta Manana
This million dollar property overlooking the Pacific Ocean with a four
meter sea wall and beach as your doorstep with a gate and steps to
access your own beach is truly a prestigious address. The property is
located 300 yards from the latest golf course at LITIBU and 100 meters
from PUNTA NEGRO the reef that runs out into the Coamiles Bay
splitting the beach known previously as Careyeros Beach. It seems now
that we are part of LITIBU but the address is actually No. 2 Rincon de
Careyeros (see google map) .
Leaving the boulevard road leading to Higuera Blanca the first left turn
just where the manicured light posted median starts you travel five
light posts on a dirt gravel road to Rincon de Careyeros and Villa Hasta
Manana is the first dwelling you see as you crest the hill and are obliged
to turn left or right. Two automatic opener door made of parota a
beautiful tropical wood is your entrance down a steep ramp going
underneath the owners residence to the apartment beneath which is
offered for a very modest rent. Further down over a grassed area is the
beach house which is also a rental property and has recently been
upgraded and tripled in size.
1) The furnished apartment is cozy with a large covered patio with large
folding doors to the living room with a couch and easy chair desk and
table to sit a TV. A bar separates the kitchen from the living room.
Going through two saloon type swing doors opens onto the bedroom
with a mirrored closet and of course the bathroom with shower and a
marble vanity and sink. Large windows both in the bedroom and the
living room look out onto the ramp and a variety of plants including
banana trees. In front of the patio with its table for dining and whale
watching is another garden and the 20 meter wide expanse of grass
leading to the beach house and the gate and steps to your own beach.
This dwelling is currently under lease for one year till Dec. 2013
2) The Beach house was built by the owners themselves over ten years
ago and is only yards from the breaking surf. It was a very basic
dwelling with a corrugated roof however the ‘duckling’ has turned into
a beautiful ‘swan’, triple the size, and now reflects the luxury that this
million dollar property deserves.
It still is a one bedroom however expansive with a large shower
bathroom, adjacent to a laundry room with washer and dryer. The
kitchen dining room with pantry and a bar to divide the living room
furnished with a comfortable hide-a-bed for guests. A small half
bathroom leads off of the living room for day guests. Two large sliding
patio doors lead out onto a patio having a ‘chiminea’ for cool nights
where you can burn drift wood merely five meters away.
When the wind comes up you can retreat behind the house to a
covered rear patio complete with a large table to play cards or lay out a
picnic lunch for invited guests coming up from the surf in wet bathing
The click entry down the ramp allows you to bring a vehicle up to the
house itself for off loading goods. A large area both front side and
behind allow for games such as badminton. The grass area is ideal for
practicing your putting or chipping. From up above one could land a
golf ball on the third tee of the new LITIBU golf course it’s that close.
It is truly a property to consider for spending an ideal winter at a
modest cost.
A hammock can be strung between the two palms in front of the Beach
House allowing you to watch for whales or simply relax.
Prices based on period leases are as follows:
A. Apartment:
1) on a one year lease the rent per month is $500.USD. Plus a ratioed
portion of the electrical and water and gas. No linens. What can’t be
carried in a station wagon we supply.
2) For a six month consideration the price is $750. /month and gas and
electrical are included.
3) For a three month lease the price is $900/month but all utilities are
included, and two changes of bed linen and towels are supplied as well
as Satellite TV.
B. Beach HOUSE:
1) On a one year lease the rent per month is $750. USD /per month. All
utilities are your responsibility.
2) For a six month term the rent is $900. /month and we absorb gas and
electrical expense.
3) For a three month consideration we will supply everything but water,
to include linen for two persons plus small appliances. The rent will be
Contact: for numbers and details and terms or
Bill Semeyn at 322-135-5506 cel
322-222-0018 Hotel
Toll free from US/CAN, 1-866-880-5920
Or email: [email protected]