hopscotch montessori nursery newsletter autumn 2014

Record Keeping Information Evening
Since January we have been using a different record keeping system
called My Montessori Child. The system tracks each child's progress by
linking all the Montessori materials and other activities to the EYFS
.The main reason for choosing this system is that there is a parent portal
through which you can observe your child's progress and activities
during their time at Hopscotch. This includes some photographs. The
system was designed by David Gettman who is also the author of Basic
Montessori. David has very kindly offered to introduce the system and
the parent portal to parents on Monday 17th November from 18.30—
20.00 . Please sign the sheet in the foyer or let me know by email if you
can make it.
Late pick up = a charge!
Please make sure you make every effort to pick up your child on time at the end of their
I would like to remind you that there is a charge for children who are picked up late
without prior notice from parents. If you have not
informed us that you will be late
you will be charged £5 for each extra 15 minute period (or part of) that your child is at the
Staff often have commitments of their own after work so cannot be
expected to stay after
Packed lunches
At Hopscotch we encourage healthy eating so please do not put chocolate, sweets nuts or
products that contain nuts in your child's lunchbox. Please remember to include a drink
and an ice pack. Thank you.
The new snack system seems to be working well. The children continue to take snack
time when they choose and take their snack from their tray. Please try not to send in too
much food as some are struggling to finish what is in their snack box.
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We would like to welcome
Maren (who started in April!)
Sam (starting after half term)
To Shabina who gained a First Class Degree in Early Years in the summer. As a result of
this she has had some of her work published in a professional journal.
So impressed was I that I have now started my last year of the Ba hons Professional
Studies in Learning and Development hence I am not in
assured however that I continue to work hard
Hopscotch as much. Rest
behind the scenes!
Christmas Carol Concert and Party
Tuesday 16th December. More details nearer the time.
Early Drop Off
If there is enough interest we would like to offer an early drop off from 8.30 on a Monday,
Tuesday and Wednesday morning. Please let me know if you would use this service and
on which day. Thank you.
Sickness and A sences
If your child is absent from nursery please ring or text and let us know on the day that
they are absent 07849226567.
I would like to remind you that if your child has vomiting or diarrhoea they should be
absent from nursery for 48 hours following the last
episode. These are the guidelines
of the Health Protection Agency.
The topics we will be covering this year are
The Farm
The Zoo
This term we have seen a few changes. Thea has left us for a well-earned rest and Janine
has joined us for 3 days a week. Janine is Montessori trained and has had a varied career
in child care. As well as working in Montessori Settings she is a qualified play therapist
and her most recent role has been in the Children’s Unit at Pembury Hospital. In addition,
Janine’s son and daughter both came to Hopscotch and survived to tell the tale! Scarily her
son is looking at Secondary School choices!
We do not encourage toys to be brought in from home but if they are they are treated the
same as any other materials in the classroom and are there for ALL the children to share.
Staff are not responsible for any loss or damage that occurs whilst the toys are at nursery.