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The PLE.Smart product line hits the market bringing Bluetooth® Smart solutions covering from development platforms to
reliable high quality products.
All items bring as a differential the Bluetooth Smart technology (formerly known as Bluetooth Low Energy/BLE). The modules
used are from Broadcom®, which have embedded the entire RF circuit, antenna and oscillators in an unique chip, thus having
the smallest physical size of the market.
Compared to the Classic Bluetooth, this new technology has low power consumption, lower cost and wider range. A great
advantage is its compatibility with Android, iOS and Windows Phone mobile devices that already have Bluetooth Smart
• It has BCM20737S embedded.
• It has 2G Quectel M95 module.
• Serial communication between BCM20737S and the
• The M95 PWRKEY and EMERG_OFF pins are controlled
by BCM20737S, allowing it to turn on/off the module.
• Battery to maintain the M95 RTC always on.
• Pushbutton for BCM20737S reset.
• LED for general use.
• SMA connection to the M95 module antenna;
• Expansion pins for BCM20737S.
• SIM Card holder.
• Smart.101 integration.
• PLE Produtos basic application recorded as default
containing the open source code available on the
website. Allows testing all the KIT features.
Development kit that links Smart.101 to
cloud computing.
• Application available in Apple Store and Google Play;
• Application examples:
¬ Gateway: receive data from multiple Bluetooth
Smart (eg Smart.101) and send them to cloud
¬ Local: BCM20737S use for
configuration/visualization of data and expansion
pins for connecting sensors/actuators, also using
the 2G module for sending to cloud computing.
• Full control of the 2G module via AT commands,
allowing to send/receive data, voice calls and SMS.
• Power supply from 6V to 15VDC.
• Product dimension: 94x34mm.
PLE Produtos works together with its clients and partners by providing feedstock (boards, cables, components, etc.),
manufacturing and commercializing electronic products. The company manufactures and commercializes its own products as
well of its partners so they can dedicate exclusively to the sale and after-sale. Its main product lines are Zerochock, P900,
PLE.Smart, R4F and Sunper.
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