September 2014 Newsletter

Knights of Columbus, Bishop Joseph H. Albers Council 4090
8428 Davison Rd., Davison, Michigan
Grand Knight
Larry Prevo
Phone 810-653-4090
Volume 8 Issue 9
September, 2014
Mailing address:
P.O. Box 22
Davison, MI 48423
Faithful Navigator
Greg McCarty
Proud Home Council of Vice Supreme Master, George Dann
Proud Home Council of Former State Chaplain, Leroy White
Proud Home Assembly of Former Master David Buick
Proud Home Assembly of District 2 Marshal, GK, PFN Larry Prevo
Proud Home Council of Former District Deputies, PFN, PGK Eric Wohleben, PFN Joseph Serra, FN Greg McCarty and PGK Mark Smith
Proud Home of Ardon F. Dubie Assembly 523
Family of the Year…..Tom and Marilyn Edwards
Knight of the Year…Ben Latzy
Sir Knight of the Year….Mark Corcoran
Grand Knight’s Report
Brother Knights & Families
Fall is here…. where did the Summer go?... It went by so fast!! It has been a busy Summer, with all the events we had this year.
We have a very active Council. Thank you to the entire active membership that helped make this Summer so great.
September is here and there are some things I have to have help with to make things happen.
PGK Pete Erickson told the Council he is giving up the Bingo Chairman at the end of September.
Thanks Pete for being there for me and the Council.
I need a brother Knight to help with the Bingo paper work on Monday night. There’s going to be times I can’t be there on Monday
night, so if I had a person to fill in for the nights I can’t be there, it would really help me out. We have a lot of brothers showing up to
work bingo and it’s always the same brothers every week. If you can, please help out so some brothers can have a break from all
the work they do.
We had a vote to change the Corporate Communion from Aug 31st to September 7th because it fell on Labor Day weekend and
there are a lot of members who are going to be out of town. So the Corporate Communion will be at St. Francis, 10 AM Mass, September 7th There is no breakfast after Mass.
The Senior Priest fund raiser will be held September 13th for the new home for our Senior Priests. Dinner Tickets are $15.00 per
person. The dinner will be open to all. Doors will open at 5:30 pm . Get your tickets from me, DGK Bill Vandeveer or Carl Knieper.
Come join us for a great dinner and auction. To reserve a table of 8, call me at 810-664-0003 or Carl Knieper 810-569-1245. Tickets will be at the Hall, or you can get them at your Church office. Support our Priests, they need our help.
October 11th is the date of the Council’s Annual Workers Party and Awards Night. Cost of the tickets will be $20.00 but you will get
your money back at the door when you attend the party.
The Knight for the month of September is a brother who does a lot for our Council. This PGK works most all of the Bingos. He is
always there when you need help. Romano D'Angelo is my choice for the Knight of the Month for September. Thank you
Romano for all you do.
My choice for Family of the Month for September is Michael & Louise Ambroziak. Mike has been a great help and Louise is
always there for him. Thank you both for everything you do for our Council.
God Bless this great Council
Larry L Prevo GK
A Few Words from Our FSC
Labor Day is a break for most of us from our regular routine to getting away for a few days or just getting away from our “Labor”;
but, what does that mean to you? The term “Labor” implies the kind of work that requires a lot of energy and is demanding.
What is intriguing is that many use more energy pursuing their hobbies or recreation than they do their work. It all depends on
the mindset. If you like what you are doing, it is “re-creating” and enjoyable. If you only do it because it is necessary, then it can
be draining.
If you can think of your job as a means of improving yourself, helping others and pleasing God; then, you will draw energy from it
and grow. So, do you work to live or live to work? What motivates your labor?
Vivat Jesus
Leroy White, FSC
Faithful Navigator’s Report
Brother Knights,
Being a Knight of Columbus member is a great feeling, especially when you get involved and see what GOOD things we do.
Building handicap ramps, our MI drive, donations to Guest House, Holy Cross Children Services, to our local churches and special projects in the area are just a sampling. To make all this possible, our fund raisers need to be supported and need participation from our members, our catholic congregation and local community. Our fraternal order (Webster: to attain a common goal or
to further their mutual benefit) stands strong in our Council. The GREAT thing is that there is no limit to our goals or personnel
participation! We have room for ALL that want to help and get involved. It is a good feeling!
The Poker room dates we have secured have been put on hold by our State lawmakers. Will keep you updated if any changes.
Talk it up, spread the word, invite your friends, buy tickets. We are hosting a New Year’s Eve Party. This is a major fund raiser for
us. Please support and volunteer to help, as stated above, we have room for help.
Color Guard please take notice of the Commander’s Nov. 9 date for training. If you do not have all your regalia or are interested in
joining, you are invited.
It is not too early for planning for Valentine’s Day 2015, a perfect fit is our first annual (hopefully) Valentine’s Day Dance, Feb. 13.
Our committee is aiming at it being a gala affair. Newsmaker band is booked for our dancing and entertainment, a delicious buffet,
all in a “lovely” decorated surrounding. Hope to see you there!
Oct. 25, 2014 is the date of the next Exemplification. As a 1 day event, it is the perfect opportunity to become a 4 th degree member. It is going to be held in Westphalia, not too far away. Please, if you are thinking about it, ask a fellow Knight. You 4 th degree
members, ask your fellow Knights about joining.
Greg McCarty
Faithful Navigator
Ardon F. Dubie Assembly 0523
Financial Secretary’s Notes
Brother Knights,
With Winter approaching, our snowbirds are close to leaving for warmer weather. With our new mailing system we should not
have an issue with your newsletter. But to help ensure that, please continue to notify me of when you are leaving and anticipated
return so that we can help to eliminate more mailing cost. Thanks.
I would again like to ask for your help in keeping our birthdays and anniversaries updated. With a council as big and spread out
as ours, it’s difficult to keep it current. If you know of someone that has passed away and their name is still on the list, please let
me know.
We have a goal of 31 new members for the new fraternal year. With the increasing age of our council, we need to continue to
bring new members in so that we can continue to do the work that our council is known for. Think back to when you joined, all
somebody did was to ask you to become a Knight. The next time you are in church, maybe the catholic gentleman next to you is
just waiting to be asked!
If you would like to contact me I can be reached at 810-397-8114 or emailed at: [email protected]
Fraternally yours,
Joel Fournier, Financial Secretary
Faithful Comptroller’s Notes
My Brother Sir Knights,
A few of you have not paid your 2014 dues. Please save the Assembly the postage of sending out a billing notice and send your
dues in. Call me if you have questions.
Third Degree Brothers: There is still time to sign up to join the Fourth Degree. The next Exemplification is October 25! Call Me
or Navigator Greg for more info! Cell: 810-471-7256
Mark F. Corcoran FC
The pictures
featured here
were taken by
Mark Corcoran
at the recent
Lugnuts game
on August 8th.
Newsletter Patrons
September 2013
Danielle Fry in Memory of PGK Edward Fry
Tom and Laura Sylvester
Ken Osentoski
Doris Morin in Memory of Bill
Elaine Stange in Memory of Kenneth (2)
FN Greg and Joann McCarty (2)
Nick and Mary Beth Panchula
Thomas Gormley (2)
PGK Bob and Rose Marie Hellebuyck
Dan and Helen Porter
Dan and Dorothy O’Brien
PFN Don and Terrie Michalik
PFN PGK Carl and Mary Knieper
October 2013
Frank and Maureen Smejkal
John and Florence Crossen
Steve and Margaret Loncarevic
In Memory of Norman and Eleanor Morian
November 2013
Bob and Velma Jackson
Leonard Wranosky
Jane Benson in Memory of Howard (1)
Daniell Fry in Memory of PGK Edward Fry (2)
December 2013
Arlene Dubie in Memory of
Former Marshal, PFN PGK Ardon Dubie
Roger and Patsy Howard
Leo and Kathy Kandal (1)
January 2014
Leota Clark in Memory of Louis (2)
Don, FFS and Jeanette Susalla (2)
PFN Leo Aube and Family (1)
February 2014
Matthew and Patricia Jackson
Jim and Ginger Baier
Harry and Marsha Neminski (1)
Paul Lehoux in Memory of Margaret
Jerry and Peggy Sylvester in Memory of Steven (1)
PGK Tom and Gloria Ruddy
Gary and Margaret Ellsworth
Joe and Phyllis Boris
Kareyn Bade in Memory of Tom
March 2014
Maxine Thompson in Memory of Everrett (1)
Tom and Faye Novak
April 2014
PGK Andy and Vivian Peraino
John and Nancy Mazur
Paul Wells In Memory of Mary Ann and Terry Wells
Margaret Schopieray in Memory of PGK Carl
Jim and Peggy Staudacher
Tim and Chris Hernandez
Lucille Martell (2)
Bill and Mary Alvord
May 2014
Justin and Doris Piper in Memory of son, David (2)
Lois Martin in Memory of Romuald Martin (2)
Hugh and MaryAnn Welsh (2)
Tim and Chris Hernandez
Charles and Cynthia Groulx
in Memory of Charles Joseph Groulx
Nick and MaryBeth Panchula
June 2014
PGK FDD Jim Grezetich
Shirley Pincumbe in Memory of Stewart
FDD Joseph and Veronica Serra (1)
Fr. Andrew Czajkowski (1)
Walt and Rosa Schaeffer
in Memory of Harry Schaeffer (1)
Jim and Catherine Burgess (1)
\Jim Cokely in Memory of John Fabris (2)
Rosalie Kish in Memory of Joe Kish (1)
Gerald Clor in Memory of Priscilla May Clor (1)
William and Faith McPherson in Memory of son,
Robert and grandson, Zachary (1)
Robert and Verda Foy (1)\
Margaret Struck in Memory of Floyd
Bob and Dorothy Guidos
PFN Edward and Mary Chalut
PFN Bill and Marjean Miley
Jane Figula in Memory of Steve (2)
Edna Bissonnette in Memory of Loren (2)
Bill Alvord
PGK Denny and Lorraine Denman
in Memory of Past Members (2)
July 2014
FM David and Paula Buick (1)
Thomas and Marilyn Edwards
Larry and Regina Maurer (2)
Doris Gauthier in Memory of Fred (2)
Myrna Kelley in Memory of Frances and Matthew (2)
Adolph and Carmella Turchi
Clarence Halligan in Memory of Mary (2)
Yvonne Brunell in Memory of Gerald
Cornelius and Helen Peel (1)
FDD, PFN, PGK Eric and Marcie Woheleben (1)
August 2014
PGK Harold and Marie Ecker (2)
George Kidd in Memory of Betty (2)
September 2014
Ted and Helen Nelson (2)
Charles and Ethel Howell (2)
Joe and Yvonne Masson
Mike and Kathy Buhaguir
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Congratulations !!
Knight of the Month……...…PGK Romano D’Angelo
Family of the Month………..Mike and Louise Ambroziak
September 2014
September Birthdays
1. Geraldine Willing
1. Mary Hazel
1. Greg Ellsworth
1. Lorraine Denman
4. Justin Piper
4. Mike O’Brien
5. Cindy Lehr
5. Jim Lorencz
6. Roger Lucas
7. Yvonne Masson
8. Geanene Chalut
11. Julie Worrell
11. Nancy Brownrigg
12. Jim Kerkau
Lee Kerperien
Joann McCarty
Laura Sylvester
Lucinda McNea
Jeffrey Kerkau
Kathleen Zalizny
Julie Fournier
Andy Pastue
Beth Brancheau
Mike Buhagiar
Lynn Sylvester
Chris Hernandez
Calendar of Events
1. Labor Day
***No Bingo***
2. Work Bee, 6 PM
Building Company Meeting, 7 PM
4. FSC Leroy White Golf Outing
Sugar Bush Golf Course, 7:30 AM Free Donuts
8:45 AM Ready to go, 9:00 AM Shotgun Start
September Anniversaries
Dinner and prizes after golf at our hall
4. Gary & Lori Peppin
5. Ray & Marilyn Fournier
10. Bob and Sue Pike
11. PFN Ed & Mary Chalut
12. Pat & Marcia Fournier
24. Jim & Joann Ruhala
25. Gene & Catherine Burke
28. Dean & Carol Hagler
28. Cornelius & Helen Peel
4. Euchre Games, Doors open 6 PM, Games at 7 PM
7. Corporate Communion Sunday
St. Francis, Otisville, 10 AM Mass
8. Monday Night Bingo, 6:30PM
9. Council Meeting, Officers, 7 PM, Members, 8 PM
13. Senior Priests Residence Dinner/Auction
Belated Anniversary greetings to Charles and Ethel Howell who celebrated
their 50th Wedding Anniversary 0n July 3rd.
Doors open, 5:30
15. Monday Night Bingo, 6:30 PM
16. Assembly Meeting. Officers, 7 PM, Members 8 PM
22. Monday Night Bingo, 6:30 PM
23. Council Social Meeting, Rosary, 6:45 PM
29. Monday Night Bingo, 6:30 PM
October 26, 2014 9AM– 4PM
Building Company News
Brother Knights,
The tables and chairs in our storage barn are for members to use and in order to use them
you need to contact Carl Knieper to set up a pickup and return date. We must be considerate of our other members by not taking more than you need and by returning them on the
scheduled return date. It is especially important during the summer months when there
are a lot of graduations, reunions and other parties.
Our annual Workers Party/Columbus Day dinner will be held on October 11, 2014. Those
who have qualified for a free ticket will be receiving a letter this month. If you do not receive a letter and feel you should have qualified you can contact me at (810) 6536738. This party is open to the public and everyone is invited to join us. Hope to see you
there it is an excellent way to get to know your fellow Knights.
Carl A. Knieper, President, Kasey Building Co.
The Knight Times
Official publication of Knights of Columbus
Bishop Joseph Albers Council 4090
Davison, Michigan 48423
Editor………...Tom Novak…….810-743-7648
[email protected]
C i r c u l a t i o n …………… . . J i m
Labels, Birthdays, Anniversaries and sick list…
………… . . . F S J o e l F o u rn i e r 8 1 0 - 3 9 7 - 8 1 1 4
Patron List……….Joe Serra, FDD
Council 4090 Officers
Grand Knight………………….PFN Larry Prevo
Deputy Grand Knight………….Bill Vanderveer
Chaplain…………………………..Fr. Carl Simon
Assembly 523 Officers
Faithful Friar……….Fr. Andrew Czajkowski
Faithful Navigator…..…FDD Greg McCarty
Chancellor…….............................Bob McDaniel
Faithful Captain…………….Mark Campbell
Recording Secretary………………..Bill Conroy
Faithful Admiral...............PFN Don Michalik
Financial Secretary.…… ………...Joel Fournier
Faithful Pilot….…………....Mike Ambroziak
Treasurer………..……..………...Ronald Groulx
Faithful Comptroller……….Mark Corcoran
Advocate…... …..……………….Greg Ellsworth
Faithful Purser…...….......Thomas St. Martin
Warden……….………………………...Rudy Bolf
Faithful Scribe……..…………...Rich Roberts
Lecturer…….………………………..Bob Conroy
Faithful Inner Sentinel……..Gerald Rouleau
Inside Guard….................................Jim Sheldon
Faithful Outer Sentinel…….Gary Ellsworth
Outside Guard……………………….Leo Kandal
Faithful Trustees:
PGK Gary Lehr……………………..3 Year
PGK Pete Erickson…………..…….2 Year
PGK Romano D’Angelo……..…….1 Year
Ron Crawford…………………………3 Year
Jim Burgess……………………………2 Year
Larry Prevo, GK,PFN…………..…...1 Year
Building Company Officers
Carl Knieper, PGK,PFN….……..........President
Pete Erickson, PGK………...…...Vice President
Joel Fournier, FS……………….……...Secretary
Greg Ellsworth…………...…...…...….Treasurer
Building Company Directors
Larry Prevo, GK, PFN
Bill Vanderveer, DGK
Romano D`Angelo, PGK
Gary Lehr, PGK
Don Michalik, PFN
Dan Porter
Tom St. Martin
Bill Flynn
John Charron
Hall Rental Agent
Richard Roberts...810-820-7908
Caring for Our Treasured Gifts
Flint Area/Genesee County
Senior Priest Residence Fundraiser
Knights of Columbus Davison Council 4090 is hosting a fundraising event to support our Pastor and Fundraising Chairman (Fr Andrew) for the Senior Priests Residence at the
Blessed Sacrament campus in Burton
Please invite your friends and family to support a
DINNER and AUCTION at the Knights Hall on Davison Rd
(just East of Irish Rd) starting at 5:30pm Saturday September
13, 2014
All proceeds go to build the Senior Priest residence. Tickets
are $15 each; reservations are required as this is a catered
event. Tables of 8 can be reserved in advance. To donate
items for the Auction --or for tickets and reservations please
contact Carl Knieper at 810.653.6738 or Larry Prevo at
Our Priests need our support to make this fundraiser a success, please pick up tickets to sell. We need auction items
Fr. Andrew Czajkowski, Fundraising Chairman,
Fr Jerry Ploof Co-Chair
RSVP Call 810.653.6738