Parent Focus Group Newsletter - May 2014

Redbourn Infant and Nursery School
Parent Focus Group
May 2014
Who are we?
Our Parent Focus Group has met twice since our last newsletter - once at the end of
March and again last week.
Nursery AM - Anne Wilkes
Lime - Tracy Bennett
Oak - Rachel Rothwell
Larch - Preeti Chaudhary
Chestnut - Ruth Hurst
As well as sharing our discussion points from these meetings we would also like to note
the following…
One of the first things we do in each meeting is to review what was discussed or
actioned from the previous meeting. We are very pleased to say that there has been
progress in many areas… As a result, Nursery now opens five minutes earlier in the
morning to help with the flow of children getting in and settled. Correspondence is
now coming more via the children-teacher-register method which has improved
congestion in the school office. Voluntary donations can now be paid via School
Comms following feedback that this would make it easier and more likely for people to
contribute. Finally - a cancelled Year 1 cake sale got back on its feet after a discussion
at the last PFG meeting and raised £120!
Our May Day celebrations are this Thursday and
Friday with the Governing Body providing tea,
coffee and pastries to buy on Friday morning. As
well as the lovely dancing that we will all look
forward to watching, there will be an opportunity to
see the new development of the courtyard area
that has now been finished! Please come and see
the fantastic results.
As many of you will be aware, we recently had a letter from Ofsted who
carried out an “Interim” review. The result of this was that the school
has continued to perform as good with outstanding features. What an
achievement! If you missed the letter that came out from our school
Chair of Governors please do look online at the school website where you
can read this and the Ofsted letter.
Both of these unpleasant things were discussed at our previous
meeting. This is just to remind everyone that of course it is not nice for
our children to have to breathe in smoke on their way in or out of school
- or to have to walk where someone has allowed their dog to mess
without picking it up. Let’s all do what we can to make sure neither of
these continue to be an issue.
All of you should have received these in your
children’s book bags. The school and
governing body use the responses to form
part of their strategy day when they meet
later this term. Your feedback is always so
valuable so please make sure to fill it in and
pop it back!
The Children’s Centre Committee meet once or
twice a term and are looking for a new member to
join them to discuss, make decisions and
contribute ideas. If you would like to get involved
just pop in to the Children’s Centre or email
[email protected]
The results of this are now collated and make for some very impressive reading.
In summary out of the 137 comments they received, 124 were positive as the
Children’s Centre users are delighted with the support and services provided! The
13 observations were to do with things like the timing of certain groups etc. and all
of these have been successfully answered/addressed.
Thank you if you took the time to fill one in and if you want to see the results pop
into the Children’s Centre or again look online.
Nursery PM - Hana Earley
Willow - Jane Graham
Beech - Alison Frake
Maple - Kerri Orchard
Chair - Donna Russell
Yet another constant point of discussion when PFG
meet! PLEASE can we all try to follow the one way
system which is UP Crouch Hall Lane, ALONG Long
Cutt, then DOWN Snatchup.
It really would help to make things safer and easier if
everyone who drives to the school pick up/drop off
could stick to this. Or better still, walk to school!
This is an exciting time for all our children as they start getting ready to move up
to their new classes. There is a transition programme which will be rolled out over
the next half term so that the children will feel more than ready and excited to get
started after the summer.