Tour of the Tito Plant of Te-S Teleinformatica e

Tour of the Tito Plant of Te-S Teleinformatica e Sistemi
September 30, 2014
You are invited to attend a free tour of the TeS-Teleinformatica e Sistemi plant
located in Tito Scalo (Potenza) on September 30, the day before the start of the
The tour will showcase current plant activities, and in particular:
PSC (Power Splitter Combiner) and PJB (Power Junction Box) (SAOCOM program)
integration and test,
Janus Airborne Dual Band Antenna production and test, and Alphasat Ground
The schedule for the tour is as follows:
13:30 - Departure from the Conference hotel.
15:30 - Arrival at TeS Tito Plant
15:30 - Welcome and Cocktail
16:30 - Visit of the Plant
18:00 - Departure from TeS Tito Plant
19:30 - Arrival at the Conference hotel.
Please be aware that the tour has a limited number of participants.
Thus reservations are required and will be accepted on a “first-come first-served” basis
by applying to [email protected] on or before August 1, 2014.
Company Information
TeS-Teleinformatica e Sistemi, founded in 1998 and controlled by Space Engineering, today part of
Airbus Defence and Space (Airbus Group), is specialized in designing prototyping production and in testing
telecommunication equipment. TeS built its plant in Tito Scalo (PZ) in 2005, providing it with all the
assembling and space measurement facilities (clean room, anechoic chamber, Thermal Vacuum chamber,
climatic chamber, etc.), necessary to complete the life cycle of the Group’s products.
TeS Tito Plant main mission
Production & Integration of electronic equipment with emphasis on communications and space
(antenna systems, repeaters, ground terminal equipment, etc.)
Validation & qualification of components for space applications (antennas, repeaters, baseband
Projects with high innovation contents (R&D Projects on contract to research funding institutions, e.g.
ESA, EC, Italian Space Agency).
TeS Tito Plant Main Facilities
Tito Plant has an internal surface of 4500sqm with laboratories, warehouse and offices. The added value
provided by TeS Tito plant is strongly linked to the technological facilities and to the highly skilled resident
staff. Recent success stories at TeS Tito Plant include the Alphasat Technology Demonstration Payload #5
(TDP#5). It is a payload embarked on the ESA Alphasat satellite, which, in conjunction with a suitable
ground infrastructure (Mission Segment), allows to carry out communications experiments (Propagation
Impairment Mitigation Techniques – PIMT) at 40/50 GHz (Q/V-band), along with propagation experiments at
both 20 GHz (Ka-band) and 40 GHz (Q-band). The payloads for such experiments, developed by Space
Engineering (SE) in co-contractorship with Thales Alenia Space Italia on behalf of ESA, were integrated and
tested in TeS Tito plant.
In addition, in 2011 ASI assigned a contract to Space Engineering for the phase B2/C/D of the TDP#5
Mission Segment (MS). Scope of this contract is the provision of a "turn-key" mission segment consisting in
two Tx/Rx Ground Stations (GS) and in three control centres, together with the equipment necessary to
conduct experiments related to communications and propagation. One of the two GSs is located in TeS Tito
plant and the other in Spino D’Adda.
In the plant the technological facilities are:
Alphasat Ground Segment Antenna (GS-1)
Laboratories: Radio Frequency, Digital and Mechanical (including instruments for
precision mechanical measurements & alignment);
RF Test Range (Anechoic chamber from 500MHz up to 50GHz, 12 x 8 x 7 m)
Satellite Attitude Simulator;
Thermal-Vacuum Chamber (Vacuum up to 5x10-7 mbar, thermal range -170°C ÷ +150°C)
Clean room ISO8 (100.000 class, about 190 sqm of dimension, including air locks);
Climatic Chamber (Hot/Cold and Humidity test)
Recent and/or in progress work
Validation & test of antenna systems; COSMO Sky-Med Calibrators, AIT/AIV Campaign of Alphasat TDP#5
Payload, Integration & test of secure modem (YAHSAT, Koreasat, SICRAL), LHTA Production & Maintenance,
Integration & test of Telesal Ambulances, Network Control Centre of Telesal System, Ground Segment of
Alphasat TDP#5 , R&D (APRI, APICE,SPIRIT, etc.), PSC (Power Splitter Combiner) and PJB (Power Junction
Box) for SAR payload of SAOCOM satellites (Argentinian Space Agency CONAE), MWI.