BC-XOM Integration for SAP PLM

BC-XOM Interface
Integration for SAP PLM
What is BC-XOM?
BC-XOM (eXternal Output Management) is an open generic interface for the SAP spool
system to external output management systems.
What can BC-XOM Integration do?
The BC-XOM interface enables the processing of SAP standard print output via
­document output management solutions from SEAL Systems.
The interface is available for different connection technologies. Automatic ­repetition
of transfer, load balancing, and multi server support afford high ­availability and quick
throughput. The output management system returns ­output job status and device data
into SAP.
Who needs BC-XOM Integration?
All administrators and users, who need a close and reliable connections between the
SAP spool system and the external print management structure.
BC-XOM Interface
Die PLOSSYS Integration supports two mehtods:
� PLOSSYS netdome as the spool system without
­preparation functions
� PLOSSYS netdome as preparation and spool ­system
:::Connection as Spooler
PLOSSYS netdome receives
output jobs from the SAP spool
system. These jobs contain printer
specific pepared data. They are
processed together with output
jobs from other systems, like CAD,
PLM, Windows or UNIX, in correct
order with controlled priorities.
Afterwards they are directed to
the output devices and processes,
which are connected to PLOSSYS
­netdome. The advantages of this
connection are
• central administration of output
devices and processes,
• system independent availability
of existing output devices and
• company-wide spool
­processing of output jobs out of
different systems.
:::Connection iwth Print
PLOSSYS netdome receives output
jobs from the SAP spool system in
the SAP internal format SAPGOF.
These are processed and sent
back to the corresponding device
or process specific output format
(e.g. printer language or digital
paper format) – in correct order
with controlled priorities.
Additional advantages:
• relief of the SAP processing
­server via redirection of the
spool format and relocation
of the computer load to the
­PLOSSYS netdome server
• any redirection of output jobs
to all output devices and processes, which are connected to
PLOSSYS netdome.
• optionally the connection of a
form manager is possible
The output management system
from SEAL Systems additionally
contains the following functions:
In the SAP spool system the
output status of the print
jobs is ­updated by PLOSSYS
­netdome contemporarily for user
• document preparation,
• device conrol,
• administration.
PLOSSYS netdome is a uniform
company-wide platform for distribution, control and adminis­tra­tion
of print jobs and devices. Printer
and plotter have to be installed
centrally and defined only once.
:::Connection Types
Ordering via oms_submit and the
transfer with oms_server is exceptionally suited, if high availbility is
• Automatic attempts of repetition
• Support of PLOSSYS multi server environments
• Support of PLOSSYS load
• Safe ordering with IPP
• SAP R/3 rel. 4.7 or higher
• PLOSSYS netdome rel. 4.4.1
• K-GOF, interpreter for SAPGOF
format (only with connections
with print preparation)
• Option: SEAL Systems ODM
Output Device Monitor
:::System Environment
The OMS interface is available for
SunOS, AIX, HP-UX, Linux and
:::Scope of Delivery
• Installation of a physical/logical
output management sys­tem im
• installation of a central printer
• Installation of a communication connection for ordering/
feeback of spool jobs via RFC
•License Interface software
• RFC server
• oms_submit
• oms_submit with oms_server
:::Product Code
The licensing is done through
PLOSSYS netdome server and SAP
system (productive, development,
and test system).
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