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Engineering Design
With more than 100 years of optical and mechanical design experience,
our engineering staff will efficiently help your team develop optical
From conceptual design to manufacturing, we’ve assisted companies
in a wide range of industries. These include aerospace, automotive,
defense, semi-conductor, and telecommunications.
We use industry standard software tools such as Zemax, FRED,
SolidWorks, SolidWorks Simulation, and HSMWorks to design and
analyze optical instruments, and to export CAD models directly to
CNC machine code. This allows for everything from precision rapid
prototyping to manufacturing of finished products.
Engineering Support
OSI’s expertise in precision optical instruments, prototyping, and lowvolume production, combined with our vertically integrated internal
resources and facilities will allow you to advance your schedule and
achieve greater quality than any other solution in today’s market.
With engineering and manufacturing under one roof, we can quickly
design and build optical hardware to your specifications while engineering
and fabrication occur simultaneously.
We’ll work with your engineering team to create first article prototypes
from your ideas. When a project is complete, we can provide designs,
documentation packages, and completed systems; precisely assembled,
optically aligned, debugged, and ready for production.
OSI provides turn-key solutions to manufacturing your optical systems.
Optical Support, Inc. | 1671 South Research Loop, Suite 133, Tucson, AZ 85710 USA | Phone: 520-546-0642 | Web:
Optical · Mechanical · Precision Instruments
Precision CNC Machining
OSI’s staff also includes skilled CNC programming and machine operators. Below is a partial list of our equipment:
HAAS VF-2 machining center with Renishaw probe system, 20” x
16” x 30” travel with 3μm resolution, 10,000rpm/30HP spindle. (Two
machines, new in 2013.)
HAAS VF-9 machining center with Renishaw probe system, 30” x
40” x 83” travel,with 3μm resolution, 10,000rpm/20HP spindle. (One
machine, new in 2011.)
HAAS VM-3 machining center with Renishaw probe system, 25” x
25” x 40” travel, with 3μm resolution, 12,000rpm/30HP spindle. (One
machine, new in 2007.)
TESA Micro-Hite 3D CMM
18” x 20” x 16” travel,with 3μm repeatability.
(One machine, new in 2013.)
Alignment and Testing
OSI offers more than 60 years of optical alignment and testing experience. Our growing optical assembly and test facility includes the
equipemnt listed to the right.
Our experienced personnel and dedicated equipment are ready to
help you achieve your optical system design, prototyping, and manufacturing goals.
• 12’ x 40’ cleanroom with internal gantry crane
• 6’x8’ and 6’x12’ granite tables
• Optical assembly tables
• Zygo 4” phase shifting interferometer
• Point Source Microscope (PSM)
• Digital microscopes
• Alignment scopes and lasers
• Air bearing alignment station
with 0.1 μm resolution probes
• Clean flow benches
Optical Support, Inc. | 1671 South Research Loop, Suite 133, Tucson, AZ 85710 USA | Phone: 520-546-0642 | Web: