July - Louisiana State Council

Important Dates to Remember
Meeting Dates to Remember
Family Social – Friday, July 18 at 7:30pm
Council Meeting – July 2, 2014 – Meal at 6:30pm
Knight & Family of the Year: Mike Arnold & Troy & Deanne Dendinger
Auxiliary & 2 Council Meetings– July 16, 2014
Knightly News
The Newsletter of
Archbishop Blenk
Council 1905
July 2014
Knights of Columbus Archbishop Blenk Council 1905
Charity Unity Fraternity Patriotism
Council Phone: 368-1905/Web Site: http://kofc1905.org/
Bulletin Articles: [email protected] or 432-6557 cell
Program Director – PGK Glenn Esteve
Grand Knight Burnie Danjean 368-1905
Membership Director – Kenneth M. LeBlanc
Council Director – PGK Joe Tranchina, Sr.
I would like to thank my Brothers Knights for
Community Director – Jerry Broome
electing me to represent Archbishop Blenk
Church Director – PGK Adolph Lachmann
Council as your Grand Knight for the
Pro-Life Director – Don Caskey and Dee Caskey
Colombian year. I am looking forward to
Family Life – Wall7 & Cheryl d’Hemecourt
working with every one this coming year.
Youth Director – James Fogarty
I also want to thank everyone who helped
District Deputy – PGK Arthur Newby
with the planning and cooking for the
installation banquet. Your efforts made the
event a special night for me.
Congratulations to Mike Arnold as Knight
of the Year and PGK Troy and Deanne
Dendinger as Family of the Year.
Officers and Directors for 2014 – 2015 Columbian Year
Grand Knight – Burnie Danjean
Deputy Grand Knight – Rory Cadres
Chancellor – Frank Falgoust
Treasurer – Richard Majeste
Recorder – Nicholas Falgoust
Advocate – PGK Bob Mayville
Warden – Ricky Valladares, III
Financial Secretary – Michael Arnold, Jr.
Inside Guard – Brenton Dufrene, III
Outside Guard – Robert Rau
Trustees – PGK Glenn Esteve
PGK Troy Dendinger
PGK Arthur Newby
Lecturer – PGK George Wedge
Membership – Kenneth M LeBlanc 391-2233
Brother Knights,
Membership growth is essential to the success
of the Knights of Columbus. With the addition of
each new member, the Order is better able to serve
the Church and those most in need in our
communities. But it isn’t just the Order that benefits
from new members. Each new member benefits
As a new brother Knight, a man has the
opportunity to grow in his faith through our many
programs and resources and to live out his faith
through service to God and his neighbor. A new
brother Knight also gains access to our top-rated
insurance to protect his family.
When a man joins the Knights of Columbus, it’s
a win for everyone: for him, for his family, for his
Church, for the community and for the Order.
Join me in asking someone you know to join the
Knights of Columbus and give him the opportunity
to WIN.
Financial Secretary-Michael Arnold, Jr. 367-3892
Pro Life Corner- Don & Dee Caskey H 341-4512 or C 884-0101
Brothers, dues for the third quarter of 2014 are now
due. Upon hearing of a death of a brother member
please contact me so proper arrangements can be
New Members:
B. J. Dufrene, Jr., 559 Avenue H, Westwego, LA
70096 303-7697
Transferred into 1905:
Andy Hendrickson, 169 Willow Dr., Gretna, LA 70053
July Birthdays:
3 – John Alexander, Jr.
11 – Amery Englade
12 – Ronald Cantin
12 – Gus Cramond, III
12 – B. J. Dufrene, Jr.
13 – Maurice Shine
14 – PGK Howard Robichaux
17 – PGK Bob Mayville
22 – Fernand Webber, III
23 – Frank Lapeyrolerie
23 – Gary Madere
24 – J. Ken Leithman
24 – Terry Ryder
26 – Paul Cooper
27 – Charles Whitmer
July Anniversaries:
3 – PGK Arthur & Barbara Newby, Jr.
17 – Charles & Melanie Boudreaux
17 – Frank & Pam Falgoust
21 – Russell & Sharon Templet
26 – Melvin & Nicole Arnold
27 – Frank & Patricia Musso
31 – S. Joseph & Cindy Roppolo
Gentlemen, as promised last month, I have information
concerning Louisiana's Safe Haven Law. The law states
that licensed hospitals, public health units, emergency
medical service providers, medical clinics, fire stations,
pregnancy crisis centers, child advocacy centers and police
stations are the designated locations. If the parent cannot
get to one of these locations they can call 911 and they
must give the baby to a qualified person and let them
know that they are using the "Safe Haven" law. As long as
the baby shows no signs of abuse or neglect, the parent
will be protected by the Safe Haven Law and will not be
considered guilty of a criminal act of neglect, abandonment
or child cruelty. They can bring a baby up to 60 days old
and if they change their mind, they have 30 days to reclaim
their parental rights. Leaving the baby unattended on a
doorstep or in a bathroom does not qualify. We as "lay
people" in this process can only direct or assist the parent
to the proper resources, and PRAY for them.
We are currently trying to help Compassionate Burials
for Indigent Babies in their ministry of providing a Catholic
burial for those babies that the family cannot afford. A lot
has happened since the last news letter. One of my fellow
workers at Chevron has built two baby coffins and has
offered to build more with our assistance in materials and
minor labor. Mary Grace Orsag has offered to line the
coffins and our lovely Ladies Auxiliary has offered to pay for
those materials. I have talked with a volunteer at St. Joseph
Abby and they may be able to assist our efforts with
donations of scrap pieces too small for their use but fine for
ours. There is even a chance that the Abby could possibly
build some coffins with time and materials permitting. The
director of C.B.I.B. does not wish to burden any one
resource that is helping her mission and is grateful for all
help. For the month of June alone they have needed to
bury 7 babies, and this was as of the 20th of June. I thank
you for your support.
Chancellor – Frank Falgoust 283-7807
Please keep PGK Adolph Lachmann and his family
in your prayers for a speedy recovery. Say a
special prayer for our Brother Knights on our prayer
list for them to return to good health. Call me at the
above phone number if you know of any brother
who is sick and needs to be added to our prayer
Henry Holt, PGK
Red Bartholomew, PGK
Adolph Lachmann, PGK
Dr. Larry Hallaron, PGK
Glenn Esteve, PGK
Bob Mayville, PGK
George Wedge, PGK
Ferd Webber III
Louis Liljeberg
Chester Jones
Roy Bush
Michael Arnold
Jerry Broome, Sr.
Wally d’Hemecourt
Robert Rau
David Uzee, Jr
Russell Templet
Lloyd LeGrange
Malcolm Hebert
Barry Breaux
Perry Lobrano
Elmo Miller
Terry Ryder
Albert Chauvin
Insurance Field Agent , Chris Dufrene 504-689-8032
Contact me for all your insurance needs or if I can
answer any of your questions. I’m here to help you.
Ladies Auxiliary – Vicki Fogarty President
Family Life – Wally & Cheryl d’Hemecourt
400-2783 Email: [email protected]
366-9486 or [email protected]
Hello everyone,
Thank you all for the confidence you have in me to
see the auxiliary through another, hopefully, fun filled
and purpose filled year. There really isn't much news
this month. I plan to have a plan for activities by next
month's meeting. We are planning to have 2 Bunco's, a
trip to a casino on the Gulf Coast, a trip to the Abby
across the lake, and a bake sale at the Court House
building. I am asking that any member who has an idea
for an activity they would like the auxiliary to plan, or an
activity for a meeting, to please call either me or any
board member.
Dues are due by the end of July. They are still only
Our next meeting is on July 16th, Rosary begins at
7:15, meeting follows immediately afterwards.
Have a safe and Happy 4th of July!
Pray to the Blessed Mother for peace.
Our July Family Social will take place on Friday, July 18
at 7:30pm. Come join us for a great meal and fellowship
with your brother knights and their families.
We will be looking for volunteers to cook for family
socials during the coming year. If you and your family
and friends would like to volunteer, please let me know.
It is always a fun experience and there is always plenty
of help if needed. Don’t be afraid to volunteer. It can
really be a fun experience.
Council Director – PGK Joseph Tranchina, Sr.
email: [email protected] 340-9609
We are starting a new Columbian year and need to
come up with some ideas for Council 1905 to do to help
in the community and for our church parishes. We will
have the state functions to participate in. We were close
this past Columbian year, if we can do more we can do
better in the coming year.
If anybody can come up with a project or just a
activity for the council to have a good time, let my self or
the new Grand Knight know.
T. J. Larkin Fourth Degree Assembly # 322
Cordell Parker, FN 504-428-1164 [email protected]
Installation of Officers and will take place on Sunday,
July 13 after the 10:30am Mass at St. Anthony Mission
Church in Gretna. We will have a dress out for Mass.
After mass we will have a banquet at Council 1905 Hall.
Cost is $15.00. Call Frank Falgoust 283-7807 by July 8
to make your reservations.
Meeting Date Schedule:
August 27 – Santa Maria in Algiers
September 24 – St. Cletus in Gretna
October 26 (Sunday) – Port Sulphur
November 25 (Tuesday) – Belle Chasse
December 13 – Council 1905 Christmas Party
Brother Knight Seminarian Francis Offia
Two Thousand Years down History:
Holy Spirit is Still at Work
The feast of Pentecost brings to a close the Holy Easter
Season. The coming of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles is
an event very integral with the Paschal Mystery. In His
farewell discourse according to John’s Gospel, Jesus made
consistent mention of the coming of the Holy Spirit. Not
only promising to send them the Advocate who will reveal
everything, Jesus went on to assure His Disciples: “if I do
not go, the Holy Spirit will not come.” This statement brings
out the necessity of the coming of the Holy Spirit in the
salvation history. Although Gospel writers gave us hints of
the instances in which Jesus imparted His Spirit on the
Apostles, it is the Book of the Acts of the Apostles that gave
us the account of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the
day of Pentecost; the day and event which marked the
inauguration of the Church.
But Pentecost is not a closed experience or an event of
once and for all! The Holy Spirit has been since eternity
and will continue to be for eternity. After coming upon the
Apostles some two thousand years ago, He has constantly
and consistently been with the Church and her members
up till this day. He is one and the same Holy Spirit; SO
ANCIENT, EVER NEW. The same Holy Spirit of the
Pentecost, we receive during our Baptism and
Confirmation. He is the one who sanctifies and transforms
bread and wine in to the Body and Blood of Christ. By His
Power, sins are forgiven and the sick and the dying are
encouraged and strengthened. As He came and rest on the
head of the Apostles so also He is today called down upon
men and ordains them deacons and priests. It is that same
Spirit who united together one man and one woman so that
they become one flesh no longer two persons in the
Sacrament of Holy Matrimony.
The Holy Spirit of Pentecost is ever present in the
Sacraments and Liturgies of the Church. When we
immerse ourselves in the Sacraments and the Liturgies,
guess what happens to us; WE ARE FILLED WITH THE
Archbishop Blenk Council 1905
July 2014
6:30 Meal
Mtg 7:30
Bingo LLAA
Auxiliary and
2nd Council
4th Degree
Installation &
Knights of Columbus
Archbishop Blenk Council No. 1905
475 Franklin Street
Gretna, LA 70053
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